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Professor Fenrir's Negations of the Negative + Heroic Heresies

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Prophecy of Things to Come
Racial Treason/Racial Loyalty                                                                                                              The Myth of the Noble Savage                                                                                                                Aborticide: Virtues and Vices                                                                                                                   Animal Psychology: a Caricature                                                                                                            Baby Boomers, Posterity's Doomers                                                                                                 Baby Boomers: Abomination of Desolation                                                                                             Bourgeois Liberalism and its Cultural/Behavioral Manifestations                                                     Bourgeois Philosophy                                                                                                                    Individualistic Solipsism Under the Liberal Regime                                                                         Islam: Its origins, function and philosophy                                                                                     Jewish Mind Poisoning                                                                                                            Materialism: Iron Ball and Golden Chain                                                                                        Might is Right                                                                                                                                 Modern Day Leftism                                                                                                                         MRC(Mixed Race Couple)                                                                                                    Neocolonialism: Nature's Imperative                                                                                             Occident vs. Orient                                                                                                                   Overcoming the Personality                                                                                                             Police                                                                                                                                        Population Devastation                                                                                                        'Proletarianism' or 'Untermenscheit'-a philosophical gutter creed                                                  Purging Gaia                                                                                                                                     Virtue Signallers                                                                                                                              Sperm donors                                                                                                                               Tolkein's allegory of Modern Women and Feminism                                                                        Social Capitalists                                                                                                                                Virtue Signallers                                                                                                                               Women as Enforcers of Dogma                                                                                                 Vigilantism

Prophecy of Things to Come: when racial tensions exceed the bounds of tolerance, ie. when they conflict with basic needs such as psychological well-being and a comfortable standard of living(food, shelter,some cheap thrills/bread and circuses) then the ideology of universalism will cease and be replaced by naturalistic virtue ethics, those based on survival of the fittest, the best and brightest, not a deliberate inversion of these principles currently embodying themselves in liberalism the metamophosed version of Christ-Insanity. Once the veil of Maya is pulled from the eyes of the purblind masses and they awaken to the chaos around them they will then either adopt that ethic-which is a practical-behavioral one- or they will cease to exist as the anti-natural perverts they have been conditioned to be through their programming.

Rahowa will be the wake-up call that subverts the Christian Universalist religious institution that has become the secular humanist liberal-democratic state. The hostilities will eventuate in the transvaluation of all values Nietszche spoke of; Christianity/Liberalism will be crucified on the cross of matter as the material world constitutes the brick wall against which the flight from reality will crash leaving the ideological wreckage of anti-natural values. From the ruins of this crash will be discovered the fallacy of heretofore sacred cows of equality, tolerance and sin-expiation, of guilty conscience and false conscience. Lucidity of perception will supplant the rose-colored glasses' opacity of a hypocritical and counter-factual humanitarianism-the Real will stand triumphal over the Ideal which is then recognized as a false idol, a golden calf better melted down into ingots and slugs for exchange value than to serve as an alter before which the deluded masses bow in abject self-abasement, flagellating themselves for their 'whiteness' in order to obtain the indulgences of political priests and their anti-hero Black and Brown Jesus figures before whom they have been coniditoned to prostrate themselves.

This lucidity of perception will be a hard icy look of Hyperborean Reason that penetrates the inner core of Being and breaks through the defensive facades of possum-play and cowardly feints that the Jewish/Judaized controllers have evoked as their (stereo-)typical gambit is the game of power and which poses are adopted by their imbecile charges at the lowest tiers of the hierarchy namely the disenfranchised proletarian untermenschen and the brown/black/yellow hordes of goyim they use as their human shields and cats paws to pry apart the wallets of the productive white working class and the minds of the wise intelligentsia. The sob stories and pathetic fables of ghetto Jews and their emotive soundings of 'oi oi oi!' and 'Hosannah!' will become anethema in the Natural Order that follows on the basis of the reality check that inevitably will serve as the bucket of ice water the brain polluted whites require. That reality check will come via the Rahowa and God won't be standing in impartial verdict over the fray but the players in the conflagration will sort themelves out- the victory going to the best and brightest defeat to those whose power is outstripped by the greater power which will always base itself on quality and never on numerical majorities.

The mode of this Rahowa will inevitably come in the form of the speed at which the sewage from the turd world is pumped into the whited sepulchres of the white society which had given up on its former glory to a decadent indolence and was willing to make all compromises necessary to perpetuate its hedonistic self-abandon. The stink will be too extreme to ignore and the plumbers will have to be brought in to reverse the flow of the dysfunctional plumbing. The more quickly it happens the more quickly a new order can be constructed-without the disease-causing influence of fecal matter; a more sanitized order, ethnic cleansing with Mr.Clean the White cleansing agent leaving that effervescent lemon fresh scent, a scent of purity and decency rather than the fetid odour of the open sewer society had become prior to this point.

Small scale insurgencies, flare-ups of the rahowa-the war everlasting- will continue without abate until mega-blocks are formed along ethnic lines. A few sparks will inevitably set up the powder kegs that will throw what has been called 'society' into a fragmentation grenade of disparate chunks of ethnic shrapnel thrown explosively against one another wherein the greater power will overcome the lesser through incurring damage against itself. The 'Lord' won't sort them out, they will sort themselves out. The dynamic shifting of these disparate conglomerates will eventually accrue to themselves through whatever power enables them (-might makes right-) territory and material resources entering into agreements with others for mutual advantage and conflicts against adversarial power. This is the natural order that will disprove the lie of an order of 'peace, love and unity', supplanting it with one of war everlasting, love of one's own and unity exclusive thereto-Rahowa, Racial holy war.

Race Traitor/Racial Treason:
"The ultimate sin' as klassen phrased it-and with justice. The support of one's life is the kin group one belngs to-to violate the nature of the kin group through having inordinate regard and divided loyalties to those outside the group, those who are not kin in the biological sense, is to sever the bond that ties one to his own kind and thereby to sever the silver cord that binds him to life-to sever the golden chain of ancestry in some perverted form or conception of 'freedom' that works against the laws of Nature thereby working against the laws of life in favor of death in anti-natural egotism. Seeking the other in violation of oneself as having a place in one's own, viewing the alien as more akin to one than the racial kinsman, creates and alienation from the world and is an act of weaving one's own hanging rope-with every act of betrayal that is another strand and a tightening of the noose. The race traitor brings strife into life and is thereby a lucifer in that he is a rebel against the natural order or the law's of god. His hubris inevitably leads to his destruction through the alienation from its own kind and his ostracism from potential friends he has thereby converted into enemies but also through the inherent disloyalty and untrustworthiness that his unnatural alliances have led him into, a defector in the enemy camp when no longer benefitting the other side and in spite of all altruism on their part his having demonstrated his untrustworthiness even to his biological kin will necessarily either be ostracized from this enemy camp or else held in contempt at best if not outright killed as a pawn which has outlived its usefulness or which would be better sacrificed for greater gain in the racial struggle on the chessboard of life.

If the race traitor has managed to infiltrate an alien community and obtained his desired object-political power; fame; sex; business('capital')-he then has cut off all ties(if known in his involvement)with his kin with whom he would have presumably prospered. However if he be a defective his defection to the enemy camp may have been out of necessity as he would be/was rejected as unfit and hence must go down the devolutionary path towards a more corrupt and perhaps suitable fate. Such is nature. If any offspring stem from his genetically hybridized union with a member of the alien group this same would be regressive to an even greater degree and the spiral would continue downward to extinction through sterility and the internal soul/genetic conflict until such point as the inner chaos would cease to bear fruit. Such is the fate of the race traitor-to be blotted out of the book of life.

Thus can be seen that the condition of life is tribal loyalty as the person derives their being from the group and finding their purpose therein they bind themselves with the group such that its life is their life and their life is its life. "You are nothing your folk is everything" and also you are nothing without your folk.

Racial Loyalty:

Condition of evolutionary progress. the soul evolves through integrity as in being in a harmonious state with all disparate parts working coherently and in unison to sustain the whole. Racial mixture introduces extraneous elements or rather is an amalgam or hybrid of extraneous elements which are inherently conflictual thereby working at cross purposes and creating chaos. Examples of the mixed race Jews and Arabs and their violent irrationality suffice to illustrate this demonic state that works against the creation of God save to strengthen its more stable members who have their fixed indentities in their knowledge of good against evil, the sin of violating natural law. Racial loyalty ensures the continuance of the type and a gradual eugenical augmentation of the same type attaining eventual perfection through breeding out defects over generations which is the gradual process of soul evolution. To intermix is to retard and attempt the impossible-to subvert- evolution to godhood. Only the purest may become gods and this all peoples know instinctively in their avoidance of the Other and maintenance of their own kind. Truly it is the first law of Nature, the "preservation of one's own kind"-David Lane. Hence in order to survive the 14 words must be put into practice and kept foremost in mind when dealing with others and with the self. Authenticity is attained through Racial loyalty as this is providence.

The Myth of the Noble Savage:

Saccharine discourse about the universal brotherhood seeks to cover the obvious realities of life that no brotherhood exists between being of different family and there is no universal family either. The sweet mind poison of high-flown phrases serves as a soporific draught of mental inebriation and shuts down the defensive radar of a perspicacious and rendered blind to reality through the willful 'bon geste' of lowering the sword-foolishly, as the enemy doesn't lower his. Representatives of an autochthonous being wedded to Mother Gaia bedecked in humble raimant and the aureole of innocence are dragged as red herrings across the vision of the naieve sheep-like and pavlovian conditioned masses of he white populous. This act of legerdemain, of representing a veritable 'black devil' as an 'angel of the prescence' is the thin end of the wedge which drives apart white solidarity encircling the increasing thrust of its cruel adamant into the flesh. To extricate this implement and tyranny an awakening to truth in representation is needed through the imposition upon those with vestiges of rational thought to the simple empirical data and evidence that reason and sensation would convince them could only be the stark naked truth, that of a cannibal, a killer, a rapist and a brute sub-human fit only for zoological exhibits or to serve as the beast of fields.

The personal aquaintance and experience of any rational man with the various oft-touted 'noble savages' directly contradicts their panegyrization in the mind control system embodied in J.O.G[jewish occupation government] throughout its masses media and ack-a-dumb-icks as well public policy and the subtly enforced newspeak of their social engineers throughout the hierarchy's scope. Coarse, rude, greedy, selfish, lying, hypocritical, simple and unclean are the traits properly associated with these rude beings such that the appellation 'noble' must be dropped from their laudatory title 'noble savage'; leaving only the remnant of associated ideas aforementioned.

Trafficking in these labels of 'oppressed victim' and 'dignified fellow human' towards whom 'social outrage and injustice' has been meted by the inevitable eternal villain the white man(so the jewish narrative goes) this being(the savage) arrogantly swaggers about expecting all whites-assuming as he does that they have all the same temperment through social programming which he knows nothing of but assumes whites universally have a slavish and obsequieous temperment-to grovel before him as veritable 'wiggers' hardly fit to shine the shoes and/or displaying an aloof look of stereotypical 'wounded dignity' which is of course attributable to the vicious nature of the 'White devil' hallowed be his name. Thus the pampered Buck disports amongst his hosts in the white nations and decaying former colonies which latter, once the whites were forced out, rapidly took on the condition of their former owners, minus of course the ever-present jew and chinese economic(?) slave-holders. Thus the karma of the noble savage and his unwieldy nature. A stubborn beast unwilling to assume the comforting yolk of white altruism must needs be that of steel and iron under the less benevolent aegis of oriental despotism.

The 'noble savage' is truly a mythical beast and the savage nobles of the aristocracy of money, ie. jews and chinese are a reality whose myth-making have served to enslave once again those properly spoken of as the lower races.

Aborticide: Virtues and Vices:

Christian morality extends its universalistic umbrella of providential altruism over the vast masses on the presumption they are all 'children of god'(at least the schofield version does contra Christian identity). This propounds the notion that all life is sacrosanct as an emanation of the deity and thereby offers it protection and shelter from the storm of Natural life. In doing so it demonstrates its anti-natural quality and plucks out the eyes of its minions who would otherwise baulk at the equalization of the unequal so tangible in its obviousness. This false light of beautitude bathes the teeming mixed multitude in the refulgent glory representing itself as the height of virtue and goodness while in reality serving to throw a persian rug over an infestation of cockroaches in the house of god. This specious fallacy of egalitarianism neglects the beams which project from this deity's purblind eyes and seeks to point out the merest mote in that of the desecrated heaten as a means of propping up its house of cards architecture. The consequence of incubating the vermin of the earth who subsist in happy ignorance at the lowest tiers of what has charitably been called 'human' civilization has been to degrade the overall stock of humanity properly so-called and to transform a silk purse into a sow's ear in less than a century of what is touted as progress but is so only materialistically and is in realty spiritual regression and atavism to jungle savagery. Hence the crippling nature of a doctrine of weakness as virtue which bites while it kisses and vampirizes the life's blood of the strong to feed the bloodless mass of leeches and fellow priestly caste vampires. With a whimper instead of a bang the world ends and a new dark age of complete bestial strife begins. To endure such a time one must become atavized but to a higher octave of savagery, namely to become the noble savage and to sharpen claw and strengthen them in the inevitable bellum omnia contra omnes wherein only the strong survive and the fittest will eventually become the best instead of those who adopt specious hypocrisy and false idols of out-group altruism as a means of getting along in life. This was how the world decayed and entered into its late period and this is how a new world will begin.

The symptoms of the coming future are already coming to the fore and the fact of abortion properly called 'aborticide' is a shining example of the transition form Christianity towards an ethic of a different kind. The culling of the herd is a dsygenic means of the improvement of racial stock as those least conscientous of life and least equipped to support life are given the opportunity to avail themselves of that option to be discharged from their obligations as a conscientious and 'responsible' citizen. This "aborticide on demand" formality gives carte blanche to the degenerate type who then increases their base lustful pursuits without regard for the consequences. This of course amongst the better type is an undesirable thing which tends to devolve the stock and weaken the stability of the population which is a more auspicious fact amongst the less desirable types which further devastates and lays waste their excessive proliferation exceeding not only their but their caregivers means to support them let alone their meagre contribution to a better society, taking more than they deserve and giving much less than a proportional balance. With the withering away of Christian values a new savagery is in the ascent, a more naturalistic ethos which pits group against group and smashes into irreversible fragments the crystal palace of God. Aborticide is in conjunction with the hyper-sexualization of society a dysgenic mechanism, a saturn scyth which mows down the tares in the garden of Gethsamane transplanting them to Golgotha where they will be burnt in ritual sacrifice to Moloch. Of course this assumes that the current version of Christianity continues to elicit this antithetical reaction, this opposition to the values of order and Reason that Christianity when understood in a real sense may serve as the greatest recipe for eugenics which entails a rigorous dysgenics. The fact of the Schofield and King James Christianity being at labour under the delusion that "all men are brothers" and defining 'man' in a sense broader then perhaps intended supports the malgenics of human devolution and creates atavism towards barbarism through circumscribing with this term 'human' those more properly left outside of its conceptual bounds. Hence it sews the seeds of its own destruction through its delusional nature as nature disproves the lie of anti-nature morality.

Abortion stands as a combine harvester of the tares moving down countless millions of potential propagators of yet more children of the inferior 'races' or species. It is a jewel in the crown of human evolution, a pillar of support of the temple of the mysteries.

The function of abortion if used to target the proper groups assists in the betterment of the human stock , if improperly used(ie. to target the desirable stock) it is a weapon of degeneration and genocide. Like all weapons it is in itself neutral, a brute object which simply performs an instrumental function and as such is merely a 'weapon' in the arsenal of progressive/regressive forces depending on how definitions are sculpted. The establishment of abortion clinics in the mud areas of the world would serve an already overburdened world. Hypersexualization and destruction of the nuclear family as well as the social acceptibility of culling the herds through aborticide are both tools and simultaneously weapons that serve to (at least when properly used) to uplift humanity from the dregs of Christian and liberal egalitarianism which levels the better stock to the level of human animal hybrids.

Animal Psychology: a caricature:
'fight-flight-fornicate'-the triadic form of beast conciousness. These 'modalities of animality' cover the spectrum of motivation that underpins the Natural Man, a.k.a Beastman and serve as the possibilities of his praxis. He may gravitate in a moment of lethargy and mental dullness towards the expenditure of latent energies via fornication the pursuit of low pleasure and expiation of his sins via expellation of stored up matter(spirit and matter are one). A slight irritation of the nerves and a rage-response is illicited, the 'fight' modality comes to the fore and energies are transferred towards the martial proclivities. If these tendancies persist with the persistence of the irritation and concomitant ideas occasioned thereby the rage will extend itself in time and space that no more concupiscent object besets his senses and/or to that of his stored energy. Once expended, like a child at play, he lulls himself to sleep and repair and recuperation processes set in-and so the cycle continues. Flight is simply the flipside of fight when the relative strength of Beastman is superceded by the rival and when Beastman's preponderates the reverse is occasioned. Thus between fight and flight with the ultimate end of fornication and extension of genes into posterity Beastman is pulled as a puppet on the strings of fate, ruled by his stars as he could not rule them. An object of history he is a pawn on the chessboard moved by hidden hands and forces beyond his comprehension.

The 'reality' portrayed here is such only in cases of those properly called 'Beastmen', amongst who may be subsumed the muds and uncultivated/undeveloped whites whose divine spark has all but dimmed to darkness through drugs and alcohol and myriad other base drives being allowed to overshadow the dim light feebly glowing in the lowest cases of Aryan man. However in most Aryans this is a misrepresentative caricature as the infallibility of Aryans still leaves room for the potentialites of the self being cultivated into their noble birthright garnering the title 'Aryan'('noble') with justification. Animal psychology characterizes only the lower dimension of man when the lower ego is not overcome through an expansive/cosmic conciousness, one encompassing self-awarenenss and other awareness and one's identity with the other of his own racial kind and his participation in the oversoul of which he is a part and from which he derives his being. Reason is the faculty that serves as the springboard from animal to man and intuition is that between man and super/godman. Ultimately the power within creates the self through itself and this is the process of becoming in the attainment of godhood. The psychology that could be contrasted with the animal is the divine and the topos occupied by man is the intermediate and vacillatory state between the two yet bringing the spiritual into the material as going back is impossible(towards Beast conciousness/Barbarism) without destroying oneself as man and ascendancy beyond the human is impossible without exiting the body.

A wise Beast and and beastly god is all that can be hoped for at this stage in evolution. Concretization of the ideal/noumenal world, ie. mind embodying itself in matter is the animation of human existence and necessarily entails a bestial struggle as a mechanism of enlightenment. Thus the moral imperative of this epochj in time is to endure and suffer the slings and arrows of life and develope the strength through fighting that enables the power and strength of the higher man to exist without passion of affectedness, with stoical apathy not emotional reactivity. The act of riding the tiger while maintaining one's grip is the modality of conciousness and concomitant behaviour the Kali Yuga/Iron Age necessitates.

In a wolf age one must become a wolf and if he is to be a lone wolf he must not be such through cowardly avoidance behaviours but through voluntary reclusion as an extension of his project for self-development and theurgical self-overcoming. he must not be a lone wolf in the sense of physical avoidance and detachment beyond what is necessary to maintain and create a higher conciousness. He must, like Zarathustra, go against the townsfolk and suffer their animal psychology, sharpening his weapons of war as they are always needed in this aeon and they cannot be allowed to rust in the scabbard as "there are many enemies" and this necessitates the motto of "semper vigilans" being emblazoned on his shield and that shield is always his mind-as well as its being his sword of power.

For he-man to become superman he must defeat Beastman both in himself and in others, fighting the greater and lesser jihads against the enemies in a "war everlasting". Thereby animal psychology is sublimated to god psychology through overcoming base drives through the acting out of those base drives with god-mind. Thereby Beast-conciousness is subverted in being the testing ground and forum for the cultivation of god-conciousness

Baby Boomers, Posterity's Doomers:
All of the largesse you parasitized from the coffers of your hardworking ancestors, wantonly expended in sprees of excess, on status and competition with your fellow progressive individualists-all raised to ashes in your firebrand rebel without a cause teenager for life hands. Maturity was always a mockery for you Baby Boomers as you indulged yourselves in jouisssance, perpetual hedonism of the moment "taking no care for the morrow" in accordance with your nouveau Christian ideology of ethno-masochism, a sinner and proud of it; turning your cheek with your protruding tongue jeering at the wise counsels of generations of elders whose thoughtful prudence you scorned in the name of fleeting passions and momentary amusement, genuflection before the vanity mirror of your ego.

A once proud nation-ethnically-subordinating themselves to the jewish ideologue with his/her hate based creedo of suicidal gentilism(be it Christian or Liberal the religion is all one in the end-namely as a grave for the enemies of the yiddish people which latter will dance upon the corpses of their vanquished foes). "Ears to hear"-but only the prophecies of doom; "eyes to see' only the simulacra and simulation of a perspectivalist subjectivism borne of a magickal cursing of the gentile mind by the sorcerors of the children of darkness-the Yids and their legions of orcs and oriental despots.

The legacy of the ancestors destroyed in one generation of decadent corrupted and weak-minded will-less and spine-less self-servants who would rather the world burn in effigy to their ego than sacrifice themselves(or even a part of themselves) on the alter of their kinfolk. They have thus sacrificed their own flesh and blood, vampirically consuming the life blood of their forebears in the form of an inheritance that was not only to be preserved but to be increased-and yet now a nonexistent reality. No life preserver cast overboard with the baby's thrown away with the bathwater by the lazy baby Boomer. Too wrapped up in egotism to raise their own children, to self-sacrificially bestow a wisdom not within their possession upon those they left adrift in the vast ocean of socio-economic/political life. To navigate these troubled waters without a map, compass or paddle is the fate of the white youth of this world.

What should the fate of the doomed be? Who have violated Nature's iron law of self-preservation through lineage and the preservation of the bonds of consanguinuity but-their own doom, a deadly force to combat deadly force, a karmic justice resurrecting the balance of disharmony. The inevitable fate of living knowing that you have destroyed in place of created that you have restricted your consciouness and devotion to the lower ego and do not partake of the higher atma whle you are left to your selfish self to wallow in solipsistic misery-when the alternative could have been having a thriving family and view the long golden chain of ancestry stretching forth into the future, the links forged by the iron will of an instinct for survival and preservation

Baby Boomers: Abomination of Desolation:

Spoiled princelings they giggle in silken diapers, with golden spoon they sup upon their parents largesse of gold dust- carping critics they "think that life is but a joke", amusing themselves with sumptuous poisons till they're broke. Once the familial inheritance drains with the last drops of alcoholic bread and circuses they lie in the grave of their own undoing an egotist to the end: self-absorbed and soon to be absorbed into Gaia's garden of Gethsemane. Their cadaverous flowers water with the blood of posterity. They were the perfect mechanism of self-destruction in this degenerate age, these overlords of chaos created through their mind-manipulation system: masses media and aka-dumb-ick. True believers in the cause of self-destruction they followed the left-hand path in the magic bus down the path of good intentions into the gaping casm of cultural decay. Living for the moment they followed the path of least resistance, growing weaker by the day and precipitating the degeneration of their seedline through replicating the doctrine of weakness as virtue sprouting forth in alcohol soaked raucousness the trumpets of their bigotry: liberty, egality, democracy! While they rode the crazy train towards the abyss of a dark age savagery.

Their biological drive to procreate was facilitated by the possessive individualism under whose aegis they laboured in lackadaisical apathy-they must keep up with the Jones's through creating new copies of themselves-new images created in godlike sacrifice upon the alter of their egotism. And sacrifice they did when their own kin were abandoned to a fate of destitution and ignorance and impotence-this blood sacrifice they eagerly underwent more so than Isaac in his devout obediance to the personal god of the hebrews-their god was Mammon, Egotism, hedonism-all aspects or hypostases collapsible into the god of ego, of selfhood. Beyond the self nothing existed in their mind: moment by moment they lived, neither past nor future lest it be a fleeting memory of their own experience or an eager anticipation of future acquisition and inevitable squander, a glutton greedily poised over the trough and an all-you-can-eat buffet slaking its thirst on the succulent flesh and sucking the bloody marrow from the bones of its posterity-its own flesh and blood! Oedipal to the extreme this mighty despot Rex Mundi of its own universe, a destroying angel of the creation of their ancestors. What is left but the faded photographs of a better time?

Bourgeois Liberalism: and its Cultural and behavioral manifestations:
Decadent excess reaches its apogee in a society that has lost all moral compass in which the pole around which everything orients itself is-the phallus. The pleasure principle totem in relation to which all Otherness is taboo looms erect on the horizon of Being as the source of a perpetual flow of sensation(images, sounds, feelings) that serve as the very wellspring of all meaning- a veritable bukkake fest of cultural emissions into the barren conciousness of a class for whom nought else exists save the Tantalus-like pursuit of an insatiability quelled only in death. This Oedipal imbroglio besets the mind of the decadent Bourgeois in the form of the following dialectic of being and becoming, a set of hollow victories of a serial nature reminiscent of an endless chain or a hamster wheel of moment by moment satiety without fulfillment merely a petit mort, a sickness unto death of a syphilitic psychism, of corruption called 'Modernity'(or 'post-modernity', etc., etc.). Pursuing means in place of ends leads nowhere in a dog chasing its tail exercise in futility-with vacation and party interspersed with the stagnant periods of arid professionalism as a yet intermediary means to other means(the pleasure pursuit, the immanent psychism of inauthenticity)-thus no fundamental purpose or project pre-exists this sequence called 'life' for the bourgeois but more an escapism from inner realization, fulfillment of some dharmic necessity or inner calling.

This mentality gives rise to the fundamental hypocrisy of bourgeois liberals in that living merely egoically to maximize pleasure and minimize pain they have no capacity for truth for truth is typically an unpleasant reality to confront in a society based on corruption and lies; when sacred cows and false idols are threatened with slaughter and being cast down into the mire which is their rightful place these will be upheld at any cost regardless of how delusional the devoted idolator must become. The scales must be placed again on bleary glaucoma eyes, the beam placed back in its rightful place so as to blind the weak-willed decadent masses from facing their own shadow selves and those cast upon the wall of Plato's cave. 'Willful ignorance of reality at any cost' they cry, 'so long as it but pleases..'- of course even this admission would elicit an inordinate amount of pain-too much to bear for the faint hearted hypocrits and their perpetually woven tapestry of lies that serves as a background reality overlain upon the theater of the real they can't cope with. Thus all truth and objectivity are ignored as the emperor's clothes are placed upon the Messianic firgure of liberal humanism- the patchwork cloak of rainbow hued indefiniteness. And like the impressionist's paintings and romanticism that ushered in a further advance stage of bourgeois culture serving up as a sacrifice the prior heroic culture of a Verdi or a Wagner, the indeterminate immediate Plays about on the Walls of Plato's cave as the fictive reality it purports to supplant-a world of illusion pretending to illumination, of fantasy which erupts into an unknown nightmare of real proportions that only those most wrapped up in egotistical delusions and self-serving confirmation bias can speciously(un-)reason around. Soon however the party will be over within this class of arrogant degenerates and they will serve as a sacrifice for a better world, a Whiter, Brighter world diametrically opposed to their inborn decadence and parasitism, modelled as it is along Talmudic lines and hence completely anti-nature.

Being such it dooms itself to its own destruction given its own inner contradictions that Nature cannot be overcome as that would entail its overcoming of itself which is an absurdity. An attunement is long overdue, or 'correction'; if you will-the error that is liberalism/marxism/leftism, etc. has wrought its own karmic doom through its self-serving excess and hypocritical pretence of anti-natural 'truths' themselves absurdly relegated to the realm of 'preception/opinion/belief' while being upheld as eternal verities and yet context-bound realities(?).

The abstract conciousness of bourgeois pseudo-enlightenment defeats the concrete apperception of a primordial ur-Being that cannot be confuted save by a self-delusive tricking of the mind of a weak-willed being, one bound to Samasaric conciousness of an identification of reality through lucid perception, highly tuned intuition and rigid self-examination and knowledge.

The willful ignorance/cognitive dissonance of the bourgeois (pseudo-)intellectual casts him into the abyss of Samsara and away from the Elysium fields wherein only the strong willed may confront truth without subordinating it to 'pleasure-pain' modalities, also known as 'opinion'. 'Judge thee not' unless it adheres to the dogma of the herd and flattters the ego-a recipe for blindess, for decadence and an empty life of moment by moment sensationalism-maximize pleasure minimize pain.

Bourgeois Philosophy:
Compromise is the motto of the bourgeois and his philosophy. Neither true nor false but merely that which reconciles the irreconcilable-speciously of course-so long as the pleasure principle is served and a materialistic life of hedonism can be propped up on this foundation. A compromise or contract between parties of an oppositional nature, not a willingness(which entails a strength proportionate to that willingness) to grab the bull by the horns but a cowardly half-sleep in the direction of least resistance. The warrior instinct pales in the gas-lit false lights of the urbane merchant and his philosophy of money based not on organic reality and naturalistic virtue-of the virtues of the hero- but rather on those exchange based values whereby everything is evaluated-as a systemic and collectivistic relativism, everything having only relative value viewed in the mirror of the Other with whom compromise is attained, a bourgeois contract that sustains itself only through agreement with the Other and concessions made on both sides until the details of the contract are set out in the form of terms and conditions the breach of which severs the contractual bond leading to an endless round-a-ley of offers and acceptances.

Contrast this female mentality of mutual agreement with that of the masculine virtues of decision and commitment to a course of action governed by a will of iron-the heroic conciousness or individual, the absolute personality who decrees the course of his actions through his own willful striving, a manifestation of his inner being.

The Bourgeois philosophy centers around the lower egoic drives and tendancies which circumambulate the phallic totem of the pleasure principle which the Bourgeois venerate as their totemic deity, the cthonic idol and pay obeisance to an orgiastic rites of Dionysiac ec-stasis the only way the intellectualized Bourgeois can be driven out of their left-brain prison of calculating relative advantage and disadvantage-through the lower drives of self-satisfaction. Thus from one pole to the other the Bourgeois seeks compromise within the lower egoic states.

Contrast this with the hero who selflessly endures and suffers hardship without need of release save through alternation(if necessary) of exertion and rest to fulfill the material conditions of the perpetuation of his conquering will ever nearing the goal he has posited in his mind before him as the target himself the arrow given flight through the power of his inner being.

The attachment of the Bourgeois to the pleasure principle as governing principle-ruled by passion even in spite of a highly developed Reasoning faculty and intellectualized mind- serves as a red herring or siren call obviating the heroic quest he might have otherwise pursued and which of course he cannot continue the pursuit of given his weakness of will subdued by the pleasure principle, which is to say he could never have undergone the hero quest initially as it took greater strength of will than he could conjure up.

This slavish devotion to lower egoic self-indulgence lowers the mind to pursuits that can be accomodate this hedonic addiction and subservience. This leads inevitably towards the inherent simulacral nature of bourgeois philosophy in the sense of Baudrillard as the truth can only be spoken by those who can handle the pleasant as well as the unpleasant thereby rendering it impossible to those who cannot endure or suffer pain to embrace the harsh realities of life let alone articulate them. From thence the hypocrisy of the Bourgeois stems from the fount of pleasure the soporific liquor of lies sweetly poisons the mind rendering it incapable of the hard truth of living in a world of conflict and attaining victory-for to attain victory one must give battle and to give battle one must face the realities of battle and develope the strategy and tactics appropriate to attain the victory, This the Bourgeois cannot do through the weakness of the will burdened by the pleasant bouts of feasting, the golden crown and jewels, the exhaustion of the vital force through the indulgence amidst satin and silken sheets. The warrior spirit is developed through the striving not through passive inertia or the enervation of sense-gratification.

This mendacity in the behavior of the Bourgeoisie harbours the seeds of its own destruction as seen in the present with the manifestations of anti-natural perversity that are symptoms of this cranial wasting disease, eg. feminism, multi-ethnic societies, faggotism, denials of identity and pretence of altruism towards those who merely serve as useful catspaws and tools for conquest and self-enrichment which simultaneously are viruses and tools of destruction that will turn on the host body. The effect and consequence will be a surgical removal of all that is unnatural and perverse, all of the scum of pampered parasites whose devotion to their idols of self and its pleasure maximization and pain minimization. This removal will undoubtedly render the host body riddled with wounds but will grow stronger in spite of that once the parasites who have weakened it are expelled through this nigredo process.

The death knell of bourgeois philosophy has been sounded and the ascent of a heroic ethos is the distant star whose light of splendid glory casts the idols of the market place in their true light as the detritus of an age of decadence and effeminacy.

Individualistic Solipsism under the Liberal Regime:
Living in a multitude of equals without class-being or identity the isolated monad called 'individual' is fragmented from the collective in terms of lacking any organic being or function determined through the participation in the collective-without a place/space to situate oneself the self becomes a hollowed out, empty being adrift in a sea of like beings. Liberalism basing itself classistically on an economic model of hu/man('homo economicus') and neo-liberalism basing itself on that of an abstraction called 'human', materialistically as homo sapiens sapiens and spiritually as ego-cogito, religiously as a child of Gaia/God it destroys the concrete being that is the reality of who one is this 'one' in its oneness being determined by its place in the collective not as a proletarian ala marx or economic unit ala Smith but as an Aryan(eg.German) ala Hitler or an Italian eg. Mussolini. One in his 'oneness' is thrown into being through his participation, his praxis in the oversoul of the collective conciousness and its quantum entanglement or crystallization in matter. Thus spirit and matter are one and the hackneyed phrase 'we are one' is rendered the absurdity it is.

The torture the isolate is subjected to as a being without attachment, function or purpose is a testament to the impossibility of a society-inherently collectivistic- existing in this formless form. A person or self can only be a self with relation to others positing itself vis-a-vis the other. The alternative perhaps is possible when the person can maintain the integrity of the soul of the personality through ceasing to recognize the Other in its Otherness and perhaps as a tool or utlity or even endowed with a sentience that is an extrapolation of oneself without at the same time having any sophisticated relations therewith- a sort of animal-like scenting of the Other phenomenologically at an ur-level of conciousness. This is the best it gets for the disconnected-to be a floater existing at a subsistence level amidst the aggregate of other disconnected humans and semi/sub/super humans of whatever quality. All are reduced quantitatively to the level of abstract personality.

Islam its origins, functions and philosophy:
In the dialectic of world history, the 'march of History' and progress Islam plays the antithetical role of the nigredo phase of the alchemy of the chemical wedding that is the New World Order. Whether this is 'Zion' qua jewish supremacist global order or white supremacist is somewhat of a question mark though the former appears to be the safe bet. The Old Regime or order in order to be broken up and substituted with a new one must utilize the chaos inherent in this religio-political ensemble that is Islam as the burning man/ wicker man ritual to release the energies that are to be used to make the albedo phase leading on to that of finality, rubedo. What these latter phases are particularly and concretely would likely only exist in the purview of initiates and thus would not be possible to guess at for those excluded from that privaleged gnosis of the inner sanctum. This much can be known, however, and that is that Islam is inherently radical meaning a chaotic or violent force that is used to good(or bad?) effect in destroying the current order. Of course in se it contains the seeds of its own destruction both macrocosmically in its religious 'philosophy' of terror and death and microcosmically in the terror and death the suicide bomber imposes upon the conciousness of the witnesses of the particular act of terror itself repercussing into the collective conciousness though the ripple effect throughout the astal light/cosmic aether.

Its origins likely lie with the Jews(?) and via the Catholic church who apparently created it and sprinkled these seeds of destruction within the fertile ground of barbarous peoples themselves predominantly(at the leadership level) of mixed race kind thereby amplifying the chaos of this creed in their political praxis, one of conquest, destructiona and death.

The death philosophy of Islam is a useful scapegoat or catspaw for the hidden hand to fish its chestnuts from the fires of enemy encampments. Its essence is subjugation, a weapon of force and threat of force to induce this subjugation in populations considered potentially unwieldly by the Jewish(?) cabal.

The adherence to the noahide laws further indicates Jewish origin as a demiurgic creative force emanating straight out of Lucifer's mind.

The usage of self-murder/suicide as a weapon is an ultimate weapon as no enemy combatant has any bargaining chip with which to inhibit or decrease the advantage of the opponent as his advantage lies only in default if the opponent clings to life assuming physical circumstances establish this zero-sum situation. 'Join us or die' is the creedo and the heathens tremble before the might of Allah. Such of course is the claim of the adherents of this barbarous creed. However mind triumphs over matter and devotion to a nullity renders one null-live by the gun die by the gun and so Islam, presumably one of the rotten fruit cast from the cabalistic tree of death, destroys itself, just as Judaism destroys itself though its own inner death drive, creating a system of entropy and imprisoning itself within thereby cutting off all life support of vital energies. The expansive nature of Christianity which has its basis in infinite love triumphs over death as it envelopes within itself the other by 'turning the other cheek' via tolerance, etc. thereby it allows the Other to be in its Otherness and is a life preserving force though respecting and maintaining the love. Where it fails(at least in contemporary interpretation) is where it miscontrues love as permissiveness and censoriousness as well as unnatural altruism which is not love but the act of binding Others via contract, to creating debtors to the giver even if only mentally. Also in forgiving sin which is not the function of man but god as each are karmic agents and must carry out their destiny/dharma even if it be to the death. As life entails death so too love-in a true sense-entails hate as the latter is a respect for the being of the Other in his Otherness when his existence conflicts with one's own Otherness/being. This battle unto death or victory is necessitated and this is love at a higher octave of Being. As to Islam its love is its hate as its nature is death so its life must end in death and self-destruction through karmic backlash brought about through its own inner being. hence it is the perfect Nigredo phase in global political chess and is a collection of pawns sacrificed to knock out an enemy combatant.

Another modality of its terror in the mass sexual violation of women. This act demoralizes the host populous invaded by Islam as a dark spiritual force and demonstrates its impotence to resist this viral invader. It also imposes upon the host body the literal spiritual substance that serves as the basis of the conception of its own material beings namely ejaculate, blood and aids which convert the Other to its own form/modality of existence on a biological basis. To witness the transformation of one's own kind into that of the host body and in addition to be overwhlemed by the birthrate increase/proliferation of the invader is as witnessing one's own tombstone being carved before his eyes. Thus the only alternatives are to voluntary plunge into the grave or to wrestle to the death with the enemy even if both fall into it. There are no real options here as life entails death as love entails hate.

Jewish Mind Poisoning:

Destructive influence manifests itself in many forms under the influence of a destoyer-they exist their essence which is a necessary manifestation given suitable environmental conditions -whether rich or poor the jew corrupts and his modality of existence is corruption. The golden palace of the Tsar serves as the environment in which the court jew money lender , physician or advisor(astrologer or chancellor) pours his delicate mind-poison into the mind of the head of state, driving it towards war and conquest and inevitable defeat or debauchery and opulence and inevitable abdication or extermination through the revolt of the peasantry or merchant class or rivals to the thrown. From the position of the eagle the court jew crowns himself de facto ruler behind the scenes ala D'israeli and holds despotic sway over the mass-poised with iron talons to swoop down and carry off those members of the flock he deems the choicest morsel.

From the ivory tower of Bourgeois professions and Academia his mind poison spreads the seeds of revolution in the minds of the idle and pampered student body as well as those whose dimly glowing conciousness is barely receptive to the mendacious double talk of pulpit pied pipers.

Another mechanism of his decaying influence via corruption of the minds of youth putting them in harness to pull his opulent carriage decked out with the highflown banners of empty-phrase-mongers: "workers of the world unite"; "liberte, egalite, fraternite". Eagerly his mind intoxicated charges rush to the forefront of battle only to be engulfed by the flames of their own firebrands and the napalm and grapeshot of stronger forces. With a look of calculating cunning the jew has escaped from the carriage through the side door with the cash box seeking yet other prey in the neighbouring state-if he does not achieve victory through the revolution his mind poison has instigated.

These are the classic examples of the mental pollution brewed by the eternal jew in his desperate quest for despotism over the earth and its wealth counted foremost amongst which are the human souls he would gather to himself and enrich his power by demonic rituals of sacrifice: be it in secret in the synagogue with the innocence of youth in child ritual murder or on a grand scale through wars between or within nations. The harvest of souls is planted through the seed of his mendacity and reaped with the scyth of his god lucifer the destroying influence of chaos set in motion as an extrapolation of his group-mind/oversoul.

Myriad other examples could be cited spanning the gamut of social phenomena from the relationships between people and groups of people to the material poisons of socially acceptable drugs. "poisoning the well" of otherwise pristine water is the purpose of the jew. A normal male/female relationship is introduced as the thin end of the wedge of discord prying apart amity and concord and creating tension and seperation. "Faggotism", an ideology targeted towards men, a gazing into the mirror of vanity of extreme narcissism and egotism was a perfect lure to detract men from being men through the adoption of female behaviors of primping and self-worship and display. "Feminutism"{ the counter ideology marketed towards women has the opposite influence of the masculinization of the female-in both cases an inversion/perversion of the role of the sexes for the purpose of the destruction of the foundation of society that being nature and the natural order, the roles of the sexes based upon anatomy, behaviour base upon biology "as within so without"/"spirit and matter are one". Attempting to make the concrete/real abstract/ideal and thereby to subvert the concrete/real through restructuring it on a noumenal level(in the minds/consciousness of those they wish to destroy) has always been the technique of the jew.

The Rahowa they have throughout history been the cause of through bringing alien groups into contact and creating inevitable tension leading to conflict of a violent sort is another example of their ordo ab chao black magic technology used as an instrument of the destruction of those who serve as an obstacle in their Totalitarian project of global dominion and of exploiting those more malleable and naive groups to serve as their war engines and cats paws and once used to be pounded into ploughshares to till the fields for yet another harvest of material wealth-to be served up to the jew as ultimate parasite and cruel oriental despot over his satrap plantation style society. This protocol of the jew to create race war exploits and triggers so to speak the natural aversion and animosity had between racial groups that would serve as a natural buffer and maintainer of the balance of power and the stimulant of evolution on the earth plane through conquest and the sharpening of the weapons of war which are extrapolations of the mind/reason that is stimulated through the conflict and dynamic tension inherent in the situation of rivalry over territory and power. The jew facilitates this situation beyond its natural tendancies and-through orchestration of the levers of power he has gotten hold of-artificially builds up the weaker parties and tears down the stronger through weakenining the whole and retarding human evolution/progress through equalization of the unequal and then a reduction to the lowest common denominator over which he rules as master. This is his 'right' given his ' might' via deceit and cunning. It is still natural but a nature based upon a perverted feminine conciousness, a feinting possum-play, a spider's web of cunning. This is a lesson the Aryan must learn as life necessitates 'deadly force' to combat 'deadly force', even in , and perhaps most especially in) the most insidious forms of guile and oriental legerdemain. The antidote to jewish mind poison is brewed in the faculty of reason-refinement of the crudity of a more barbarous set of conditions into a more sophisticated and subtle environment wherein only the quick may-and only possibly- avoid becoming the dead in the spider's web of the jewish satrap.

Anything that creates destruction is the purview of the destroyer and it is the weapon used to facilitate the protocols the destroyer has formulated as a blueprint of chaos. Anything that creates a destructive addition is the most powerful of weapons as it need not be applied in one instance alone but can be simply given(if need be) free of charge and allowed to worm its way into the heart of the intended victim serving as his/her sole desire and apple of their eye in spite of the canker worm gnawing at its core. Such is the case with alcohol the popularization of which serves to mask the evil which it (de-)generates behind the facade of popularity and agreeability-with weddings and good times, candle lit dinners and vacations in the sun-when the proper associations are vagrants lying in the ditch and domestic violence and criminality. False associations are one of the techniques the jew uses to confuse reality(concrete/real) with whatever perverted fantasy(abstract/ideal) they wish to introduce as a means of creating acceptance for their societal decay. Any natural tendancy or drive-when taken beyond the pale of order, ie. sustaining/resonating with the total sum total of the cosmos and homeostasis through the self-will lead to the destruction of the system. Hence the apparent and temporarily agreeable nature of the addictions the jews impose upon the herd of their 'goyim', the naive and ill-un-informed collective of non-jews who must suffer their prescence in their society. Its initially agreeable nature leads to a quick downward slope of ill-consequence into debilitation, the streets and to the grave. Alcohol/drugs with their concomitant 'high' are the perfect 'trap' or mechanism into which the victims fall; being weak-willed in entering in the first place they quickly succumb to the poison but not so quickly that they can't have their material wealth stolen by the jew prior to debilitation and death. It is not without reasons the jew monopolizes the drug/liquour trade and is in control of manufacture, distribution and sale while minimizing its consumption himself-if he has a sufficiently strong will, as many have fallen victim themselves to their own vicious product.

Sex addictions and of the most perverted sort are also an eternal mendacity in the jews' arsenal of canker worms. His inserts this worm of vice into the apple of virtue and offers them for sale as so many gleaming and enticing treats. In contemporary times this manifests in the forms of sex-trafficking, prostitution, pedophilia, sodomy, bdsm, hypergamy and bestiality. The natural drive and tendancy of the 'Natural Men' is towards the baser drives which are exploited to the hilt by the pimp and panderer jew. The figure of Stromboli in the cartoon 'Pinocchio' serves as an archtype of the greasy jewish pimp.

How to avoid jewish mind poisoning: 1) develope willpower; 2) acquaint oneself with 'Natural Law' via reason and experience; 3) acquaint oneself with the jew and his inherent nature and know that it is based on biological drives that are inextricable and that no amount of education or environment can eradicate. No conversions to Christianity or 'religious philosophies' of 'peace, love and unity' will supercede the despotic totalitarianism of the jewish conciousness and its embodiment in behaviour of the most vicious sort; 4) understand the causal influence inherent in the cosmos and 'how to live in accordance with nature', thereby identifying the good and the bad(for oneself)-, ie. to become discriminating and not the gullible prey of a calculating psychopath bent upon destroying all but the self.

Materialism as Jewish Mind Poison:
Greedy, lower vibrational grasping, gorging; tight-fisted, hording-characteristics of the Jew from trillionaire bankster in Amsterdam private jet to pretzel vendor in the shtetl's of Grozny-the character remains the same throughout: the eternal Jew, unwavering and predictable: a worm; a sneak; a psychopath, a deviant. No higher vibrational states of conciousness manifest in this vampire black magician's conciousness as he swoops down as tax farmer or as carpet bagger with his shell game of ponzi schemes and evil clown tricksterism. Lust for splendour and ease, opulence and ostentation constitute the fabric of the Jewish mind forever eager to 'get' whatever, whenever so long as it redounds to personal power and sensationalism both through fame and infame. Snidley Whiplash and Gargamel are two caricatures of the Jew-the lying deviant seeking loot and pleasure as a born criminal on the one hand and on the other the satrapee despot from the mysterious wastelands of the near east enslaving the ethnic populous in tax schemes and through police statism. In both cases materialism is the undercurrent: personal power and tangible wealth. The age of the Jew is through once society slips into the chaos he has orchestrated. From thence comes the hero and his band of Strongmen to recognize and reclaim the tax-enslaved estates of their ancestors. The Jew must then either relocate or pay the penalty.

in a globalized world the Jew has painted himself into a corner and must then fight like a rat for survival. A rat against wolfhounds has little hope for the future. Salivate dogs of war for the age of crude materialism is at an end and the blood of the innocent is upon this creature, this vampire, drunk upon the life's blood of millions. The age of tribalism will wipe away globalization under the Jewish yolk of tyranny and materialist decadence wil be a thing of the past once a new theocracy of blood and soil emerges.

Materialism: Iron Ball and Golden Chain:
The decadent times we live in have surpassed the age of materialism in the sense of consumerism and commodification of all values to that of exchange: social and financial capital. Now that the erosion of previous wealth built upon the labour power of Whites has become a fait accompli through demographic muddying of the waters by the Jewish cabal ,materialism has become a golden age atavism in its higher octaves of opulence and elevation beyond basic needs and subsistence living and has become the desperate struggle of the unwashed masses eyeing with jealousy the gilt buttons of top-hatted gentlemen from the filthy alley-ways of the underclass. The class divide has reached extreme dimensions with a small few jewish and multi-racial elitists lording over the teeming mass mixed multitude and the disenfranchised white males crushed under the wheel of cabalistic machinery that seeks to grind their bones to make their bread. Struggling beneath the wheel, the conciousness of these disenfranchsied whites shifts from the acquisition of useless finery and the genuflexion before the mirror of their debased vanity to that of brute survival and desperate struggle. Hence, given that the golden chains of materialism has been severed, the iron ball that weighed one to the earth has rolled away and an awakening has occured, one that will result in an eventual and increasing revolt against the modern world of Judeo-Masonic technocracy. A neo-primitivism has ensued and the shackles of the old materialism are thrown off-those who still find themselves so burdened(-'with affluenza'-) will be least prepared once catastrophe occurs as they will be most removed up to that point from the existential conditions they will inevitably have to face. Those most prepared will be those acquainted with life in a nitty-gritty form, perhaps not those in the streets but those furnished with practical common-sense worldy wisdom that ties them to mundane life, the practical and tangible conditions of material existence.

The worsening conditions will lead people away form the decadence of luxurious distractions and to seek inner value and recognize their own Being, thereby taking steps to live an authentic life. They will cease to differentiate themselves from one another on the basis of class and instead seek and find identity on the basis of organic life in terms of their biology. This concious awakening will result in a strengthening of their bonds of kinship with racial neighbours as they will recognize the necessity of racial unity as a condition of their continued existence.

The same process that severs the bonds of materialism ties one to the organic life of blood and soil eliminating the virus and mental pathogen of decadent hedonism and excess purifying of the conciousness and awakening it to its necessary pillars of support namely race and place.

The iron ball of materialism is forged anew into the mjolnir of Iron and Blood.

Might is Right:
A reality but not an exhaustive one, a condition of beastman not He-man/Superman. For those with a lower conciousness which has not developed itself to any more expansive scope that the lower ego of crude self-stimulation and material enrichment. The animal in man has not been tamed or sublimated in its ferality but subsists in savagery greedily groping for gain and absorbing the wealth of the material plane in its maw- salivating over the meagre morsels while neglecting the higher dimensions of human or superhuman conciousness. "All life is struggle" for the crude apeling called Beastman whose philosophy is encapsulated in this phrase and that of 'might is right'.

Nevertheless might makes right and greater power triumphs over lesser power simply manifests in different forms for the higher consciousness by virtue of its greater scope supercedes the lower by definition as it has greater 'might' or power. Therefore even in the grades of consciousness and its manifestation might can be demonstrated to determine the right, in other words the necessary condition of being, the sine qua non of existence.

Grades of conciousness are simply different forms of power/force and are the faculty of a certain level of perspicacity-the dullard and the obtuse percieve the world from frog perspective and those endowed with clarity of mind from that of the eagle. The animal man may, secundam quid, be triumphal in his animality but the he-man/superman may be superior qua animal as well as qua man/superman. Strength of body and mind are not dualistic but complementaries and mutually reinforce one another-the strength of one quickening that of another in an evolutionary upward cycle/spiral.

'What is right is natural and what is natural is right'- and hence to 'live in accordance with nature' as the stories prescribed is to manifest the might necessary to carve out the path of destiny.

Ofttimes the animal aspect requires expression so that a stable development can be sustained over time and circumstances; aided by the human/superhuman aspect and sage-like guide and prudent navigator of the seas of Being. At other times the animal lies dormant while his vital energies are sublimated into more refined and subtle expressions embodied in art and calculation with whatever object in view. Reason and passion, Apollo and Dionysos, dance around the maypole/irminsul of temporal existence grasping for the coloured steamers of eternity and to transcend the lower ego through itself. 'The lesser jihad' of contest with and overcoming of others if transcended via the Greater jihad of overcoming the self. In the presence of Others the self is still the target at which the arrow is aimed and they are so many paces taken away from the butt to increase the difficulty of maintaining focus on the target and accuracy of aim.

The others are both stone obstacles and stepping stones across the rapids of temporal flow/existence-incomplete ashlars they present rough terrain over which to tread, some being crushed, others falling loose and creating an avalanche and opposition to the presage to the superman. Nevertheless the road must be tread as 'all life is struggle' and one's right of passage is carved out by might, by the will and its proper harnessing and employment.

Modern Day 'Leftism':
"Bolshevism is political criminality and criminality is non-political Bolshevism"- Karl Kellner & Hans Anderson, "The jew as Criminal"

Modern day 'Leftism' is the religion of chaos and its proponents are the black magicians whose hidden hand leaves its brand upon the land. Its minions, the unwitting herd animals those same black magician sorcerors label 'goyim', usually deserve this appellation, 'cattle' in translation. Leftism is the formula of so-called creative destruction which simultaneously destroys itself as it intends to create, usually ill thought out schemes which borne as they are of chaos manifest in the rubble of their own architecture, over before they begin.

The utopias of the Jews envisioned by the likes of Thomas More and Rabbi Michael Higger are mere fantasies that reveal their nightmarish landscape in iron and blood, in censorship and totalitarian bureacracy with the bastinado constituting the potent threat of force looming as stormclouds over the heads of the multitude.

Leftism is chaos amidst order doomed to destroy itself through being put into order, negated as its own self-negation as Natural law/order will always seek a reset in the midst of tumult, the host body returning to homeostasis after a stressor which, if exceeding the tolerable threshold of eustress and culminating is distress, may collapse the system entirely leading to the death/entropy of that former order.

This is the ultima ratio of unreason, of irrationalism/leftism which is inherently self-defeating given that order will always prevail. This also is the ultima ratio of the jew who is inherently a child of chaos and always a 'leftist' even while masquerading as holding any other position on the political spectrum. The jew seeks totalitarian control in his tyranny utopia but given that he is a creature of chaos his utopia will be doomed to self-destruction as only orderly minds create order-as within so without. The wrangling disorder of the jewish mind, derivative of his mixed genetics and primitive ancestry(perhaps otherworldy) precludes order and its establishment and maintainance as the soviet union bears testament to.

Bolshevism is leftism is jewishness-a chaotic tyranny of despots whose sole aim is to destroy all orderly and natural reality and supplant it with nothing. To extinguish the natural world and order and replace it with an other-worldly dimension wherein they may rule over all. This alien conciousness represent itself as a superior and higher mind when it is a perversion of mind and would presumably lead to its own fragmentation beyond the mundane plane. The mind that could be called its opposite, label it 'rightist' or 'fascist' or whatever is the only springboard to the divine via the material plane attaining the reality of the 'as above so below' spirit and matter unity conciousness whereas the leftist/jewish conciousness is a cowardly flight from reality, an escapist tendancy embodying itself in delusion and cognitive dissonance, in fantasy and impracticality. Slave morality and slave rebellion go hand in hand as does the despotic totalitarianism borne of the infantilism of the slaves undeveloped conciousness. Passion supercedes and is not restrained by an anemic reason which leads to the chaos of riot and revolution the perfect beast upon whose back rides the jew as king of beggars and ultimate parasite and slave moralist. Indeed the jew can only be master as the most slavish and master of slaves who are slaves qua mind. Once discovered in his tyranny the master-minded expel the parasite who must then wander to the next host from whom to derive sustenance. there is no rest for the wicked and inevitably once cornered with nowhere to run the jew will have his last stand and he will then be put down like the rabid dog he is.

Since he is the creator and embodiment of leftism/bolshevism it also will cease once its creator ceases. The jew is a lucifer and can only create by destroying and is a creator only to the extent of his destruction.

MRC(Mixed Race Couple):
Joseph Paul Franklin, archtypal figurehead of Nature's revenge against abberative intermixture- a destroying angel snuffing out the perverse rebels of chaos against the order of things; pruning the genetic tree of diseased twigs even limbs if necessary so that the sturdy branches might again sprout forth in flower of excellence. An avatar of God's will, vehicle of providence Franklin swoops down with the scyth of vengeance castrating the feeble potency of the unfit. Life advances and the anchors of sub-types are cut loose to gather again post mortem in more well organized and integral forms.

It requires a more instinctively healthy type to know the good which entails that which is conducive both to his own survival and that of the oversoul of which he is a part, namely that extension of his conciousness of resonant vibrational frequency, eg. race soul that unites self with other kindred selves. To defend oneself authentically is to defend the race soul, to defend the race soul is to defend oneself authentically. The two are interwoven as a matrix of concious being, nuit and hadit, microcosm and macrocosm. Its death is your death, your death may be its life-hence self-sacrifice is indicated when the life of the particular cannot be sustained at the expense of the species-the individual is sacrificed on the alter of the oversoul an his blood offering sustains its vitality.

The individuals who form the couple of the MRC-the world extols their union as a sacred cow, a triumph for 'modern ideals', the reality is that modern idols are sacrificed to and the world suffers yet another blow to the Creation as two incompatible soul form-if a child be had- a perverse hybrid who has no purpose within the creation but merely a confused and tortured existence resulting in inevitable extinction and or a further degeneration of the type towards even feebler and corrupt stock(if such may be imagined).

Hence Franklin in the above case is a deliverer of this potential abortion, an abortion in actua of an abortion in potentia through elimination of the cause the effect is also. Such is the callous nature of Nature who tolerates no transgression of its laws for both Mother Gaia and Father Time who are forever involved in the dance of becoming and Being, the comic dialectic of masculine and feminine, work through their charges and stewards on the earth plane keeping order in the Eden of Creation. The healthy peasant stock of Franklin served as a conduit of the Race Soul in its stern punishment, the karmic backlash against the agents who willfully or no betryaed their Dharma in perpetuating their own kind. Willfully, they incur greater karma as their conciousness of the transgressive nature of their act burdens them with sin as violators of the Natural imperative; unwillfully they are proportionally less burdened as they retain a quantity /quality of redeeming innocence. Nevertheless Franklin's judgment as the judgment itself as an agent of karma, visited justice upon them striking their names from the book of llife.

Different vibrational frequencies of energy fields manifest indifferent colours on the spectrum-they are signs, insignia of the Racial Soul in its particular aspect crystallizing in visual form; the highest white/red, the coloration of Adam/Adom(hebrew for 'to blush or to be of ruddy complexion'), the insignia of the Aryan Race, and the lowest vibration that of the darkened hide of the beast man negro- an incompatible vibration without reducing the higher to the lower octave through enhancing the lowest to its highest-a sad levelling process that pulls all into dark age ignorance.

Nationalism vs. Internationalism, Nature vs. Anti-Nature:
Political microcosms of the macrocosmic order these two diametrically opposed creeds stand in a conflictual relationship and battle one another for supremacy as nature and anti-nature cannot coexist and the former is certain to triumph as it is the order of the universe. As flowers of the plant of social development these two creeds are distinct in being on the one hand the vital and colorful bloom of life as lived in accordance with nature and the sum total on one hand and on the other the decaying weed that has sprouted forth through artifical means under the forced influence of anti-nature perversity.

Nature entails hierarchy, caste, diversification of function based on inherent biological capacity(generationally, sexually, and racially conditioned traits). Anti-nature is the poison which seeks to supplant natural diversity with an artifical levelling process that suppresses those who would rise to the top in political life and elevate those who would either subsist in the mire of human society in a properly structured hierarchically based natural order to the position of anti-heroic heros an beggar kings with crowns of thorns gilt with the fool's gold of deviance and vice. No amount of nurture can subvert nature without destroying the thing subjected to and influenced by this sickly nurturing process of degeneration. To suppress the creativity of some through stifling their channels of progress with the detritus of wealth redistribution and conferance of unfair advantage to comparatively lowly stock is to nip in the bud the flower of humanity and raise up weeds in its place thereby choaking out the remaining flowers and transforming the garden of Eden into a hell on earth. Anti-naturalism, also called democracy/communism/Christianity, etc. Secular humanism, etc. is the noxious poison that introduces chaos into order. As a reaction to this perversity the development of opposition occurs, rises up from the grave of the artificial whited sepulchre of the chaos and this is Nationalism, the restructuring from out of the ruins of a previous order an old yet new order. Caste, hierarchy, competitive and solidarity are fostered and the previous divisiveness, lack of unity and internal strife, the lack of direction or purpose and identity are supplanted with a self-knowledge and understanding of both one's essence/identity and one's place in the system/hierarchy of society. Gnothe Seuton-know thyself- is the creed conferred upon the initiate of this Natural order which is available to all once one identifies his nature in relation to the chaos an its disharmonious resonance, he must through this violence done to his person, undergo a fundamental attunement in his Being that enables him to exist in harmonious resonance with Nature and all of the which structures itself under and through its aegis. All beings structure themselves through their essence with that of God/Nature and this necessarily leads to Nationalism as the tribal ur-system of socio-politico-economic life whose vitality is not suppressed or subverted through the anti-natural internationalism of Jewish demogoguery working behind the mask of parliamentarian democracy and equality dogma. The mixing of kinds violates God/Nature's edict of 'kind after kind'; the deliberate stifling of the excellence of some though social planning/ crippling is a violation of the edict of God/Nature regarding survival of the fittest and competition over resources and for social standing/ascendancy. Making the lowly lofty and thereby striking down the lofty is of course an anti-natural perversity. This of course serves the purpose of the Jew who uses this ideological weaponry as a mechanism of destroying opposition to his power. Thus far it is natural. However, this violates the existence of all else which collapses thereby the entire natural order. The protocol of thinning the numbers of these despots would well serve the survival of the diversity of species which constitute the natural order and which otherwise are subverted under the genocidal policies of the Jew's through their artifical antinatural religious philosophies(Christ-insanity and libtard-ism) which inevitably lead towards the extinction of all life through elimination of natural competition between groups thereby retarding evolution and leading to their own extermination. hence Nature resets itself though the negation of the negation, through elimination of the unfit through their own unfitness and inability to attune themselves to the vibrational frequency of harmoniousness.

Internationalism-the politicization of jewish conciousness-inevitably fragments into Nationalism and would only work in the sense of a Nationalism(based on Nature, eg. biology) extrapolating itself over the earth by those who resonate with the sum total and are thereby capable of sustaining the order "on earth as it is in heaven". Miscegenated Nationalism under the pressure cooker of internationalism fragments the Nation into micro-nations: china-town, little Italy, etc. which they struggle against one another for dominance. 'Diversity' in the sense of racial intermixture negates itself and far from being strengthening for a Nation simply weakens it though internal dissension. The melted pot loses all flavor when disparate and contradictory elements are melted together in a goolash of unappetizing and unnourishing mush. The offended cries of Nature to this forced and artificial amalgam manifest themselves in the inevitable race wars which erupt in multi-racial societies thus fragmenting and destroying them as a society-ready for the takeover of foreign predatory powers such as with china and other southern nations today in taking over the society of Whites.

Inevitable decay is the prophecy of Nature and from the ruins the ascendancy of more fit species and identities if the Whites are incapable of maintaining order. Given the chaotic nature of the other races the whole of civilization would collapse without the aegis and guidance of white influence.

The constant carping and moralizing about the evils of colonialism by the self-abasing Christ-Insanity infected white masses and their antihero mud people who see in such slander and vilification a political weapon that would wrest power and resources form whites, shrink the latter's numbers while swelling their own in conquest and reconquista of lost territory, of territorial expansion into historically white lands has served well the reduction of white power in the world and proportional enhancement of that of their natural foes the mongol, negro and hybrid races. In short the rhetoric of victimhood and its implicit vilification of the whites as 'colonial oppressors' has worked-but the more this drum cadence of 'racist, racist, racist' is beaten the less effect it has at plucking the heartstrings of the guilty concious of Christianized and liberalized whites. Soon the scales will drop from the eyes of whites and they will perceive the objective situation that lie s before them: a race war which is fought for territory and subjugation. This will drive them towards the tribalism which will strengthen identity and throw off the shackles of the mind that Christianity and liberalism have forged- this will be the death knell of the universal mind poison that has served as a soporific, a weakening of the will not only to survive but to expand power. Survival, when threatened, elicits a desperate reaction to subjugate that which threatens and this a manifestation of inherent biological drives. All whites who have a remnant of survival instinct and healthy mind will react to the encroaching threat and will then ensure their survival. At that point when the perversion of guilt, shame and self-abasement as pathologies have been torn out of the conciousness of whites then expansion will once again be a possibility. At this point territorial expansion will be undergone, a neo-colonialism wil be embarked upon this to its logical conclusion of planetary dominion-the duration this will take of course will be a few hundred years perhaps but will eventually be attained and the current threats to white dominion will have progressively be abolished through subjugation and perhaps even extermination of whatever rivals have so foolishly decided to enter the ring and take the victory wreath themselves. Given the nature of the different groups in the world , their relative histories and development, it is clear when the lion's share of value lies and who has the creative genius necessary to create a sustainable world order.

As example of inevitable failures we can see the Chinese who have mass-murdered millions of their own kind the remnant of which have been put into factories as virtual slaves and who have polluted their own living space irreparably save for hundreds of years perhaps of the absence of all industrial production. The Arabs, perpetually in conflict among themselves are a mere powder keg that seeks ignition through any source and by any means and whose mind or collective conciousness has been embodied in a religion of violence fitting their constitution. The Jews being the hybrid deviants they are have never had a sustained society in their history that had not been taken from the more creative and orderly white race and which civilization eventually fell to ruins through internal dissension, a true testament ot the honor(or lack thereof) among thieves- a temple to the Jewish spirit of destructive chaos.

Once the whites throw the Jew off their back the way will have been cleared of obstacles and progress can be attained. Mental infection is the most serious threat and the Jew in the head is many times worse than the jew in the counting house or parliament as they have only been permitted entry through the delusions of white tolerance and universalist values. The emancipation of the jews has been the opening of a pandora's box which has unleashed the pestilential influence of jewry from the political apparatus, eg. the supreme court and legislature to the professions(lawyers and doctors) to the carpert baggers and denizens of the underworld which pervades the total hierarchy and spreads its poisonous infection into the white world through freemasonry and Bolshevism, weakening the resolve of white survival through creating a fragmented and solipsistic society of decadence and self-absorption. This navigational chart drafted by jewry must be identified as charting a false course and a proper territorial map of the present situation drawn up leading to the manifest destiny of the white race finally procuring for itself dominion over the earth.

Neo-colonialism through the mass of liberalized/Christianized/Universalized unity would undoubtedly condemn the notion is the necessity of this world-whether it be white, yellow or brown. Someone will rule the world and the most prudent stance to take is that of loyalty, the most prudent position and firmest foundation upon which to stand is that of one's own genetic stock. When the world situation decrees an either-or of survival through fighting and conquest or death through compromise and concessions only the suicidal would choose the latter course. Given a sufficiently rational mind the world situation makes the choice for one: either loyalty to one's own kind-or death. The irrational may convince themselves of the possibility of a cowardly and craven survival through subordination of oneself to rivals but the rational man understands the absolutism of his choice: either life through loyalty or death through selfish debasement before opposing forces. This is not only the mentality of a healthy mind but the decree of nature and its imperative: either for that of which nature has made you a part of become subjugated and ultimately exterminated. There is no real choice for healthy types.

The Natural Imperative:

As Ben Klassen spoke of in "Nature's Eternal Religion" and "The White Man's Bible" it is the inherent biological drive of different types that goads them on to expend their own kind if need be at the expense of others without regret, remorse or contrition and rather with joyous abandon at the prospect of power and possession of all forms of wealth be they inanimate(gold, jewels, land) or animate(slave and women). This has always been and will always be the trajectory of human evolution, namely survival and expansion; in order to expand the group must survive in order for the group to survive the members must survive; the members survive through maintainance of their structures through strengthening the body mind and will and from thence developing themselves in more suitable stock to advance their own kind. In order for the members to retain membership and thence to survive their loyalty must be allocated towards their own kin group. Failing that they met with ostracism and are cast out of the group thereby bringing about their own destruction. Thus the tribalistic nature of humanity-if such it may be called-ensues its evolution through a process of going within-without, of acheiving integrity of the unity and this through strengthening the elements of which it is comprised and thence expanding itself outwards and assimilating that which exists outside itself as 'other' or 'not-I', in the form of territorial expansion and inter-breeding with subjugated peoples forming caste systems and amalgams of former rivals. This expansive process might be termed 'colonialism', the colonization of Other peoples and territory and is the right of the strong through whom Nature works to ensure the integrity and ever-expanding evolution of itself through itself, culling the defective and thereby accelerating its own integrity just as the individual tribes ensure theirs through eliminating defects and individuals themselves through healing crises and antibodies.

When a cycle of decline is entered the strong('mighty')are weakened ('brought low') and the more coarse animal type with all its animal vigour is raised up to inherit the earth. Thus the cycle continues along the path of evolution. Practically and politically an awareness of the conditions of the age may well equip one to 'ride the tiger' or surf along the tidal wave of catastrophe thereby enhancing the probability of survival. To live in a state of dulled conciousness at this time is a recipe for inevitable extinction both of one's tribe and of oneself as an individual and with which tribe he is bound. The survival of the fittest means to perceive the conditions of the present and anticipate the future on that basis and to adapt to the changes in the most appropriate way knowing one's self, the world and the friends and enemies which constitute its seething multitude. 'Preparedness is the key' (Sun Tzu) and adaptability the technical skill of its turning. Only then can the doors to the kingdom of heaven on earth be opened.

Occident vs. Orient:
Geopolitical extrapolation of the dialectic of the sexes- a ying-yang of macro proportions. The one projective, dynamic, expansive yet concentrated, extroverted, a bestowing virtue that confers its energies upon the passive, inward and inert 'plant-like' as Spengler called it, substratum of Being-the eternal feminine-elusive, secretive, hidden, absorptive. The triumphal opponent in this war of the 'gunas', will be the projective as 'all life is struggle' and 'death is peace'-hence the feminine will always be conquered as a coquettish receiver and passive object and transformed into the bearer of the novel product of their union-the 'crowned and conquering child' of the new aeon, the offspring of nuit and hadit. It will be a Western star that rises in the East in the soon to be future as the passive and inert must be conquered by the dynamic vital spark or causa efficiens of masculine energy and force embodied in the so-called 'Western Aryan' man. The greater the tension and dynamism the greater the development, the greater the creation even to the point of breaking if need be. A history bears witness to-the whole of human civilization is the product of the Aryan conciousness/mind-from the pyramids in the Gobi desert to the sphinx-from the giant heads of machu pichu to the cliffs of ankor wat-all laid claim to by the orient-falsely- yet all derived from the will of the white man.

The golden horde of Ghengis poured over the borders of Kievan Rus into the steppes of Russia and ukraine but were dispatched through the greater force of the white man. The Sultan's hordes sought the same path but found destruction at the hands of the templar Knights and the virility of the Spaniards kept at bay their despotic sway. Only the female strategy of tricksters from Khazaria who crept in under the guise of a persecuted rabble of weak and downtrodden wanderers dimmed the bright ardour of the martial spirit of Aryan man. He saw no challenge to the lowly and decrepit, the chandal outcast was beneath his noble vision, and yet this most grievous error metamorphosed into the apparent immanent collapse of what has become known as western civilization. The cunning of jews and gypsies and driven the thin end of the wedge into the chinks of Aryan armour infiltrating grievous wounds, seeking to hobble the dynamism of his thews and to corrode the mainspring of his action. The canker worm of semitic mind poisoning had taken its effect and the ashen tone of the Aryan Man's face as he sat in cold sweats in his sheets too weakened to give battle had proven disaster to the mighty warrior. The lessons of history from the black plague to the pestilential money changers and carpet baggers must not be neglected in this hour lest the orient triumph and lead the world to dark age savagery once more.

Overcoming the personality:
Sense experience imparts to the mind the artificial reality in the mundane world that serves as the be all and the end all of those who haven't attained an awareness of being, the dimension of the higher self, eternity from which the personality is cut off and blinded by the veil of maya that is the experiential manifold of sense data, of sensations via the coarser sense which bring down the overall level of awareness to this dimension so to speak of materiality. This perhaps is the plane of the ego and it is only through the ego that the self can attain transcendance from it while situating itself still within it as a springboard from which it may go beyond those more primitive states. The individuality is thereby attained as a continual process and development and self-positing, this gradually unfolding of the higher ego or of manas is the blooming of the flower of conciousness whose delicate pedals are yet made of adamant. This is the building of the soul beyond the personality. The most arduous circumstances and tests of will power can make their contribution to this development via the impression as a die on the waxen tabula rasa of the Self, stamped with the impression of the Eternal.

The illusory and temporal or transient, the fleeting states of the heraclitean flux of becoming wash over the Individuality as a tide of sensa leaving no lasting impressions but as this tide receives undue focus becoming the Being of Being eroding its potentialities if not it itself through shifting the focus/attention towards the kaleidoscope of sensationalism from the crystalline rigidity of Eternity of the divine of being towards this ellysium in its living prescence or refulgent glory. Spiritualization of the material through vama marg left hand path rites of passage serves to steer the humble bark through these tempestuous waters: concentration, meditation, contemplation all part of the godlike self-creation of the higher self as it weaves the aetheric fabric that constitutes its noble form. The tantra and mantra working up the kundalini serpent from the lower regions of conciousness at the base of the shusumna, the cauda aquina and the spinal canal, amplying vril/chia/od to attain Wotan conciousness which could be spoken of as being. Thorir/Donar is the force in effect which is its recognition of itself as blind striving and force carries through as a pure process without intention simply the manifestation of that latent energy actuated by Loki, becoming, the intention that is posited as not the goal but the positing of the goal, the arrow in flight whose target is Being, Wotan allfather, god conciousness whose attainment would perhaps simply amplify the process yet further in the development of the soul to the status of a planetary deity or some superabundant star beyond the power of its current crystallized manifestation of the personality. rather than simply a blooming flower of adamant it is the archtype of the seed, the source of all kindred flowers, aspects and hypostates of the Individuality, which attains Being amidst becoming and continues along its evolutionary path.

Now hired mercenaries and this from the beginning the police serve their paymasters as willing slaves "duty bound" to enforce the law through threat of the use of physical or occult(eg. microwaves, pharmaceuticals, x-rays, etc.)forces. The lower tier may avail itself only of the more brute physical force such as clubs and projectile weapons(eg. firearms) at most conducted energy weapons , tasers or irritants like pepper spray. The more specialized and higher trained(ie.pavlovian conditioning) slaves have yet more sinister weaponry as mentioned above and greater powers of influence such as coercing confession through torture and various other mind control techniques(noise, light, modification of environmental conditions to modify the biology of the targeted individual such as in prison cells with food and nutritional deprivation, dehydration; music being played to induce hypnotic and irrational states of conciousness as well as various traumas through proxies such as putting a white male into a cell of blacks, etc.) The function of the police across all varieties is simple: the use or threat of use of force to enforce the will of the sovereign power who operates through these agents on the basis of the legal maxim: "nulla pena sine lega"-the law has its essence through its existence, its implementation being coercion often and typically under the guise of persuasion. To build a police state terrorism was used by the Cabal who rules the world financing and arming revolutionaries and assassins to create instability in the regimes of the host body they had invaded under the cover of merchants or bankers or 'persecuted victims' plucking at the heart strings of the more powerful which they would then sever at the opportune moment. This instability justified the establishment of a police-state as 'protection' from the chaos created by those who then wrested control of the police when so positioned as to have incontestible power. The contest was undergone through the revolutionary proxies and paid mercenaries whose sabotage of the regime weakened it to the point where it could be usurped. The former mercenary cadres often became the police of the new regime and carried out their barbarities under cover of right. The open secret, now that no deception need be had given their incontestability of the power of the new rulers. That their might determined their right did away with the relationship between law and justice. Justice henceforth was of the strong and denied to those who didn't serve the regime as useful tools.

The function of the police has no necessary relationship to justice or morality but simply to the mechanisms of positive law as the ultimate operation of the gears of statecraft as they impinge upon the populace as a potentially transgressive multitude. "guilty before innocent" is the creedo and everyone is suspect of being in a state of original sin as a 'criminal man' or bundle of irrational drives like a powder keg of potential violence contained only by the iron walks of Draconian law. Each 'citizen' is a hand grenade whose fuse can be ignited given a simple pull of the pin that ties them to their slave chains .Hence the welds must be strong to ensure that no 'incidents' of criminality occur. Freedom is inversely proportionate to police-statism, the larger the one the smaller the other.

Though freedom is the negative and exists only in bondage as no boundless liberty exists in the material world or in that of any dimension but merely a nexus of causal relations, a skein of rational and necessary cords that pull upon the puppets on their strings. It is simply up to the puppet to pull upon his own strings and not to be so passive as to be entangled in a state of ignorance masquerading as innocence for "there are no innocents in this world" and all are in a state of sin/karma. Thus for True freedom to express the will to be established "on earth as it is in heaven" one must learn to suffer and understand his proper relationship to the sum total. With respect to police and police statism this may mean that in an inharmonious society one must become one's own police officer and potentially an officer enforcing justice- even his own poorly conceived justice of the relatively strong and to the extent of his strength. Hence the survival of the fittest amidst the struggle for existence is the necessary condition of life and all are mercenaries having their own interests at heart vieing with those who have competing interests in a system of desperate and unending competition over resources and power.

Loyalties and allegences are dependant upon greater and lesser threats and contracts made today may be severed tomorrow when the greater threat is subjugated. To attempt to embody in 'eternal verities' anti-natural utopian principles of the 'universal human rights', etc. is an absurdity contradicted with every transaction between humans of all class and condition. Class and race and sex and equality divide and segregate as finely as a laser the infinite variety of this conglomeration of 'humans' into extremes of(more properly called) species of entity, however concious and unconcious. The rule over others is determined by might by power of whatever form and function be it occult mind control or the club, the carrot or the stick. 'By all means necessary' if the end is necessary; if not relatively necessary and to the extent that the "game is worth the candle" so it is worth that price. Hence the conscription of mercenaries to serve one's gambit for power has no confinement within the realm of morality as the artifical codes and idols of clever spindoctors or idol dreamers are themselves merely tools of power in the arsenal of an aspiring or well-established hegemon. The rhetoric of egalitarianism serves as a standout example of this transmogrification of the ideal into the real and an attempt on the part of the relatively weak to increase their strength and usurp the thrown from their physical and mental betters.

Population Devastation:
Yet another symptom of societal decay brought by the anti-natural value system of liberal humanism and its bigoted and irrational proponents: the endless progenation of the brown mass from the turd world. Neglecting in their corrupt lack of common sense and paucity of common sense reasoning that "the more you feed them the more you breed them" ordine geometrico(-logarthymically-); neglecting this simple fact they the moralizing moral majority precipitate a population bomb though it threatens to explode all over their lily-white picket fenced world they keep stoking the fire bringing about the armageddon of their liberal dumb-ox-cratic faux reality with an explosion of diarrhea that is the en masse immigration of the turd world into the former first world. This is what happens when you place the last first and the first last. Hence the decadent excess of a spoiled population pampered by hard(er) working forbears brings about a deficiency both of material resources(food; clean environment, etc.) and of intellectual as the latter are woefully deficient in the darker races who fail to manifest the 'sun of mind', to radiate a true enlightenment as biologically incompatible with their inner being. The simple correlation between cause(dark races) and effect( human devolution; racial intermixture; cultural and environmental decay, etc.) is willfully overlooked by the spoiled hypocrits of the bourgeois liberals and their affiliated derivatives(marxists, etc.) blinded as they are by the scales of injustice that sit weightily on their purblind eyes. Soon they will fall and be forced to take cognizance of their own impending execution either at the hands of their 'pets' or more likely at that of their betters the 'remnant' of rational whites who refuse to live amidst poverty and inevitable cultural extinction and who even give a willingness to perpetuate their ignorance of the biological realities and consequences of racial identity will have no choice given their complete lack of options, the hard 'either-or' of 'face the enemy or face death'- and recognize the inevitable condition of survival embodied in the words 'all life is struggle'. Worse is better at this point as it devastates the established order and wins hearts and minds of those (previously) feint of heart and feeble minded who sought shelter and security in a nanny-state that, though its own over-wheening vices sought to adopt 'chillins' who 'acted up' beyond the pale of tolerance, that oft-touted 'virtue' of liberalism and, inextricably bound up therewith, serves as a cable tow tolerance of everything and anyone but intolerance and the intolerant. Tolerance can no longer be tolerated when enemies are at the gates and tolerance of the enemy leads to assisted suicide. Backed into a corner even the most infirm animal will defend itself, otherwise perish as nature is an intolerant task-master and suffers no fools to live especially those tainted with the mind parasite of universalism whether it manifest itself in the form of Christianity or liberal humanism or a new age 'oneness'-if the goal of the proselyte is 'union' with the sum total through suicide then , like the Christian martyrs of old they will be consigned to the flames and be of forgotten memory remembered perhaps as a testament to psychical sickness indoctrinated in naive and impressionable sheeple as well as cynical wolves(-or perhaps dogs?-) that must serve as a warning to all inevitably will continue to heap up creating the Ragnarok that will lead to a new world, Whiter and brighter through the flames of the Rahowa the phoenix will ascend

Proletarianism', or 'Untermenscheit'-a philosophical gutter creed:
Disheveled derelicts wandering in idleness with a corrupt smirk plastered on their retarded faces; disproportionate features testifying to the malgenics of a corrupt parentage-asymmetrical portraits of degeneration these models of skid row parade with flea-bitten rags and their filthy carcasses as so many exemplars of societal corruption and decadence. Their cunning sneers belie their perverted minds: everything that to them possesses an order or drive, any power or difficulty of attainment or exertion is to them a vain and foolish striving. This sentiment is borne of their own weakness and feeble-mindedness, their inherent laziness and serves as a cover for their own overt inferiority.

The mocking grin of senile corruption bears testament to their resentment morality for mocking something is an attempt at demeaning and debasing that thing thereby implying their superiority through making a mockery of that which otherwise(?) would point out the beams projecting from their blind eyes. Pointing out the motes of the better type is the act of one-upmanship the petty-man has recourse to to inflate his sense of worth through stigmatization of an other- to turn the table on the master and convert him into a slave, an object of knowledge implying eo ipso that the petty man proletarian is a knower and thereby empowering himself.

Such is the psychology of the base born and every opportunity is exploited by the hater to thumb his nose at this betters thereby getting his dopamine fix and power rush vis-a-vis the object of his hatred; a pathetic attempt at vanquishing an enemy.

Such a petty-minded attitude is almost unworthy of discussion as one runs the risk of debasing himself to that level. however given the commonality of this common creed, the creed of the untermensch( the 'sub' or 'under'man), a brief note is indicated by way of warning to those who don't wish to spend their lives being harried by these characters: know them for who they are and avoid contact with them to the extent that is possible.

Elements of 'the creed of the cur': bestial lust for sense gratification(in the forms of drugs, sex and various other forms of sensationalism); obsession with the accumulation of material things for the purpose of necessity and status seeking as well as the gratification of the senses as above(equipment for these purposes)- all things 'lower egoic' and all motivation ceasing at the limit of lower egoic drives: fight-flight-fornicate and all that leads thereto and orients itself around these most material and lower vibrational states.

The analog of 'untermenscheit' is Proletarianism which is the creedo of the work slave whose sole motivation is the acquisition of 'respect' from his fellow workers of the world through his subordination of his being to that of a tool of industry, an 'animate tool' whose existence determines its essence, ie. 'working', making him a 'worker'. His identity is restricted to this function. Knowledge of anything outside of this activity of a brute nature is an unknown mystery that exceeds his comprehension-the contemplative life and that of the artist is as a foreign land never to be visited. When the workbell rings it is time for the 'worker' to idle and amuse the self-to restore energies and then leap into the hamster wheel again in a a life of tedious cyclicism.

This cycle of 9-5 life of the proletarian keeps the devil's work of violence and chaos at bay through rendering the hands of vice less idle-thus, in spite of debasement- and dehumanization(assuming the underman was ever such) a slight elevation in social utility is had. Of course it is possible that the untermensch might be elevated spiritually though work of other kinds that do not have such a coarsening influence on the mind such as athletics, military training and other more developmental forms of employment but the social planners are often apathetic in their regard for the destiny's of their charges and would rather create more hamsters to run in their wheels of industry than create a cadre of elites who might-through their sublimated drives-threaten their position in the hierarchy. Holding down the base born in the mire of their socio-economic and concomitant mental condition serves as the dysgenic means of maintaining a class hierarchy admission into which is a birth right and not a result of willful striving. Creating such a static social system of entropy is a recipe for degeneration and 'untermenscheit' itself- which in turn leads to systemic collapse and the inevitable ascendancy of the fittest post-apocalyptica-and the cycle repeats itself-for if the leisure class is to be maintained it must be parasitical on the base which must be cultivated and bred for the purpose. Once the leisure class becomes decadent through its own indolence the system then falls apart into chaos and a new aristocracy/theocracy of archons comes to the fore amidst the rubble for the overthrow hierarchy.

The struggle for life continues and those at the bottom with nothing to lose cultivate(ofttimes) a more determined will than those accustomed to the leisure life whose life has enervated their ancestors blood and left it stagnant.

'Untermenscheit' is present spiritually in the leisure class as a condition and symptm of its decadence; the lower class finds its ascendancy when it finds it at all in the spirituality of aristocracy. However, to attain this state requires many conditions that it is deprived of by the social planners and which it has no comprehension of given that the system is designed to perpetuate a state of ignorance in its proletarian masses who otherwise might attain greatness if their superabundant will were not stifled and corrupted through drugs and ignorance(t.v, etc.) instead of sublimated through proper development.

Purging Gaia:
Teeming multitudes who know no limits/infest the globe with their degenerate seed/feeding from the trough of the accomplished and productive/clambering about their endless needs/soon the sickle of saturn will fall/all the herd-spare not one-kill them all/they chose to spread their kind with abandon but will be abandoned once the earth can no longer accomodate them/dregs of ill-informed half-castes empty/ of all redeeming qualities/ soon the groans of the earth will shake and in the tumult of the quake/ the rodent-like multitudes will bend and break/ no more will they overreach their grasp/ grubbing for a morsel/ no more will they pursue cold cash/ on a slab a corpse will/ the ruins of the cities rubble will be their unmarked grave/ and fattening themselves upon the rabble slaves/ will be the remnant of the mighty/ who have developed themselves to such a pitch/ that the earth is as a bull for a matador/ skewed with their pikes and picks/ this portends the global dominion/ the future path lies clear/ a kingdom of earth upon heaven/ a White world bathed in cheer/ Rahowa will be the conflagration/ upon the battleground's of Gaia's creation/ The purging of the dross/ will leave a greater future with their loss/ First and perhaps simultaneously the thorn in the side called the Jew must be extricated-will be extricated at the very least through the conflagration. Thus the path will be cleared for the purging of Gaia will have been accomplished-the path of White World supremacy.

"Behold I am I" proclaims the virtue-signaller; "behold my fancies behold my property!"-this is the creedo of the lower ego, the materialist. The virtue signaller as is his want one-ups this lower conciousness through broadcasting his pretencious altrusim, claim to universal love of humanity and implicit castigation of all who do not appear as much on board the current bandwagon. There is no winning with the virtue-signaller, this modern white knight, this crusader after 'social justice'(meaning white self hate and non-white worship; veneration of the 'noble savage')-as his gain is your loss and your gain is his loss. He plays the game of dualistic conciousness rooted as it is in his extreme egotism, falsely and hypocritically represented as altrusim towards overtly 'Other' groups.

"The bestowing virtue" Nietzsche spoke of, also properly called the Santa Claus virtue, the Bourgeois(for are they not all Bourgeois?) virtue-signaller is the modern day secular Jesus whose crown of thorns is his 'white privilege' and 'white guilt' the expiation of which his ultimate virtue. Suburban silver spoons of this sort recognize their own hypocrisy and delight in the reflexive reference it makes to them as 'superior' giving and bestowing largesse to the 'inferior' mud people who are the road apples of his eye.

Symptoms of liberal madness manifest through the verbalisms of the sanctimonious and sarcastic Bourgeois hypocrit-equality, democracy, liberty as he puts himself-even in false humility and self-abasement, becoming a suburban jesus martyr to his false idols-under the various mixed multitudes who he places on a golden pedestal as the anti-hero figure of the evils of the 'White Devil' or 'Great Western Satan' he so roundly castigates, while implying his own superiority thereto. The ascetic path of sin expiation the Bourgeois follows is paved with egotistical intentions. To the cross of his sins he nails himself and raptures himself to the sanctum sanctorum of social reputation-a venerable humanitarian; a charitable altruist; a humble hypocrit!

He wishes-in the most ostentatious way- to 'help others' which may be translated motivationally as : 'to gain a reputation or to increase his standing in the eyes of his peers or those he aspires to involve himself with'. The psychology of gift-giving has its basis in a reflexive recognition of one's own power to give and the dependency of others to receive, hence the establishment of a power dynamic, a master-slave relationship whereby the giver is master and the recipient is slave. Those who must receive are in a position of dependency and those who have dependants are in control of their destiny. Virtue-signallers are true 'fishers of men' who cast out their nets to enmesh their victims-to demonstrate superiority in attaining or possessing the status of contemporary society(whatever that may be)requires the cognition of the other who in taking the bait falls into the nets to serve the fisherman as meat. The virtue-signaller's existence is based upon identification with the mores of society and the recognition in his mind that others identify him therewith and the receipt of another's attention through the act of virtue-signalling typically convinces the egotistical Bourgeois virtue-signaller that simply garnering the attention of another implies their jealousy or desire/envy for what/who he is/possesses-when it may just be annoyance at having been bothered.

What specific brand of morality constitutes the virtue of the day is not relevnt-the behavioral set of acts/omission that constitute virtue-signalling are eternal in a society based on total egotism and hypocritical altruism; perhaps this is human nature or only the nature of the Beastman? Today the "virtue that makes small", what could be called 'untermenscheit', is humbly trumpeted in mealy-mouthed whispers with such clarion calls of falsity as "humanity, equality, democracy"; "peace" and "love" when such tokens of virtue-signalling are merely the monopoly money of a decadent age soon to pass into oblivion and be replaced by an age of iron and blood. No more passive anti-natural refinements and baroque curlicues of sentimentality-simply an age echoing the clash of battleaxes and weapons of war.

Sperm Donors:
Eugenics and Dysgenics both issue forth from the fount of the generative principle- a tool of the creation of posterity for good or ill for better or worse. Posterity is blessed or cursed by the well-spring from which it flows, whether it be a sewer or a mountain spring it will develope along the lines of least resistance and depending on its progenitor it will become a creation cast in its image a sinner or a saint a god or a devil in proportion to the genetical influence disseminated across the generations. hence the social planners if eugenicists will establish sperm banks with highly refined criteria serving to screen out the genetic pollutant in the social organism and enabling only the more robust and stable elements to filter through their scientifically sophisticated membranes. The social engineers of today however are governed by an evil star and bent upon the destruction of the human stock from highest to lowest relentlessly striking at the tree of the generations with well-sharpened dysgenic axes and saws. Hence whatever sperm banks-those repositories of future success or failure-have been established for public welfare conduce rather to the downgrading of the human stock. In potentia these incubators of posterity would be genetic gold mines but have been converted in actua into whited sepulchres, powder kegs of destruction. As a neutral fact they would be a great contribution to the betterment of human stock, a bridge(however slender) to the superman.

With sufficiently refined criteria they would present women or institutions with a stock of highly specialized genetic material. Acceptance of only high quality donors who are subjected to rigid screening processes and criteria would ensure an up-breeding of humanity and facilitate the weeding out of the undesirables. Those 'power men' at the highest levels of society could contribute to the human gene pool more of their stock than they would otherwise have under a regime of monogamy as in the present day. Ideally polygamy would also be instituted further augmenting the up-breeding of the better and again weeding out the unfit. No threat of legal liability would burden the 'power men' who would be free to contract through the medium of the sperm bank with willing parties of the female persuasion to develope and bear the fruits of their contract without hindering either of the parties as it would be based on agreement and not coercive checks and balances such as prenuptial agreements and divorce proceedings. This would be liberalism in its positive form wherein good results emanate from private or public institutions that ensure the will of the clients is given their intended expression through the creation of better racial stock.

Criteria would ideally be based along racial lines restricted to only the better types and preventing any genetic incompatibilites. Rigorous testing in terms of intelligence, health and physical tests would also be mandatory.

Tolkein's allegory of Modern Women and Feminism:
The Ents and the Ent-wives represent the roots of race. The Ent-wives have left the ancient forest of Fanghorn representing the rift created between men and women by feminism that leads to the decay and aging of the racial stock-women have departed their role and seek only to be with their own selves immersed in the immanent conciousness of the lower ego which constitutes the fabric of their mind. They can't see the roots leading back to the past and so allow those of the present to dry up at the expense of their irrespsonsible self-seeking. They cease to perform the role and function of a bridge to the future and idle about while the bridge of the present crumbles around them leading ot the extermination of their race. The Ent-wives must be recaptured through the Ents pulling themselves away from their lethargic slumber and complacency and fighting the orcs of Orthunc and Saruman which represents Modernity with its foreign economic units of different races and technological monstrosities. in destroying this threat that enables them to magnetize the Ent-wives and bring them away through the law of attraction from their egotism and barren self-seeking to the fruitful role of a fruit bearing tree that is the bridge to posterity and a future salvaged form the ruins of modernity. Thus the onus lies on men to be men and fight for the right to mate with their natural complement.

The orcs who hack at the trees represents miscegenation and outright genocide through economic/demographic/physical/spiritual warfare against the Ents(White Race) and their territory and survival-territory being necessary for survival as the legions of orcs who invade white societies are aware. Saruman is Masonry behind the White-hand/Hidden-hand and his coat of many colours he uses his honeyed words of tartuffery and mendacity to beguile and deceive those who would threaten his supremacy-under of course the all-seeing eye of the Jew-Sauron/Saturn(their god), a.k.a Lucifer the Rex Mundi. Their rapine of the Ent-wives both allegorically through burning with fire and hacking with axes and through sexual rape and physical assault and murder in real life is an act of war and hostility against White people deliberately undergone with malice aforethought. To destroy the evils of feminism and its endless discontents the men must fight and oppose the economic and physical rape and murder of their own people as the Ents smashed the technological monstrosity of Orthunc so the liberal-democratic/libtard-hypocritic Regime must be smashed and replaced with a natural order that enables the putting down of roots through the putting down of anti-nature religious creeds of the Abrahamic strain.

Women as Enforcers of Dogma:
The role played by the female in a society is to maintain the collective in a static form and are hence spoken of as 'tamasic', inert and plant-like. Their lack of dynamism leads to a state of inertia for the collective when they are accorded inordinate power in a a society as in the present period of gynocracy in the sense of a prevailing feminine conciousness subvertive of the masculine creative will. This inevitably leads a society to extinction as it has no motivational principle other than to languish in a condition of entropy which entails a blue print for its own destruction. The sacred cows of the collective are bedecked with the garlands of feminine adoration as they are left to contentedly fatten upon the vital verdure of the waning impulse of life's blood that diminishes in its rapidity of circulation as it is drained away to feed the bloated animal totem. The females as usual heedless of the consequences of their actions given that their conciousness is of a more restricted and limited scope inevitably perish with their totem if it is not speedily sacrificed with the blade of masculine force and dynamism its life's blood pouring into the feminine chalice of revitalized society returning back to itself its will to power. The dogmas of a masculinized society impel the inertia of femininity to expand the scope of vital energies towards the establishment of tests and feats of strength amidst desperate competition; an adventurous and heroic spirit is then kindled.

As useful tools the women of society may subserve the nefarious ends of infiltrators and subversives who through their offering of greater advantage of their beguiling manipulation deceive the short term planning and emotional conciousness of women to bring about adherence to self-destructive idols before which they prostrate themselves. Thus they must be monitored and made aware in their naivete, gaiety and carelessness that the beguiling smile of the serpent conceals a latent danger and venom that may contaminate the blood of the race. Such is the case of the Jew in Today's society with his deliberate targeting of the white woman through emotional propaganda and their obediant and unthinking performance of the role they have been conscripted to play as cats paw to fish from the fires of otherwise inevitable race war the chestnuts of power possessed by the white man. This they have done and though materially wealthy compared to their previous state and proportionally spiritually impoverished. They must again be made into a useful tool to serve better ends, namely that of their own preservation and that of their kin-group thus they must be swayed through counter-propaganda to if not contribute to the winning of the race war to at least not obstruct the march of victory through the necessary blood and iron, an iron cudgel they are too weak to bear and torrents of blood they are too squeamish to suffer the sight of Revaluation of all values! No static inertia and dynamic force! Smash the dove of peace with the hammer of Thor!

When the law becomes unjust the just man disobeys as it is no longer binding on his will. Increasing Draconianism in society engenders increased criminality and when everything in a crime everyone is a criminal. Hence the greater the obligations and restrictions of the scope of natural liberty the more the law will be disregarded as the more popular crime becomes the more acceptible it will be amongst the majority who, in spite of endless mind control, express their will in seditious behavior as a natural release of repressed drives. This is the reason why bread and circuses are perpetually dispersed amongst the masses as a soporific of inner angst and latent aggression, a red-herring dragged across their path to distract from the cogitations they might have regarding the problems imposed upon them: 1)their identification as a problem; 2) the impositions an externally imposed curtailment of liberty; 3) by whom; 4) the solutions and 5)that they must be the ones to solve these problems. In spite of all mind control and societal distractions from the ultimate cause of the problems eventually the oppressed masses become sufficiently deprived and impoverished to realize that there is nothing left they can have in terms of liberty and freedom from external authority and thus having nothing more to lose they are then liberated from their previous dependancies on luxury and indolence and so "take it to the streets" in vigilantism; taking the authority to dispense what they believe is just into their own hands subverting the external authority's tyranny or their own lives at that point rendered meaningless.

Vigilantism is the standing ground over their own person's and property (which may include persons such as women and slaves and children) in violation of the will of an external authority who, through greater might/power has established itself as the master of the citizen who thereby is demoted to slave status. Vigilantism is the assertion of self-mastery and explicitly articulated or no articulated by deed of a willingness to give battle to the master. A slave rebellion de jure but de facto a contention of parties for Mastery over persons and property. The balance of forces is ever attempted to be shifted in the contender's favor through guile or overt acts of brutality. A vigilante is he who, ala Robin hood, stands outside of the system which attempts to circumscribe his being and existence yet relates to the system as an aggressor who disregards the claims to authority of the Other but not necessarily the power wielded by the system if he is to be effective in his purposes of manifesting his will and destiny and establishing himself as a new authority before whom the persons under the charge of the system must prostrate themselves even if he himself prostrates himself in self-sacrifice before them in his combat with the system. Taking the law into one's own hands is an aggressive assertion of [self]mastery that strives to undercut the mastery of Leviathan.

RAHOWA---Racial Holy War!




Religion as Marker of Soul Type: Aryanity vs. Semitism

Life as Competition

Hero Quest

Sociological Typology

The Leadership is Reflected in the Pool of the Populous

The Strongman and his Danger

The Savages

Is There a 'Humanity'?

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Heresy: Now and Then

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Utopian Pope Dreams

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A Failed Appreciation

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Allopathic Genocide: Eugenics vs. Cacogenics

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Bodybuilding: Narcissistic Psyop

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The Libera Dodo

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Babylon, Mother of Harlots

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The 'White Satan'

Powers and Principalities 1&2

Bird Brains

Mental Prisons & Critical Distance


White Wash

Scapegoating in Theory and Practice

White Satans


Heroic Heresies


Religion as marker of soul type: epiphenomena of biology, extrapolation, and manifestation of spirituality, of the soul type of the biological type stands the religious of the races which are cultural embodiments of the sum total of their ‘soul’ elements. Behavioral traits/attributes are given tangible form in the rites, pageants, atrocities of religious devotion.
The Nordic religion which was destroyed by Jewish Christianity and ? still lingers amorphously in the mists of time and the unconsciousness of the Aryan race – soul centers around the heroism of the individual, the superior type not exclusively as purely intellectual as in the scientism of today or as purely spiritual detached from the world of material care as a cowardly flight from reality (a la near eastern religions) but rooted in the concrete as imminent transcendence. Stoicism, the moves of Aristotle and of Greece and Rome as well as the mercenary ? or Varangian guard; the berserker of the Teutonic forests – these figures convey a universal motif of the striving to develop the self that is the foundation of Aryanism. To be thrown into the tempestuous waters and face Jormungand yet without doubt or even concern for life – simply to exist one’s essence as battle, the struggle for existence not for survival as concrete man barely elevated from the statue of a brute but for the struggle to attain the superman – being oneself amidst the fray transcending the sensationalism of battle is hyper-alertness yet unaffectedness.

Stoicism and aecidium, if such it may be called, to experience as a tempering of the steel of one’s flaming sword yet not to be taken away from the form, the sword is to be shaped into though distraction and immersion in sensain ‘maxa’ but to fashion the flaming sword of the ‘knighted one’ through one’s willpower. Thus this alchemy of transformation of the self and attainment of godhood through manifestations of the ideal in the real through an attunement created between the formal concept and the indeterminate immediates being fashioned into determinate being. Such process is the artistic process in miniature – the reification of the ideal for its contrivable development and evolution as a living god. Hence the ‘god within’ as well as without, the ? mystica of the lower and higher selves is the basis of what may be called Aryanism (Wotanism, Hinduism, Hermeticism, etc.)

Contrast this properly so-called ‘noble’ spirituality which excludes and ignores all ‘working’ or slavish devotion – a veritable ‘master morality’ transcribed as religious/spiritual characters – with that low materialism of the ‘Semite’ (? Asiatic/near Eastern type). Veneratives of lucre, fanaticism for territory and myriad proscriptions are required to curtail an excess absent from the retrieval consciousness of the Aryan; prohibitions such as the commandments, etc. Vengeance as opposed to contempt or mutual honor; lying as opposed to ? (end of page cut off)

Life as competition: The bourgeois understands life as a competition for resources, a social daramist frenzy of tooth and claw where the prize vied for is the materialist trinity of ‘money, status and pleasures of the flesh’. This is the case for all those trapped in the lower drives who are incapable of super ceding/transcending ? consciousness. They cannot identify with the other as self or in terms of similarity to their pursuit of the above. Thus life becomes to them a completely self-oriented endeavor where the other vis-à-vis themselves enables them to posit themselves/stroke their ego through involvement with the other as a tool of self-assertion/positing a will to power and genuflection before the mirror of their vanity. Their life of desperate struggle precludes transcendence of the lower ego as the lower ego is the realm in which one languishes as his home, a battleground and theatre of war in which – relative to higher states of consciousness – he is but a poor player doomed to pyrrhic ? and the inevitable and unenviable death of the ‘unknown soldier’ amongst his legions of kindred martial spirits.

The ? are not transmitted towards mere expansive states, but projected outwardly toward the enemy and ultimately within to oneself as an enemy combatant of the ‘other’. Thus this combatant lives on scorched earth in his ‘war everlasting’ as his projected aggression is so much in the way of ? and arrows manufactured for the defeat of enemy aggression which friction are nothing but foes in the mind of the warrior whose existential ? conquest and naught else. ‘Peace of death and good will towards them’ would be the transmogrified catch phrase. The Christian is the flaming sword in the sense of lesser jihadist – a would-be victor in overcoming the other who fails to overcome the self and thus vanquishes victory ab initio.

Life as competition means life that is less than, not greater than life, life over life. It is rather life over death, a living death, as this is the ultimate goal = namely conquest, vanquishing of the other and is a failure of the warrior to recognize himself is the other (consciously and even in the act of ?) he thereby precipitates his own death. Thus he is the living death and is ‘being towards death’, which is his existential structure. The suit of armor with built-in design flaw chinks that serve to impale him on the thrust of the other’s otherness. ‘All are one’, they say, and one is one, but in failing to incorporate the All is the One he ceases to exist authentically (again even in the act of physical extinguishment of the physical other, the real combatant) and thus ceases to exist. Thereby, he meets the pronouncement of pilate in versus, namely: "I see the guilt in this man" and crucifies himself on the cross of his own creation. This is the evolution of social ? conflict with soul evolution. One can be a [? self-consciousness; top of page cut off] desert as contrasted with the sobriety of the cold Northern Hyperborea regions. Yet it is not environment alone which conditions the religious spirit and influences it along certain lines – as Egypt once proud beacon of Aryan culture prior to ? and inevitable decay – but biology which plays the leading role in religiosity as opposed to spirituality. Religion is veneration of external authority, a manifestation of a spiritually poor and weak constitution whereas the ? god of spiritual self-awareness (‘enlightenment’) is the child of a rugged constitution accustomed to the strife of the Hyperborean lands – as well as the placidity of Greece and the fertility of the Nile. This consciousness of the Aryan is manifested in his lack of religiosity, lack of need and dependency upon religious formation, external rites and ceremonies, powers of other dimensions than that latent within.

The Semitic mind fears and trembles before the aspect of his fear – humbles himself before a force greater than self, whereas the Aryan seeks to enfold within himself that same force, preserving his own self-respect and soul integrity through simply enhancing himself by proximate contact with the life source in a state of attunement – raising himself up through self-knowledge (gnothi seauton) of his own divinity. Not seeking to merge with the one in extremities (Ahmisa) but seeking to preserve his own individuality vis-à-vis this same one which he is. Unlike the Semite who would live in fear of the end and thus live for the moment in ecstasies of debauchery and vice-seeking as he does to squeeze every life-drop of blood from the material life that ? his existence; rather the Aryan knows he is external and thus has nothing but time – in fact he negates temporality itself through the self-understanding of his own eternity. Thus he attains transcendence in imminence, battling forth amidst the chaos of war everlasting.

Hero quest: A board game from the time when the ? and the mass of people reached for the stars as their eyes were not blinded by the false light of anti-natural ideals to the extent of a quest of feeble groping about in the mire of mud in which they have been pushed by their commissar masters. This board game presented different modalities of the psyche concretized different figures/characters represented as these hypertases of the self-wizards for the mind, warriors for the body, etc. All are manipulated on the game board which is the material would by the self who views it from above and from afar and yet incorporates in his consciousness their performances and essences, the way they emit their essence in ? and defeat. Through ? these heroic gamesmanship and being ? the games master he becomes a hero. Transformative power is his through developing and cultivating the real as of the ideal, he manifests his destiny through his gamesmanship and determines his freedom through the structures of the rules of the games, as above so below. This is a pedagogical tool of understanding the principle that freedom of the negative and in order to achieve certain effects certain acts must be undergone as they are causally correlated with one another. Translating other principle into reality the hero quest of life parts are of his ? as a being enmeshed in a nexus of relations and conditions through which he must conceive, develop and manifest his projects – his pathways of action are necessarily restricted in terms of time and space and every and he must pursue and avoid the corollary objectives which are both ? and conditioned of this ground of being into ? which his existence exists. Thus a hero or a ? or a tramp or a mage he is flung along a path in which every branch and stone restructures his project in an endless cycle of causality, a drop in the past of being whose dynamism reverberates and impinges on and through himself. He alone can make it so and he alone is made by I – at least to the extent of his conscious awareness of the other and his otherness and how the latter is yet another drop in the pool and so on for all beings in the existence.

Nevertheless ? as he posits himself as a self he is a hero and his quest is the quest for the unfoldment of his dharma/purpose. Life as role-playing game where the player himself is a transient ripple on the veil of maya yet maybe also a mote – perhaps a beam projecting through towards the starts and as a star. Contained within this notion is the distinction between Ahimsa and Kaivalya between the fleeting nature of becoming and the eternity of being.

An immersion in ? consciousness casts the player into his role in a state of blindness, an absence of awareness of the self and his selfhood. Transcending this chaotic ? of sensa through an indwelling a ? within and is projecting without is the self-creation of godhood and the attainment of eternity through mastery of the self.

? competitor – and a warrior – in a physical theatre of war – and ?, conquer but he must first conquer himself – within – without; and then can a victory be attained that is not pyrrhic. Dying in the arms of his vanquishing foe he spills his life’s blood upon the other and christens him his friend. This is the meaning of cannibalism and ritual sacrifice a la Aztecs and in real war time scenarios, scalps and the paraphernalia of the combatant becoming incorporated magically in the self, trophies and testaments of victor perhaps but not exclusively – a defacto incorporation of the other into the self and a transcendence thereby of the self as well as an ? thereof towards becoming the other, transcending duality through unity consciousness in the physical/spiritual – as above so below as with so without. Such is the meaning of vampirism and all competitors are also vampires as they seek through inappropriate means to appropriate the other’s essence into themselves but fail in the most fundamental respects through destroying the other in its otherness and themselves as a self through the inherent defeasibility/ in built destructiveness of their relationship. Thus they exist only through annihilating their own existence through destroying the other in his otherness. Thereby their project of competition is doomed from the start. Success comes from identifying the other in his otherness and respecting it as such. What does it mean to respect the other in his otherness? To posit him as an other qua other as he is in his essence. If, on a physical level, he must be destroyed as a threat to oneself therefore he must be and this constitutes a respect for that other through a respect for oneself through the preservation of oneself is his ?. This may entail the defeat of the other and it may not but it entails fundamentally preserving integrity even as one builds upon it through ego competition thus one strengthens himself and need not necessarily destroy the other to achieve this purpose. Such is the meaning of friendly competition where soul growth is facilitated through undergoing strife and competition without failing to acknowledge unity through this duality


Sociological topology: The space/place or ‘topos’ structures the identity of the social and determines behavior of given types through mediating their nature/essence through its essence creating an amalgam of identity. Hence, the phrase ‘blood & soil’ can never be separated into its constituent elements and topology determines typology (i.e. the characteristics of the group in ?). Country mice and city mice though both being mice are structured so to speak in a radically different way given their radically different environments, the one living in a relatively stimuli poor environment has senses fine-tuned to defeat the more subtle differences amongst ? given the drive of the biological entity, the ‘being’ is to defeat changes and threats in the environment to fulfill their biological tendencies/motivations. Thus, the country mouse will be more hyperaware than the city mouse, whose sewers have been dulled through a greater impingement of stimuli on the ‘mind’/consciousness, which renders them a poor operative in an environment unsuited to that level of mental dullness. Conversely in the opposite case where a hyperawareness renders the being (eg. mouse) dysfunctional in a stimulus rich environment as they cannot operate in it to the same degree of efficacy ? the rapidity of responses/? reflexes which a consciousness/’mind’ dulled through continual stimulation from without has developed. The country mouse is a bumpkin in the city but an adept sage, hunter, tracker in their home environment while the city mouse is a bumbler off the beaten track but a cutthroat killer in the mean streets of urbanity.

‘Eagles and pigeons’ is another analogy for the country and city dweller. Placing an eagle, whose senses are acutely developed and attuned to the slightest change in the external environment when viewed from above whereas if placed into the helter skelter of the urban environment he loses his navigation capability and can’t function, the ? of objectivity is reduced to that of subjectivity bombarded on all sides by a kaleidoscope of irrelevant and distracting scenes. Thus concentration is scattered and the eagle is impeded from fulfilling his purpose. The pigeon of sewers of the city wasteland when transplanted to the country is a poor player in the midst of the wilderness. The concentration of objects and ready access to parasitreal life of other beasts in the urban multitude being an absence the independent mind necessary to function in the environment renders the city dwelling pigeon ‘lost in the barrens’.

Hence the two great contrasts of personality, that of cutthroat Mafiosi from the ghettos of leaning multitudes to the noble adventures in the alpine mists and elysian fields – the one an animal made vicious through its life of perpetual war and strife in close quarter combat, the other a warrior of its own sort but whose war is that between the elements and himself as well as between himself and rivals. Perhaps the more vicious fighter and warrior is the ghetto churl, however and perhaps the more developmental environment is that of the ghetto ? to create a more cunning and devious being that would be the more suitable environment, to create a nobler being who manifests its destiny the natural environment would be a more suitable springboard to divinity. The purpose determines which constitutes the better option, if degeneracy then an urban life if evolution then a natural one. the human and all other biological entities can only evolve through themselves and the self, living under agitating and anti-natural conditions can only develop itself into a perverted form that is doomed to further degeneracy over time and the generative and ultimately to extinction. That being living in an environment sustainable of its biological structures evolves itself upwards toward higher forms and the natural environment ensures this progression through being itself an organically developed reality. Topology influences typology, space influences sociology ‘a sound mind in a sound body in a sound society in a sound environment’ – such is the creed of the creativity movement and as self-creators we would be wise to follow it through understanding what soundness means (being in a state of harmony with the natural order and our own nature) and to be in that state of resonance.

The leadership is reflected in the pool of the populous: when the monstrous face of tyranny displays itself, the pool reflects this, when a beautiful morning shines forth ?, to its light, this also is reflected by population pool. In a late society of decadent and chaos this condition is directly traceable to the heads of state who take on medusa-like properties. Typically this occurs under and ? which historically has been the Jewish form of priestly carte concentration of power – from the tetrarchs of Rome to the commissars of the Bolshevik regime. With no titular head who bears the burden of ultimate responsibility for the political decisions, corruption runs rampant in the leadership as no specific decision-maker can be held to account on hold himself forth as the agent of decision within to suffer the metaphysical or real slings and arrows the populous would aim at him should he tread too heavily on their toes.

Corruption is inherent in democracy as it is based on a lie, namely that of equality which is counter-nature and counter-factual. Since mendacity is inherently corrupt so to is a society resting on this unstable foundation. Given the cancer-like nature of parliamentarian democratic system, the leadership hides behind the façade of representation by population wearing the smiling mask of peace, tolerance and love while practicing covert war, bigotry and hate against any who threaten their power. Again this is the Jewish form of government, one of inherent dishonesty and exploitation and why democratic values facilitate their acquisition of power through exterminating through revolution or the polar vote the leadership of rival power blocks whose subjugation to them means totalitarian control and to the gullible mass whose minds they control though enslaving their ego with a sense of importance under the guise of the popular vote (‘power of the electorate’) it means the hand of justice and god smiting their bitterest foe the ‘1% or upper crust’; ‘fascists’; ‘capitalists’, etc. The target is established through creating a perverted and distorted portrait of the intended enemy, in most cases a benevolent protector of the masses not without fault, and blaming them for all the chaos the Jewish infiltrates and their hired ? cause through funding or theft from the public purse of gold or resources, through foreign invasion, instigate by Jews, etc. Scapegoating is the standard technique of casting down idols the Jews would rather have replaced with their own variety such as the "rights of man", etc. or a dear leader puppet such as Castro or Mao who will serve as their useful puppet and discarded when no longer of value to them.

In a society of corruption such as this ‘western’/Jewish demon-ocracy the populous lives its lives without standards or regard for truth or equal worth and measures. All sense of fairness is distorted to serve the ends of all but the host populous of whites and justice invented while fallaciously represented as an ? but leave the sword of Damocles positioned over their heads.

The strongman and his danger: toppling a regime that is well entrenched requires the necessary force to topple it and this necessary force – to be effective in accomplishing the goal to which it is directed – must be directed by an effective agent who gives it the direction and trajectory along which it can be transmitted to strike at the target. The danger involved in this strongman and following or joining him is that he may misdirect this force as an enemy infiltrator and operative towards yourself or in controversies to your ideals and purpose or he may do so through ineptitude or fundamental character flaws thereby making him an ineffective operator. This hero figure is thus the embodiment of risk and where thoroughly transparent is in proportionate to his opacity, suspicious. Allegiance given to such may precipitate one’s own death by jumping on the bandwagon of this hero leader and winding up in the enemy camp delivered to those who were apparently vehemently opposed by him. Pied pipers who came out of the woodwork without any background or established reputation through nexuses of relations themselves established as ‘friendlies’ are of the shadiest cast and therefore not to be trusted. The leader should be followed only to the extent of his reasonably trustworthy character and autobiography, his historical role and relations with others sufficiently reasonably trustworthy, edge of the same character, cut from the same cloth.

Once the effective strongman is identified, then allegiance may be given and the probability of conquering the opponent is then a matter or relative strengths and weaknesses of character amongst contending parties and ? and material conditions, the nitty and the gritty of tactics – the strategy being to destabilize and overthrow the regime. Hence, from the standpoint of practical advisement, a keen psychological understanding, an adamantine precision in detailed practical knowledge of the arts and sabotage, and mechanical know-how (power systems, electrical factories) is the only resource required beyond the self-supportive infrastructure that enables the operation to be carried out and to sustain itself in its ongoing metamorphoses (eg. ? retreat, vehicles, firearms, explosives materials, food, networks, etc.).

At this point in history to be an effective participant in the ? of a new regime, one must become a ‘domestic terrorist’/’revolutionary’, whichever term corresponds to one’s value system and from which perspective and by whom this category of persons is evaluated. Perhaps at this time the strongman merely serves as an archetype determining and impelling correspondent action derivative thereof before which the individual operator ? in modelling himself upon and simultaneously modelling and creating this archetype through his revolutionary/terroristic praxis, his acts and omissions. One must in short become who he is, become the strongman and heroically oppose the tyranny, which besets that which he appoints himself to defend. (End of page cut off)

The danger in microcosm of the strongman archetype is that one’s reach will exceed his grasp and that he will fall short of his hero quest and be laid waste by a force whose strength he underestimated through overestimating his own, thinking he was merely a sub-man. The ludicrous image of the emaciated teenager flexing in the mirror of his vanity. This best illustrates this failed project over before it began. Self-? here is key, an assessment of one’s own capacity based on cold reason, and comparison with that of others is necessary. One as devoid of bias as possible and the means towards this is to properly assess and understand oneself to a sufficient extent to overcome his bias – to view the glass and not simply the image beyond to thereby decipher the image in its exact proportions.

To sculpt and mold the self into this living archetype requires a possibility of such correspondence metaphysically as well as physically to bring spirit into matter so to speak, to structure the phenomenal of 3-D reality in accordance with the noumenal. Think big to be big and bigger to be bigger – across all necessary lines and in all necessary categories: mind, body, and spirit/will.

The requisite training should condition the mind to be unaffected by the transient strength of maya but should inculcate endurance and willpower as the bedrock upon which to erect the temple of the living god for the Ragnarok. Concentration and mediation exercises as well as telekinetic and clairvoyant – the usage of the plastic mediation of the astral light or magnetism should be this mental/noumenal foundation of all physical praxis. Mental influence and other so-called black magic or left-hand path techniques should be cultivated as this is the basis of all motivation and animate existence, namely the harnessing of the will for the cultivation of the will. This mind power translates itself into the more coarse modalities of existence in brawn and endurance and speed – the manifestations in varied forms of force through its being concentrated and directed consciously towards some particular action. ‘One-pointed concentration of attention’ is will which is the basis of all life and action. This is also the transcendent springboard above and yet not independent of the material plane which latter merely serves as the vehicle for its expression. The strongman has always at his disposal a strong will and a strong will makes a strongman. "Axes a no an arrow a goal." –Nietzsche- And the arrow is matter without ? no actions is the material plane manifest, the direction of the arrow and the force used in pulling the bowstring and releasing the arrow are all will.

Minds make people who perform actions, which build societies – that is also the means through which societies crumble, through decadence and overthrow through greater oppositional force.

How the savage races need a white life-preserver to avoid drowning in their own excrement: Colonialism was – and is – the gift of the white Santa Claus to the hordes of darks who – in typically greedy fashion as is the want of the savage – endlessly seeking to exploit the boundless altruism of the white man. The signs with their typical epithets of ‘racist’, ‘slaver’, ‘colonialist’ are living from the weary mele of the white superman who expends his last reserves of energy taking under the burden of the monkeys on his back. This is a means of attempting to guilt-trip him into providing even more largesse so that he can confer endless advantages. Such Utopian pipe dreams will inevitably explode into chaos when the already irritated and harangued superman has exceeded the limits of his tolerance of the greedy savage hordes. The morality of Christianity will evaporate once the resources of the earth and the relative comforts of the whites evaporate – then and only then (hopefully the latter will occur before the former which is more likely) will the real chaos begin as the whites refuse to further be milked to the point of bleeding. At such a cultivating/tipping point, the savage races will become acquainted with the fury of the Northman and will either recognize the hand that feeds them and cease to draw blood through their bites or else they will be beaten into submission by this hand as it closes into a fist and reconquers the unchained beasts of the field who had been let loose to romp out of the geniality of the whites mistakenly projecting their freedom achieved through the restraint of reason upon unreasoning mad dogs whose existence if it should be at all must be welded to an iron chain of rational control held by this same white fist. At such a point, dialectically, the white life-preserver that is the opulence of whites will be recognized and appreciated or the collar will be tightened, the rations restricted, and the chain pulled tauter reigning in the wayward strivings of reckless beasts as they disport amongst themselves at the heels of the master. When the rabid dogs break loose, they fight amongst themselves and/or attack the master who has no recourse but the stick – they must either heel or be put down.

This is necessitated either total RaHoWa or else total submission under a global neo-colonization, a white supremacism once all ? enemies are eliminated. ‘Join us or die’ will be the credo and a humble and happy amalgam of submissive brown barbaloots with their barbaloot suits bearing the emblem of white dominion will be the status quo. Once the oncelers (Jews) are put into their final resting place, the worlds iron chains will be smelted down into ploughshares for the barbeloots to till the bounteous verdure of Gaia, with their numbers kept within reasonable and manageable limits through eugenic breeding while the whites spend their lives cultivating the higher self. The limits properly deemed ‘reasonable’ will be those that feel the interstices of technology and the desirable labor of white endeavor. Thus, a new caste system of an archaeo-futurist nature will be developed. This will be the only future that will save a place for the barbeloots.

How to overcome the double speak of these rhetoricians and hypocrites who lay claim to the resources/territories cultivated by the whites is yet another stumbling block to throwing the monkey off the back of the white man, this Jewish con-game of reverse projection, table turning and vilification/name calling. The only solution is avoidance behaviors or direct confrontation the former in the form of superficial politeness perhaps tinged with sarcasm – the so-called ‘moral high ground’ – and the latter in the form of questioning the questioner to nullify the pretense of meaning in their fallacious hot air soap bubbles they pass through their lips – bursting the bubbles of false claims and hypocrisy such as that of Islam – a colonialist and supremacist totalitarian religion – to defending and advocating ‘human ? rights’ and the displacement of whites in vengeance for their colonialism, etc. Direct confrontation by means also of pointing out the slanderous nature of the claims of the other to the ‘moral high ground’ all within the paradigm of Christian/liberal ideology, something completed foreign to the non-moral (non-Christian/liberal) morality of non-whites and even their overt immorality of anti-natural black magick practices having its roots in the notorious greed of the savage whereby he will go to the lengths of sacrificing his own son in cannibal ritual sacrifice in order to acquire his vital energies appropriating them for himself I the consumption of the very flesh and blood which issued forth from his loins.

Under the tutelage of the white man, the ignoble savage discards his spear and grass skirt for the plough and work shirt whereby he to the extent of his capacity enables himself under the kindly benevolence of his benefactor. Of course this Rockwellian image of things portrays things in black and white monochrome – which is of course an adequate representation of both historical realities as well as biological fact – yet this is vilified in today’s neurosis of liberalismus vulgaris where the savage may don the garb of the slaver with the whites being stripped of their purple togas and cast into the pit under the liberal lash. So much for the lesson of history and misplaced altruism always follows the path of least resistance from the summit of the human kingdom to a shallow mass grave of societal decay and decadence. This lesson learned the outcome is that the whites must consciously curtail their altruistic propensities and confine them exclusively to themselves. If others must live and even benefit from dealing with whites they should be so only to the extent the whites benefit along sustainably developmental lines in terms of race and place, blood and soil, passive hygiene and environmentalism. To this extent and to this only is the olive branch preferred. Peace only under the rational control and aegis of white supremacism and dominion.


Is there a ‘humanity’: The notion of humanity as a whole has been touted by the propagandists of globalism/universalist imperialism (when it has suited them pragmatically) ? affirmed that it actually exists and is not a mere fiction, an instrument of their ? will to power. This itself underscores the fictive nature of this venerated sacred cow that serves as the basis of the credo modernitalies namely that "All men are [created] equal" – which ? is a creation of the cabal and serves as a tool as aforementioned for the reification of this fabulous fantasy into a Utopian reality ultimately leading to the destruction of the higher types of those spoken of as human, namely the Aryan. Destroying a better reality and replacing it with a desecrated sub-reality; leveling a city of Eden and substituting amidst the ruins, a city of Babel, of Sodom and Gomorrah, incubators of vice and barbarity.

The overt differences obtaining amongst the differing ‘species’ that have been – perhaps erroneously – subsumed under the umbrella term ‘humanity’ clearly evince the gap between types that creates this (in the mind of a rational man) confusion as to whether the term ‘humanity’ can be spoken with any seriousness let alone venerability in hushed tones of a quad religious sacral nature. This latter is the dogma of ‘humanism’ which affirms this questionable hypothesis of course without question and to the detriment as aforementioned of the higher type. If this perhaps overly bred label were to be adopted that would entail extremes in the spectrum of sub-species (black and white_ of such divergence as to be ludicrous thus rendering any ‘human dignity’ a hollow mockery of the secular humanist religiosity and its consequent leveling process.

Therefore, the term ‘human’ is insufficiently meaningful to merit usage is grounds for affirming any comparisons or contrasts between the extreme types which serve as its conceptual and factual limitations save as a means of eliminating the leveling process of Judeo-communism that is the modernist scourge of the present epoch. Thus through the endless affirmations of ‘humanity’ immediately is affirmed through its endless repetition the negation of ‘equality’ as having any value or being any standard at which to aim the prow of one’s ship (collectively the state), and golden kingdom of paradise but instead being a burnt out world of chaos instigated through so-called ‘integration’ of desperate types.

Integration of the extreme types and their radically diverse characteristic and attributes mentally leads to chaos and ? or to the defeat of the better type – but in all cases the supremacy of those most bent on collective orientation and concentration of power (such as the Jews today and the destruction of the white races). Inevitable chaos results through the attempt to homogenize the naturally heterogeneous as nature cannot be artificially perverted to preserve states that have not developed/evolved organically. Things will sort themselves out and as to ‘humanity’ it will fragment (End of page cut off)

This itself suggests the fallacy of the enigma of secular humanism, certainly in terms of ‘equality; not as certainly in terms of ‘humanity’, equal with respect to this standard however impoverished the latter may be. If the behavior of the whites can be called ‘human’ and it doesn’t correspond to that of non-whites whose animal-like behavior suggests a different species or at least subspecies bordering on a species alien altogether, than the non-whites would not necessarily merit this designation. The behavior of one (whites) is rational, orderly, circumspect and cognizant of consequences, antecedent conditions and acutely attuned to cause and effect relationships (causality) whereas that of the non-whites is emotional, reactive and lacking all long-term planning and rational self-control. This represents the divide between extremes, between the children of darkness and the children of light between good and evil relative to ‘human’ evolution and cosmic order. ‘As within so without.’ This fact manifests in the term of nation building (or lack thereof) amongst the diversity of ‘species’ or ‘sub-species’.

In the end, it is merely a question of nomenclature where there be admitted on the one hand of reality of ‘humanity’ with vast differences of ‘sub-species’ called ‘races’ or on the other this reality denied with merely a diversity of different species: black, white, yellow; red and hybrid types formed through their anti-national perverted unions. In either case, is the argument for the desirability of separation, if not outright war to the death and victory to the strong propounded. Clearly no order of any organic or natural sort can be woven from the disparate fabrics that constitute the variegated multitudes. Such a rainbow-colored garment bespeaks the false light of weifer, the failed soul whose elements cannot be coherently synchronized in an organic whole but who thrives on chaos alone and defeats himself through the lack of respect for the preservation of the kinds be they spoken of as ‘species’ or ‘subspecies’. The alternative is the correct assimilation of diverse kinds through establishing borders over which only those permitted entry by those on the other side permit. Thus corresponds with the so-called ‘right’ (natural ?) of free association which naturally emanates from the mind of diverse types who voluntarily pursue their own and avoid others. Insofar harmony is established upon earth without violating the autonomy of others.

However given, that this earthly paradise is a dynamic system, such harmony is doomed to erupt in conflagration between kinds thus leading to the triumph and supremacy of the strongest force. Only the strong survive in this world and the next – the weaker is always subjugated and assimilated cannibalistically and vampirically. Such is the law of nature qua Cosmos qua ‘God’.


Town, country…and city: Differences between being irreconcilable they ? based on land and its transformation by the residents who are themselves changed thereby the constitute three types of environment: the country, most natural and primitive of environments brings those coming to it from without (city or town) into a consciousness resonant with the organic environment and with time and its influence transforming the discordant into the harmonic creating an environment that is best suited to the advancement and prolongation of human life. To dwell within these conditions is to return to the cradle of humanity. However this – given the artificial world perpetually developing around populations – renders them maladroit in dealing with relations and facts that impinge from without and have insidiously wormed their way into the countryside via technological and cultural anti-nature, thus perverting the natural with its discordant resonance. Thus the country becomes impaled on the steel tentacles of the ? octopus whose head is the metropolitan prison which controls the functioning of its myriad limbs, which worm their way into nature poisoning it with their spoon and embedding themselves in its crust.

The town serves as an intermediary between nature and city having one foot in both and yet being neither, an ‘intermediary’ state between nature and anti-nature with sufficient individuality to preserve and support organic life, to enable populations to manifest their collective destiny without endure encumbrance yet leading them towards the goals via cultural and economic influence of the ruling power, at this time towards their own perdition in the shadow of metropolitan tyranny. Thus they are expanded beyond reasonable limits through the imposition of foreign populations while simultaneously having imposed an alien culture crafted by the media archons who design the new homo sovieticus of the Jew world order, an agreeable serf who cares little for anything but bread and circuses, not knowing who they are, their historical conditions or even the borders of the organic environment outside of the rose-colored glasses they are forced to wear by the pressure of social influence itself engineered from above. Once independent the box stores now replace those of the self-made man who established through creative willpower a business of his own (his qua self or family or race – all as an organically developed beings bound up with one another – with their severance of ties they severed from the vine of life and box store replaces corner store, a microcosm of the macrocosm). Thus the town is held in subjection to the city, pierced s it were to death on the tentacle of the octopus of the city, power being concentrated in its mastermind as aforementioned.

The city, behemoth monstrosity of modernity, hub of the wheel of the execution cart of nature and independence, ?its satraps as the sultanate centralized absolute of power, iron fist in bloody glove crushing all opposites to its tyranny. ‘Kill the king; kill the kingdom’ should be the rallying cry of all anti-anti-nature rebels all those who said ‘yes’ to life.

Sauron & Saruman Judeo-masonry: Bringing in the orc hordes from darkest Mordor these two heads mobilize their multitude of hands to devastate the shire, plows and swords cutting branches and heads, uprooting the flora and fauna and throwing them into a mass grave to be burnt together as a sacrifice of blood and soil.

The orcs gravitate towards material advantage having no care for the earthly order of nature or those beings living in sympathetic resonance therewith – slaughtering and burning down in effigy those testaments to a higher consciousness they themselves could never attain given their barbarity of mind operating purely on instinctive mode and the lower trinity of fight-flight-and fornicate.

These base brutes the Judeo-masonic cabal willingly exploits putting them in harness with carrots extended before them and sticks brandished behind intermittently flogging their insensate hides with the gnout. Bent on greed for gain they mow down the ancient trees with technological contrivances borne of the smelters of orthuns. Saruman has mind-controlled their animalistic lusting minds to rape, to lay waste to the centuries and millennia old countryside – pillaging villages and robbing the peasantry of their cherished heirlooms and birthright. These emissaries of evil emanate from the black land to defile all that remains good in the world.

The children of light have themselves been broken in spirit – called domesticated – by the overlordship of Mordor and ? through tariff and trade, through their own fallible greed for profit they disown family and place and race to partake of leisure and status growing fat on the blood of their ancestors. These same are the only hope for a tomorrow but have desecrated their own living space the point from which they must gird themselves for battle to prepare for the orc host. Thus they are already at a disadvantage as they encumber themselves with material goods weighing themselves down with golden fetters and simultaneously selling off the very ground upon which they stand.

However dull the consciousness of the black ride if nevertheless is acquainted with the arts of war and bloodlustful ? spurs it on towards the unwitting and naïve who see only the shire trees around them negligent of the ever-pressing legions at their gates, the forest which rings them round.

Sauron and Saruman gaze into pallantries of prophecy garrisoning an easy conquest. They however do not know the depths of the forest and its rigorous endurance through time. The orcs too see only the weak and near harmless foolish folk struggling amongst themselves over petty and myopic contention – but they know not the protective influence of the trees into whose midst they violently thrust themselves. An awakening of this timeless racial soul will soon alert those hardy folk of threats from without and motivate them to erupt in a counter-thrust of unstoppable fury.

Town and country…and city: These three topol (grk. ‘spaces) represent three irreconcilable and oppositional enclaves of human existence. They are distinct and have no graduation of being such that one merges into another and still remains that it is – placing box stores in towns is an attempt to globalize the local, to metropolitanize the parochial and thereby to blur the lines of distinction between otherwise organically distinct realms whose borders are delimited through their functions which are themselves derivative of organic relations between a specific natural environment and the population that has entered into it and/or is born into it. The two are reciprocally conditioning and conditioned, dialectically interwoven, where the population modifies its environment and is modified in turn thereby forming new organic bonds that qualify and determine the nature of the topos (grk. ‘space’).

Thus to introduce box stores into a town and to monopolize business thereby is to attempt to recreate an organically developed environment and subordinate it to an overarching schema of urbanization/globalization where standardization is imposed upon the organically developed diversity of natural life and perverted into a universalistic singularity of cultural vacuity ? from life. This as one example of the archontic order perverting the natural order for the subordinates of all natural life to artificial reconstruction along soviet lines.

Thus towns – if not within the crosshairs of archontic destruction – are marked for ‘collectivization’ along with these blueprints drafted by soviet social planners in mega city think tanks segregated from real life and imposed upon the population to the detriment of organic development. Artificially accelerating the development of populations for their own standardization as a product to be subjected to exchange based relations within the system of ‘socionomics’, aka scientific socialism of the ? variety, the only difference being preservation of an easily controllable market economy and thus slavery behind the mask of ‘free choice; between Pepsi and coca cola. Thereby through this ulterior motive of freedom the real freedom of self-determination is usurped and supplanted with centralized negative freedom, the complete limitation of choice. Work and earn money to choose Pepsi or coca cola – or die. Thus to live there is no choice as the greater might of the archons has subverted the right to self-determination of the populations formerly still independent of the metropolitan gulags. Every box store planted in the Garden of Eden is a Trojan horse pregnant with satanic legions, ready to disgorge its chaos upon the field of Elysium.

Heresy: Now and Then: What was previously heretical and revolutionary is not the norm. Therefore, modern heresy is anti-modernism, ie. traditionalism. The new inquisition is the politically correct liberal who enforces the bigoted dogma of ‘everything is permitted’ so long as it maximizes pleasure and minimizes pain for the greatest possible number [of elites clandestinely]. Heresy now conflicts in rediscovery of tradition which exist for a higher purpose than sensationalism and one thus firmly rooted in eternity. That which is transient, borne of chaos, (Leftism or Bolshevism or Luciferianism) is the inherent instability of a system of ideology which necessarily decays from within through its own design flaws and weaknesses which exist solely through deviation from tradition which is that into mystica of man and nature/? that overarches the developing consciousness of fallible man – the proven ‘straight and narrow’ path in opposition to the broad and ? of the left hand. Thus order rectifies chaos as chaos is simply a disturbance in the plastic mediator which elicits that response ordine geometrico. Thus modern heresy is an ordering of disorder through adherence to /attunement with the harmony of existence. Thus it flies in the face of the sacred cows of modernity: race mixing and sex perversions and the derail or proper relations between self, group and other. The dynamic motor force that is life, the struggle for and as existence necessitates preservation through maintain the organic being that differentiates those beings which create the dynamic tension through which their existence is assured.

The credo modernity’s: ie. ‘equality’ which elicits a pleasant sensation in the ignorant and indoctrinated proselytes of modernity is flaunted and violently if needs must be opposed and annihilated through counter-force, through ‘taking a stand’ through harboring inner strength and maintaining and enduring through the storm of the culture chaos. Standing firm against this onslaught of chaotic forces is a necessary condition of carrying forward the battle to the enemy and preserving the promethean flame against the downpour through igniting its divine spark with the tinder and friction of the gears of one’s energy body/spirit. From thence (inner being) the outer manifests socio-politically apropos the spiritual awakening. One becomes a heretic in a real sense by embracing God and eschewing dark forces rendering popular by neon lights and enticing siren calls of jungle drums I the dark of chaotic night. The light of day dawns and piercing the darkness illumines true wisdom. This is encapsulated in the phrase ‘living in accordance with nature’ - with whose nature, with what nature? – Gnothe Seuton is the answer. Not necessarily becoming Adam in an apple orchard, but embodying the Adamic seed and divine spirit within – radiating outwards.

The ? heretics of modernity who pursue doggedly its curse of penalties (End of page cut off)

Compus mertus: psychiatric criteria to determine what is called ‘mental competence’, and its definition. ‘Comprehension of reality based on causality’, having faculties of perception (5th senses) attuned to the objective structure of being, ‘that isness that is’, as well as being able to manifest this comprehension through the faculties through utilization of controllable behavioral responses to stimuli when such control can be established by impartial observers through tests of the functionality of the organs and their control through themselves (ie. autonomic nervous system response/reaction to stimuli, such as reflex responses, pupillary dilation or contraction in response to light, etc.). If the machine is working and operative and the machine operates ‘normally’ in relation to an environment – the person is assumed ‘normal’, ie. compus mentus and therefore liable to punishment given transgression of imposed rules and their correlative penalty – ‘ignerantiam non est’ – an excuse. Adductive reasoning serves as the basis of this judgment (‘psychiatric assessment’) whereby the observer (psychiatrist) is deemed impartial though this is obviously an absurdity and the question of compus mentus should be leveled at the observer. Of course the state of mental competence is based largely on the standards imposed by the society in which this notion is formulated and by the ruling elite who flesh out its skeleton. Reason rules the world and the real is the rational and the rational is the real – to the extent of bourgeois reality which is of course the standard of the ‘reasonable man’ – the be all and end all of a world governed by quantity and abstraction – emanating ex cathedra from the accounting house of merchant class quantitative reasoning. The fundamental principles, ie. ‘errors’ of the theories of ‘human nature’ underpin this evaluation of mentality, ie. the pleasure principle a totemic idol of veneration of homo economicus, balancing pleasure and pain in the homeostatic economy of Bourgeois conformism – work a period and have a ‘weekend off’, work a period of these periods and have a ‘vacation’, etc.

The individual differences existing organically are subordinated to this construct which is constructed by hidden hands for the purpose of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy and reifying the idea of universality of reason the fundamental principle of secular humanism, itself a fictional ideology as religious philosophy imposing its imperialism upon the disparate masses. Psychiatric assessment is the chain that binds potential dissidents and castrates those whose aggressive rebelliousness threatens the status quo through pharmaceutical/chemical/electrical/microwave/ physical restraint or even destruction be it gradual or immediate (lobotomies, executions, surgeries, destruction of proper physiological function via above means).

The standard of mental competence weighed down by the anchor of secular humanist limitation denies transcendence of basic drives and reasoning processes which conflict with it and would supersede their leveling function. As a consequence of ‘humanism’ which is itself a mere religious postulate and fictional conceptual having no relation to ? so assessed

(Top of page cut off) ignorance yet absurdly wish to live while willing to die through their own ? chaos. Wishing is not willing but impotence of willing, as the vehicle of will is causality and a ‘gnostic’ knowledge of its mechanism the means through which it is manifested. The wish for a life of unbridled pleasure to the point of exhaustion – and per absurdum beyond – is a wish never to be fulfilled. A stern will necessitates a crystalline lucidity of vision, an icy gaze to perceive the truth – and to ‘do with aversion what duty declares’ – however without aversion, without emotion but solely as an automation of reason operating once the edict from above has been issued. Thus the pleasure principle requires transcendence in order to arrive at truth which for many entails a taking of the hand from the cookie jar of pleasure maximization and pain minimization. Sometime one must grasp hot coals in place of cookies in order to transcend the lower states of consciousness to discover his own true nature and to understand the personality for what it is, namely a conglomeration of sense experience stitched together with the needle and thread of reason and imagination creating a tapestry of maya before which to prostrate oneself – gazing into the mirror of the lower ego. Galileo was a heretic because he denied dogma which violated natural law; the men of tradition is a heretic because he affirms it in the face of anti-natural dogmas of modernity. Heresy is supportive of truth when all dogma deviates therefrom and heresy deviates from the dogma. When heresy accords with dogma and dogma violates truth so too does heresy. Heresy in the face of dogma is a manifestation of the strength of will of the individual against the prevailing order (politically); the collective consciousness (socially) and against his worst judgment (when true); against his better judgment (when false).

A heretical consciousness is inherently masculine – it disagrees, opposes, combats and seeks to conquer the totem created before it as arrival – a duel ensues and the bloodlustful will of the heretic throws itself if needs be on the sword of the opponent – if only to rake at the eyes covered as they are perceived to be with scales of gold or strangle and break the neck with dying breath and draining life’s blood. The martyrdom of the heretic is the death act of conquering oppositional dogma. Only reason as guide strengthens the nettle of the sword of will poised to kill the dragon of dogma. Unreason unleashes a mad assassin whose efficacy in dispatching his opponent is subject more to the play of unconscious forces and situational factors that the other. Thus the lunatic of a heretic is necessarily ill-equipped for victory. The stronger the dogma, the harder the will and weapons of war must be to attain its defeat.

Utopian pipe dreams: quantitative reckoning entailing false axioms serves as the basis of a spread of globalist utopianism where all qualitative differences are negated through the leveling process of the false promises of ‘equality’ dogma. The sacred cow must be slaughtered and the impossible utopia relegated to the dust heap of conceptual blueprints hatched in the minds of foolish dreamers of indolent classes. If no counter-force of reason be had that of passion will supervene and this through riot and chaos of incompatible social forces – different races and classes existing in a struggle of constant tension for power and dominance. Inevitably this is a formula for totalitarian control and was planned that way from the beginning by the Jewish elite. The liberal pipe dreams evaporate in the ? of their hazy surrealism when the ? draughts of a more cunning reason blows through the hollow of their heads which undoubtedly will be the first to fall into the basket in the midst of a reign of terror-style revolution. Quality will then triumph but of an evil caste which may fall under its own weight subsequently and be replaced by the good caste, ie. Aryans. These events are almost inevitably to occur in whatever permutation and combination in the near future and the prudent course is survivalism at the most primitive level. Thus and thus only can a flea survive on the back of a mad dog – he must dig in and hold tight while drinking as much blood as he may without detection – or receive the rabid bite of his host. However unheroic the act of riding this beast appears, it is the only heroism available at this time. This of course doesn’t diminish its heroism. One must be an operator, focused on the goal and navigating a course towards this destination point – no doubt, no guilt, no shame or other suicidal emotionalisms can be admitted in one’s psychic armory. He must be adamant, a vessel suited to war everlasting, a battle ship vehicle of hardest material with sufficient speed and force to strike and avoid enemy assault. Pragmatism in the sense of means-end reasoning, an amorality not immorality when dealing with enemies; pure instrumental reason – the goal being sought to be achieved ‘by all means necessary’, the fourteen words carved from marble and plated with gold flashing in the sun of mind their meaning for eternity as nature’s imperative. "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

The utopian pipe dreams of the liberal dreamer will detonate as the pipe bombs they really are. In the aftermath of the conflagrate the fittest will survive. It is contingent upon the prudent to become fit for the society of tomorrow-today! As tomorrow/the future is now! and the wrath of the demigods (demons?) is upon the children of light. Fitness means holistic availability/adaptability for survival under prevailing/developing conditions: mind/body/spirit with all in balance developing and augmenting towards apotheosis as a living god. This god will be the scourge of the hellish world crafter by the opposition of sorcerer cabalists. With a bang not a whimper – if need be the world with us.

(Top of next page cut off) are pulled down to the level of savagery – or nearly so, to the level of bourgeois conformism and purely functional economic unity. Secular humanism is the foundation of both liberal democratic capitalism/quasi-socialism and Bolshevik communism, a reducio ad absurd to the lowest common denominator called ‘human’ and this precept elevated to the status of the absolute. The absolute ? and as a consequence – in the case of a natural law jurisprudence – de jure must be relativized from this lowly height/depth to form a new absolute – namely the superman which soars above the plebian masses overshadowing them in the darkest ignorance while itself partaking of the sun of mind. The standard of ‘compus mentus’ is adequate for the ? but not the priest class whose consciousness is as an eagle in relation to a frog. ‘Supercompus mentus’ would be the level of superhumanity, its base standard which entails to the extent compatible that other standard of mere ‘competence; and yet diverges from it expansively and as it were 4-dimensionally in relation to a 3-D materialistic beast consciousness the latter perhaps elevated only slightly from the level of the brute which itself displays signs of reasoning in an elementary form. Beast – man – superman is the evolutionary progression from depth to height.

The faculties of the superman would be something along the lines of clairvoyance/audience; psychokinesis, etc. The development of the mind at higher levels in the energy/subtle bodies thereby expanding power would be the condition of superhumanity. Perhaps someday the standard of ‘compus mentus’ will cease to exculpate one from legal punishment when the new standard entails the expansive faculties aforementioned and their concomitant influence on ‘humanity’ now ‘superhumanity’. This is progress in a real sense, in terms of objectivity, not the communistic ‘progress’ of social planner utopians who would reduce the current stock of humanity to stockyard animals – ‘sub-humanity’ to the jungle states of beast consciousness. The former is the evolutionary path; the latter the de-evolutionary; the former is eugenics; the latter malgenics; the former socialism in the sense of natural law the latter in inflection thereof. Progress or regress, up on the stairway to heaven or down the elevator shaft to hell.


Being and becoming in lived experience: Immersion in the veil of Maya with its socio-politico-economico-hedonic milieu is the chaos that leads away from objectively, from the realm of Being, of the eternal, the ‘forms’ of Plato, the ‘universals’ of the medieval, the ‘egregores’ of the occultists. the dynamism that exists as Maya, a rippling pool of actions and reactions of material density ‘visible’ to the 5-senses – existing within the realm of mundane perception – distracts from the fundamental basis and ground upon which it is based and with which it is interwoven as a lower rate of vibration expressing itself to the consciousness of man in this lower octave as well as to the animal kingdom and perhaps to the plant as well as the mineral. Transcendence is attained through a perception of perception thereby seeing the rose-colored glass for what they are. Through a separation from the ‘given’ via perceiving it qua given to the self – in other words to become aware of one’s specific type of awareness to understand through reason and intuition (especially the latter) the causal mechanisms of perception itself. This of course involves one in an endless cyclicism of condition and conditioned of mediation of the given via oneself as mediation even as one attempts to understand oneself in himself which entails understanding himself qua relative and absolute being. Absolutism is the absolutism of relativity things perpetually in a state of becoming. Thus being is becoming only qualified as a more static, self-sustaining being and this at different levels and in different respects, eg. the body of a person being subject to endless influence, processes of generation and corruption from the ultimate atomic level to the organic and systemic all an interplay of reciprocally conditioning and influential forces. The Being of the body derives its form from more – relatively – permanent forms in the ? (as is everything) which themselves are modified by their relations through their essence as ripples on the pool of being. Thus no one can peep behind the veil f May and attain godhood in the sense of merging with the ‘one’ save as a finite being united the lower self with the higher self, creating a telegraphic connection to the ‘one’. The effect of this is simply that ‘the self’ which one is thereby in an attunement with Kosmos and has attained perfection of themselves ‘as they are’ which process is a dynamic and unceasing one to the extent that one exists at all in that form which latter is again subject to – as a part of – ‘becoming’ or ‘maya’.

Thus to know oneself is to become a god through knowing one’s true self, ie. becoming acquainted with oneself in himself which implies the ensemble of relations which impinge upon one and thereby to posit himself as existing as a dynamic system governed by the organizing principle of God-consciousness. Thus one recognizes the connectivity of life mediated through the self as knower of the known – always from that finite perspective that is himself, that conscious being ? entangled with a more materially dense component of his being and its transient and finite mechanism of perception and faculties from the most (end of page cut off)

The children of light vs. the children of darkness: Adherents of order and adherents of disorder; those whose spiritual constitution is in resonance with Cosmos and those whose is conflictual therewith. Cosmos vs. chaos on the material plane manifested and embodied in legions of ‘like’ beings operating in accordance with their essence – ‘existing their essence; invariably and predictably such that no peace save through death can be brought upon the hearth. No Satan is transferred into a Christ through psycho-social mean of pseudo-sophisticated ‘conversations’ of the psychologists and social workers. Only death in the physical brings redemption to those beings bathed in the blood and gore of the sinner. Their death ? peace, their life the perpetual conflict leading to the ultimate end game of their own self-destruction as they live only to destroy – such is the nature of a child of darkness. Through a child of light lives in harmony with the sum total this necessitates their destruction of those being who are of darkness as to destroy destroyers is to negate the negation and to manifest true love is to recognize necessity – order – and thereby to subjugate disorder, if need be at the point of a sword. The flaming sword of Christ is not merely the inner light and utilization of willpower but is even that crude and cruel steel which strikes at the black heart of chaos and its earthly representatives children of darkness who could never tolerate the light of Cosmos to shine forth with its radiance upon the earth transforming the hell of technological artifice into the paradise of nature, harmony, and beauty, The earth ? and the destroyers of the good destroy themselves through striking at the pillars upon which they would erect their temples of gold. Samson and Lucifer would wrench the swords from the christed knights and slay them on the alter of their hubris but in the midst of the shaking the foundation of the temple they invoke the hand of Cosmos, falling upon their own swords through the influence of providence, going the holiest of holies with their bloated entrails and blood of infection vampirized from the victims of their sacrifice, brutal lust for power. Thus in the end chaos is annihilated through its own inner structure and ceases to wreak its havoc through existing in contravention of cosmic/natural law, of the order of the universe.

The disruption of this harmony conduces to greater self-knowledge by contrast through this acceleration of evolution comes at the prices of those causal agents who instigate this same chaos. All are sinners but it is the will towards chaos or order which determines guilt or innocence of punitive repercussions. The violators of the law impale themselves upon the very sword they would intend to subjugate their foe with. In creating strife they are put to order through annihilation. Thus the word to the wise is to ‘do no harm’ in the sense of least harm not no harm as to avoid harming he who harms is to grant permission to continue to harm – to cease to care about injury is itself to perpetrate an injury. Thus good and evil exist in the form of order and chaos and those who have allied themselves with either.

Ethnic cleansing: Eugenics or malgenics; separation or mongrelization; survival or extinction – these are the options that confront the white race at this epoch in history. Supremacy or extinction. In order to achieve the 14 words and the former trio of states/triadic condition, viz. ‘Eugenics – separation – survival’ the mind pollution must be flushed from the white masses’ mind overloaded as it has become with this conceptual detritus. The masses media beacon of ignorance and false light must be subverted and/or supplanted with the true light of objectivity enabling the mentally dulled to shine forth their latent brilliance amidst the ever encroaching dark age into which we careen. Exposure is the solution to expulsion where parasites are concerned and failure to expose is failure to expel. Shine the spotlight of truth upon the Jewish influence and this parasite will dry up like a leech starved of the life’s blood of its host.

Eugenics is the goal but its necessary - though not sufficient - condition is survival. Survival as a means towards this end is itself a sub-goal whose enabling condition is the possession of exclusive territory, ie. ‘separation’ from others. This is achieved through awakening the consciousness of people but only after enough chaos is created to dispel the myth of the mythmakers and fable fabricators in the masses’ media that ‘all are one’. Riots and race-related crime against whites awakens the dulled consciousness of whites as to the reality and its conflictual nature with the mediatized false reality they have come to intellectually understand as objective fact, or at least an idol before which they unthinkingly bow, that of ‘equality’ in spite of the obvious divergence from truth it entails and will always entail.

Perhaps a more well-trained cadre of elites will be the ultimate solution to the Jewish problem and the masses will simply be the ‘docile bodies’ they have been conditioned to be through Pavlovian techniques going along for whatever ride the driver of the ship of state takes them on. From thence, amidst the storm of conflagration between rival groups, will inevitable occur the separation of the wheat from the tares amongst those whites with somewhat of a healthy consciousness – the remainder will be burned up with the tares as having severed their ties to their roots of ancestry.

This process of winnowing out the worthless elements will only serve to strengthen the castes of remnants thereby facilitating and enabling the ultimate purpose and ongoing dynamic process of eugenics, motor of evolution towards higher states of being and consciousness.

Necessarily the ‘lord will sort them out’ for when the artificial, anti-natural system falls under its own weight then only the fittest will continue on and those overly sensitive souls who embrace the suicidal religion of Liberal-Christianity [universalism] will perish from the earth, through their own vice of undermining the value of their own kind and amplifying falsely that of the naturally inferior types. Separation thus is both means and end of eugenic development, both conditioned and condition, and mongrelization the inevitable abortion of nature. The end result of (End of page cut off)

(Top of page cut off) harbor within themselves an orderly constitution, are the light-bearers of the true, not the false, light and are thereby children of God (Cosmos). The error often made by those who aspire to this state borne as it is of their own ignorance is that to please others is the good whereas to simply do what accords with the greatest harmony (not necessarily for the greatest number but simply for the greatest) is what is good. Hence the multifarious examples of ‘do-gooders’ and ‘busy-bodies’ who poke their noses into the business of others and disturb the organic relations existent between beings otherwise in a state of harmony even if it be tribal war and colonialist imperialism. For not all are equal and giving to others who have no capacity to use or any will to develop these gifts is to waste resources and incubate cancer cells within the host body. Far from being harmonious this is in fact the converse and leads to sufficient chaos to precipitate order through the self and other destruction of those living weeds watered by the blood and brow sweat of superior types who themselves subjected to extreme mind control and black magic mental influence by the children of darkness, have brought about their own destruction or at least purgatory for their sins of watering the poison weeds in the garden of Eden. Thus many delicate flowers must be choked out by the burgeoning weeds before they choke themselves out. Such is the debt of karma the ‘do-gooder’ imposes upon them. Thereby they cease to exist in sympathetic resonance with the whole – the sum total – and fall into sin borne of their own ignorance, apathy, and weak will.

The true child of light must be a green thumb in the Garden of Eden, and those this thumb may be speckled with its own blood as it rips from the soil the choking weeds it nevertheless springs eternal and cultivates this earthly vale of tears into a paradise of refulgent glory.

What constitutes fitness: for a means to be a means it is so ? (cut off) which latter governs its meaning, determines it as a means. So too in the case of fitness, viability for life this goal (life/survival) is structured by the means to life, ie. a person in an environment. Adaptation is fitness, the suitability for life in a given environment, the means of the person being possessed to enable survival/life in that environment.

To function in the marble halls of palatial suites as a courtier requires an adaptability unsuited to the mountain man of the Alps – and vice versa. Neither has any moral superiority simply a matter of difference. Is the courtier superior to the mountaineer? With respect to his being a courtier can be the only answer. The courtier favors himself qua courtier, the mountaineer qua mountaineer and no comparison may be had save in relation to arbitrary standards imposed from without which bears no relationship to fitness to the end or purpose of either. The courtiers standards are his own and are held in contempt by the mountaineer and so too vice versa. However, much of a modicum of respect is passed between the two. The standard of the courtier is that of reason and intuitive comprehension of the subtleties of human interaction, their verbalization governed by tact and mores. Thus it is a higher standard – relative to these attributes and qualities. The standard of the mountaineer is that of rugged endurance, attunement with the elements and keen perception and knowledge of weather and seasonal changes, of animal behavior, etc. His standard is higher – in that environment. If relocated to the city he brings with him these faculties acutely developed in the countryside and may bring them to bear upon the situations of the urban environment which spring forth. Though his rough and unpolished behavior would undoubtedly lead to exclusion from the subtle innuendo and unctuous grace of the urbanite denizens with whom he may chance to encounter his heightened (End of page cut off) (Top of page cut off) tendencies as the manifestation of biology, of the breed. An autocracy of blood will – inevitably as a dictate of nature, a biological imperative – replace that of money and the green currency that flows through the convulsions of the brain will be replaced with that of the red currency of vital being and becoming.

To whatever extent society ceases to remain ‘society’ in the conventional sense and degrades to barbarism there will still be those who have the strength to soldier on and build a new order from the ashes of the old. Eugenics is evolution inherent in race and the seed planted within this furrow, which develops itself out of itself through itself and for itself. Malgenics is the infertile barren furrow in which the stones of the worthless are cast rendering the cultivation of the soil impossible as damaging to the machinery of the life cycle.

The winnowing out process that will inevitably ensue is the process of ethnic cleansing that is required to purge the waste matter from the host body. In a Darwinian vein this process is nature’s mode of maintain itself to facilitate evolution. Of course this exoterically but the exoteric dimension is ? in this ‘Nature’ [Cosmos] wherein beings ‘select’ certain behaviors and traits to facilitate their evolution as means to ends, since evolve they must the either ‘select’ the necessary condition of life or cease to live. To seek to maintain oneself as a self without development – generation or corruption – is an impossible dream or nightmare as the case may be as inertia is impossible amidst the dynamism of life and entropy is an iron maiden rite which one seals himself through failure to act/develop. New information is needed as the condition of knowledge and novel energies are required as a support of processes of growth and decay – growth of essential components conducive to life, decay of the inessential. Such it is on the cellular, atomic, systemic or societal levels of existence. Everything seeks to maintain itself in ceaseless struggle with that ? external to itself that seeks the same end. Thus ends are mutually compatible and ? in endlessly specific and general forms which are all modified by the varying strengths and weaknesses of oppositional and sympathetic forces, both in terms of resonance and as causal agents of states of affairs in a multiverse (being) which impinges upon the beings within and as it in infinite ways.

Thus ethnic cleansing is simply the upsurge of nature against those who do not pull their own weight atop a weaker force to be overcome by the stronger. At all times and in all ways the creed of Iron sounds its battle cry for the war everlasting. ‘All life is struggle’. (Top of page cut off) hearing aid amplifying its tempestuous noise. All senses are augmented and amplified and this renders the mountaineer inept in functioning in an environment attunement to the subtleties of which be a distraction from the narrow and intense focus necessary to function in that environment. Thus unless he be residing in that environment for a prolonged period and his keen peasant senses are dulled by the chaos he will never attain the coarseness of sensibility necessary to exist amidst the welter of sensationalism that bombards the senses. Thus he will not be fit and will fail to adapt to that ‘hyper’ environment in a peaceable mountain expanse is a welcome relief as the environment he is fitted to.

The courtier, when left stranded as a Robinson Crusoe, inept in fitness to function in a natural environment must sharpen his senses perhaps destroyed through enervation in city life or be the feast of the fauna and find himself fitted to nature as waste matter decaying in the ground as opposed to functioning within the natural surroundings as an adept mountain man. To be a mountain climber and climb that loft summit requires the sinews of iron a mountain man has developed and to attain this state one must have the base level capacity to endure the necessary hardships. These weakened beings from the urban sprawl of pestilential chaos called urban environments are seldom adapted to the hard struggle of the mountains. Those of the mountains are hard-pressed to polish their coarseness to the requisite extent to function in the city. However the difference lies in this and gives the laurel wreath to the victor: that one is more a matter of biology the other of artifice; one of genetics indelible and inseparable, the other of environment which most any can undergo.

Given the heightened sensibility of the country man he is in fact more suited and adapted to intellectual pursuits than the sense-dulled city man who can function well in an environment given his conditioning but the base lead he has to work with can’t but change into an alloyed gold and gem, whereas the country man attains pure gold through this alchemical process.


Racial typology: Ethos and Ethnos (top of page cut off) of data points. These types fall into a ? itself hierarchically structured: Negro, Mongol, Aryan – in ascending order of importance from depth to height. Important in terms of being a suitable vehicle of the soul immersed in the soil of materiality – the greatest faculties displayed by the pinnacle of this hierarchical pyramid of type, the least at the bottom with the most numerous in population and inversely piteous as that may be.

First in the hierarchy occupying the bottom rung is the negro, only slightly removed from the beast of the fields in its barbarity and carnality – perhaps exceeding the latter in its boundless excess and immersion in coarse materialism itself displayed through gaudy ornamentation and the kaleidoscope of colors that fascinates the basest of senses in a hodgepodge of irrational amalgamation, a veritable tumult of visual abomination. The rites and rituals of the ‘religion; (if such it may be called) of the negro give further testament to its baseness – pure lower egoist striving and personal enrichment to the extent of torture and cannibalism of its own family members to augment its own energy body through vampirism, etc., the consumption of living tissue; the most rudimentary form of magical thinking being the act of consumption of the desired object, sympathetic magic in its lowest vibration/octave.

The crafty negro though achieving no great degree of consciousness or mental ability that could remotely approximate the other groups manifests this egoist tendency through his mendacity, utter disregard whether his claims be true or false. In short he is a cunning liar whose notion of moral decency consists of personal profit to the exclusion of all other considerations for the welfare or interest of others. Add to this verbal mode of dishonesty the vice of theft borne of his own acquisitive greed (all lower egoist traits) and the crafty liar becomes a cunning thief whose suspected discovery is combatted through all manner of verbal legerdemain.

The childishness of the Negro manifests itself in behavior adequately circumscribed by the phrase ‘violence is the answer’ through which vehicle his selfish will seeks actualization. The veritable path of violence he carves out in his ill-thought out meanderings – especially gravitating towards the whites as an iron filing to a magnet – seeking to stake his selfish lust on the resources of the white man – gives soundest proof that his actions are little more than the reactions of a puppet on the strings of Maya’s veil before which he gapes in wonderment at the unintelligible ripples of sensation amidst the winds of time. The sheer multitude of his kind is the most concrete proof of his deviant lust and, though a ‘natural man’, is in reality a suicide as he exceeds his grasp in overpopulating his territory leading to his own starvation and inter-tribal warfare. Thus he is nature’s least favorite in the struggle for existence, least equipped save to utilize his sly temperament to extract resources from his betters, the only one of whom would permit a more comfortable life being the (bottom of page cut off)

(Top of page cut off) distinct types. Though in no way at the same level of the Aryan in terms of creative ability and intuitive understanding, he is the middle path between the extremes of type – the second-prize recipient in the racial Olympiad. His mundane and largely materialistic consciousness is oriented towards competition and accumulation of earthly goods, achieving an earthly despotism he would style a paradise but which is more of an ant hill prison of domesticity than a kingdom of heaven upon earth. His virtue is mediocrity, the status quo of the aura mediocritus amidst material comfort – conformism towards convention, prostration before the idol of contentment and ease and imposing with a subtle tyranny this standard upon all of his fellow ants in the ant hill. Thus communism is the perfect politico-religious philosophy of the oriental, a tribally based society with a despot at its head who issues commands as if he were the emperor of heaven amidst his yellow multitudes who slavishly bow to his dictates.

The image of the convenience store or laundry owner best caricatures the oriental type whose daily grind constitutes the rites and rituals of his utilitarian religiosity. The lack of motor force which characterizes the oriental relegates him to second place in the hierarchy of society, far beneath the Aryan and his heroic exertion. Languid and pacific he lives in a state of self-satisfied ease in between prolonged bouts of mediocre drudgery. His saving grace is that he outstrips the bronze-medaled (the Negro) by infinite stretches and serves as the reliable working class maintaining the order created by the Aryan. However, given his despotic nature (suitable for convenience stores and restaurant management) his infiltration into the political realm poses a danger of the usurpation of the Aryan’s pride of place as the zenith of humanity and recipient of the gold medal in the Olympiad. Thus to counter the despotism of the yellow man that of the Aryan must supervene and keep the former in check, content with its mediocre fate, else the world will plunge into the crude materiality of an oriental satrap with the daily routine being the only horizon of experience possessed by the ants in the ant hill who view the world from frog perspective and fail in comprehending the noble vision of the Aryan Eagle. To place a frog in an eagle’s nest simply makes the frog see the nest as the sum total of reality failing to perceive the peaks and valleys of the mountain. The Aryan man stands above all given his creative drive and depth of imagination that exceeds all of those who occupy the lower levels on the totem of the racial hierarchy.

A failed appreciation: Those who have failed to appreciate the ancestral culture that remains latent in their veins live a life divorced from their true self, in inauthenticity, adrift without bearings or purpose and thereby are not able to attain a higher consciousness or evolve themselves out of themselves. Evolution of the soul is stultified when knowledge thereof is an absence. Failing to appreciate that which constitutes the basis – through generations of ancestors – of one’s own genetic identity (a ‘living tradition’) necessarily relegates one to a life of ignorance and blind groping towards ill-defined and transient goals, living without a purpose in the midst of distractions which divert the attention necessary to appreciate one’s own being as a dynamic amalgam of generations, the roots of the tree from which nourishment is drawn. Though this failure of appreciation one stricken at the root of his own existence of a state of – perhaps blissful - ignorance in his failure to appreciate his place in the line of generations.

Sin expiation: contrast natural morality, that of survival and will to power, of preservation of oneself and the extended family into which one belongs, eg. race or tribe with the anti-natural morality of the morally defective or morally insane – at least relative to the morality of nature – at one point called Christianity, at another liberalism. The gulf between the two is inseparable: nature vs. anti-nature, and nature beyond 3-D material density as well, as at all levels and in all forms beings seek to preserve their own kind and to increase. The maxim ‘all life is struggle’ is the negation of ‘peace on earth and good will towards all’. The implied insanity of ? conditions as the extreme consequence of anti-nature morality is borne witness to in liberal-democratic and Christian neocratic societies which exhale the stale breath of the ? sepulchers from which they issue. All claims to life are merely the impossible assention of life under conditions of morbidity, of failure to manifest and/or muster the strength necessary for the bellum osmium ? – perhaps born of a will inherent in a feeble vehicle (body) itself a ? of a feeble etheric double and so on upwards to the weak points in the armor of god which fails to protect itself at this weak point of its defenses – against itself. And through penetration of its stronger forces at such a point at the expense of the defective who is sacrificed on the altar of the stronger force to strengthen the whole. Failure to sacrifice is a sin against god – failure to muster enough strength to fulfill the mandates of nature, Cosmos, god – call it what you will – is a development of weakness which leads to a destabilization of order necessitating a rectification resulting in the extermination of the weak link for the sake of the preservation of the whole, melted down and incorporated as an alloy into the links already forged. Sin expiation comes de natura in the form of excreting the waste matter of life through destruction and assimilation into higher forms which are necessarily stronger forms. To deliberately reduce one’s power at the expense of another without at the same time deriving ? perhaps a better means. Hence the apparent value of money and the apparent desirability of useless fashions and mind control devices which artfully mask the poisoned carver worm in the apple of desire – fecal matter, when made to appear as jam, catches flies without cost and thereby more efficiently enslave the fact of property tax and earning one’s keep when before the land was simply occupied and tilled in self-sufficient community defended by the sword is a prime example of the substitution of jam for fecal matter as an incentive to catch flies who then eagerly drone so as to occupy their cells which they have come to understand through mind control to be their own and the tangible marker of status they have been entrained to desire from birth. Nature dictates that the greater power will triumph over the lesser and power is simply greater force, more integral organization of compatible forces (made compatible through the strength necessary to integrate them). Thus all is fair in love and war and nature’s morality is the negation of the anti-natural, and would be warranted ‘non-moral’ in relation to the morality of anti-nature as its anti-thesis. To live against nature is to precipitate one’s death by degrees depending on conditions. Conflict between thought and objective reality, the conditions faced by one as he is not as he appears to himself or others to be, precipitates the chaos through which per causality order subjects the form to nature as nature to attempt to leap out of the chain of causality is to bruise one’s wrists and ankles o the manacles of leaden necessity – to do violence to oneself and live inauthentically.

Authentic life implies integrity – of self and its myriad modalities and in its myriad relations themselves constructive of identity. Living harmoniously, one manifests his destiny and increases in power, living against nature is inharmonic/discord, with nature is harmony. If the lion is to live at all it must as a lion not as a lamb and vice versa. The same principle holds in the human, mineral, vegetable and divine kingdoms also. To manifest one’s destiny as one it requires existing one’s essence and thus implies integrity. This also implies as a necessary condition self-understanding and understanding of the world in which one lives. This truth and ‘justice’ (judging things through reason as they are and not as one would have them be) are the modes of mind and body in evolutionary process towards the increase and unfoldment of the being who one is. Declawing the lion simply makes it a defective beast doomed to death. For a lion this is bad, for the zookeeper good, for business perhaps, and for the sheep a boon, if only for a generation before the death of its own kind is brought about through its own essence as a feeder and propagator.

The rod of god is the barrel of a gun: the power to coerce obedience through whatever intermediary means is always reduced to the implements of destruction or harm, of forces that move the other to a state of subjugation, ie. reducing the power of the other to a subordinate level. Persuasion merely masks coercion which underlies human motivation overcome only by the law of attraction wherein persuasion would be a greater force when manifested in the form. Persuasion to do that which one would over is subtle coercion and to pursue the desirable is simply revealing to the other an apparent good attainable only through the act of conceding power. The appearance of good is sufficient and may mask the poison inherent in the apple. The act of masking is effective when greater knowledge of the other’s mind and knowledge set is possessed; when their mind is unknown the probability of deception is reduced by circumstances and the astute judge brings to bear the requisite knowledge set applied to these circumstances inferring the unknown from the known. Thus the unknown is not concealed with whatever probability of error.

Deception is successful once the mind of the other is known and the thing to be concealed (end goal or subsidiary goal in a chain of causality) is concealed through red herrings and omission. Nevertheless the carrot, however green and poisoned, is sufficient means to motivate the mule to pull the cart though of receptivity (often given a lower level of consciousness of the being in question) to the desired object proffered necessitates the stick being brought to bear. Desire and aversion are the two handles, the two horns by which the bull may be grasped and led to the slaughter if such be the goal of the rancher/bull fighter. Justice in the world of reason and the lower ego is simply power and might being right the will of the strong vanquishes or enslaves the weak. Given that all beings seek power and to increase their personal power and that of those related to them on a proportional basis the further the other is from one in instances of relation ? the less power they would seek to accrue by their own efforts and have redound upon the other and vice versa. Victory and defeat are a matter of relative strengths and weaknesses specific and quantitative/qualitative – strength of character and will - can be superseded by strength of barriers and numbers when the situation is not a matter of character or will alone. David with the slingshot may have the skill and the will to subdue Goliath but with the armor of god Goliath withstands the slings and arrows of the lowly plebeian and finds himself uncontested in his hegemony over a land of milk and honey, though the latter be mixed with blood. The right of a higher morality at this level and in this plane of existence applies only amongst those willing to forsake their mortal coil; those bound within its iron embrace must adopt the law of iron and blood, deviation from which portends the unwanted flight from the material plane which is their every desire.


Reason vs. passion: perhaps a life of pure reason would be superior to that of an impassioned life wherein nothing but emotional states and a rudimentary reasoning faculty existed, the latter simply as a mechanical motor for the attainment of the former? Perhaps a complete detachment from emotion and a pure mechanical life of rational automation – pure intellection – would be preferable. Reason dealing with causality and means to ends with itself posited as end? Obviously this would be an absurdity even if from a purely logical standpoint as rationality has as its end knowledge which is only aimed at and supported through process of reason but is not reason itself. Knowledge/mind and mentation in this sense is barren without the emotional/sensational component inextricably bound up therewith.

Knowledge is incorporation of sense experience into the mind which is rationally arranged and processed to amount to acceptance of the given of experience – mediated through this means – called truth, the purpose of which is the ground upon which decisions are made and actions based for the purpose of the attainment of non-rational purposes even if through reason (and desirably so). The goal posited rationally is that consistent with the furtherance of the evolution of the being positing this goal which is not reason but that which augments strength and develops the being in its will to power limited only by the sum total of all oppositional forces which impinge thereon and which guide and influence its evolution. Thus reason and passion are mutually self-supportive not as means in relation to ends but as divergent and complementary facultative expressions of their bearer/creator. Divergent insofar as they entail modes of existence (in ?) which posit them as oppositional forces – one motivating one to act the other to forebear from action, one directing the other acting without deliberation in accordance with a mental blueprint or construct; one reactive and immediate the other reflective and mediated.

Simply different faculties finding their localization in different regions of the brain and whatever are of the subtle bodies, the occult anatomy of greater vibrational dimensions. Thus the old dichotomy of reason and passion is true only in terms of degree of activation of those faculties which are not oppositional completely but only in quanta based upon their qualitative nature which is the existence/manifestation of their expense which is divergent analogously to the distribution of blood in the body. Working both oppositional and complementarily these two faculties are two only in the pragmatic sense of human understanding, conventional conceptualizations which serve the ends posited by reason but are themselves imagined objects which at best poorly approximate the multi-dimensional reality ignored both by the abstractions of philosophy qua concepts and those of science qua materialistically based concepts. Both see though only a miniscule window into reality which exceeds both severally and ?.


Allopathic genocide = eugenics via cacogenics: Negation of the negation – doesn’t affirm the affirmative in consequence? To clear away the waste material of a diseased body is to bring it into a state of health through this negative process. With room to develop itself – in a literal sense of ‘room’-space-being made through purgation of waste, the body is enabled to recuperate from the disease and homeostatic rectify itself. This alchemical process of negation as a basis for affirmation is perhaps the nature of allopathic medicine as applied to ‘socionics’ the new term for eugenics and social engineering.

As applied to the body itself this alchemy works in emergency cases wherein the degree of waste contamination has reached the tipping point and beyond of self-rectification alone. Herein allopathic treatment is valid. When tumors have exceeded the body’s own restorative ability the cutting, burning and poisoning techniques are valuable tools in both the doctors and social engineers bag of tricks. The outcome will be more benevolent than malevolent – assuming it is desired that the patient be allowed and desired to live. If not festering the charge of the doctor’s tender loving care would be a social evil and herein – perhaps – doctors and social engineers are working at cross purposes. Should it be decided by the doctor that beneficial treatment (not theoretically alone but defacto) be given and the patient be a juke instead of a Jefferson the social planner would look upon the doctor as more of a criminal than that an upright pillar of the community. In practice and behind the façade of benevolent the gears of cold reason turn and the utilitarian calculus of gain and loss, cost and benefit is worked upon the abacus of social engineering hand in glove between doctors, themselves social engineers, and social engineers themselves doctors of the body politic. Thus in this degenerate age brought about deliberately and with malice – or at the very least ill-intent however noble the motive aforethought is the architecture of waste disposal that the allopathic medical system serves as the facilitator of a system apparently benevolent to the individual and actually to the host body in many respects and when properly applied in all respects under a regime controlled by the proper benevolent social architects of society.

Thus in this instance cacogenics begets eugenics whereas in the misguided attempts of indiscriminate charity and humanitarianism intended eugenics gives birth to the abortion of cacogenics which latter must be aborted in the allopathic system in every sense: mind, body and spirit. Thus the system serves as a harvester of waste matter and clears the diseases of the host body away eugenically and cacogenically preparing the head of devolved humanity for the transmutation into the god of superhumanity by way of the hammer (?, education, training) and sickle (aborticide, famine, poison) or social architecture. Herein lies the redemption of allopathy.

Moths to the flame: The false light attracts the ? and the unprepared, enticing them with its mesmeric glow, distorting their proper perception and leading them to their death through consumption in the flames which held their feeble will captive. Such is the technology of the social planners as they light their fires to attract the moths of the populous who are then led down the road to perdition - enticement as a means of entrapment. The image of the beast projects its false light into their consciousness distorting their understanding of reality and supplanting it with a virtual surrealism, a mayic veil through which real life is occulted. Illusion is the screen behind which the wizards of Zion hide and plot their evil ? in the cloth of good – rainbow fabrics of divergent many colors which appear at one point under one set of conditions as one thing, at another - another, always refracting reality through its discord of vibrations – not a harmonious mono – but a polychrome chimerical reality.

The plenitude of the colors forbids identification and thus camouflaged, they, behind their concealing robes, may play the role appropriate for the fulfillment of their purposes. The garments of deception being woven of many colored thread serve to reveal the false or simulated image and conceal the true. Distortion of sensory reality is the key with which the gates of perception are looked and bar entry of the earnest seeker after truth. Such cloth has always been the stock and trade of Jewish merchants who are the arch chameleons, like their father, the Devil, trafficking in the contraband of lies and half-truths which are their weapons of war.

The idiot phone and the Talmud-vision have been the greatest tools of deception since the theatre and press which gave way popularity through its greater efficacy of mind control via its pervasiveness and cost-effectiveness, its more hypnotic character through its flicker rate and the broadcasting of fictional and exaggerative sensory amalgams of sound, vision, and even vibration which are the modes of manifestation of this false light. The extrapolation and logical extension of these technologies is the internet of things where the objective reality is further subjected to virtualization for the purpose of distortion and substitution of reality with fantasy for the purpose of these black magicians of creating a new reality by dissolving the old through their technological artifice. Thus true believers in lies convert those lies into social and metaphysical fact, wearing through their conscious processes and concomitant acts and omissions, a new world order where their place is in the pits and gulags with ever-decreasing freedom of thought and action harnessed to the electromagnetic and virtual chains which manipulate their movements through the subtle causality of occult forces the effective basis of which is ignorance, though not that alone but the impingement of these forces upon the docile bodies of the hypnotized, those rendered mentally lethargic through gazing into the false light and physically debilitated through this and more coarse processes such as chemtrails, GMOs, radiation, chemicals, etc. Thus as moths to the flame the hapless (bottom of page cut off)

Doomed races: Given the obvious trajectory of society, trending towards a technocratic society of super-advanced beings necessarily accoutered with the faculties correspondent with this level of advancement (rational, mental, moral and creative) it follows from these premises that only certain of the races of this terrestrial globe – should it be left standing – would be permitted to continue to populate it with their kind, to be the recipient of the noble born of survivability within the framework of a socially engineered sustainability. Clearly a brief analysis of the characteristics of the races determines suitability and unsuitability, ie, who is to live (wentes leben) and who shall die (unwentes leben).

The Aryan being the creative genius and consciously superior being endowed with the lion’s share of empathy and other – regarding altruism would clearly be at the forefront of such a civilization should the conflagration necessary to bring it about fulfill its purpose and not reduce society to a decayed and devolved one. It would clearly constitute the leadership as the motive force by which such a technocracy would be maintained and established. The Mongol of course, given the aptitude for imitation possessed by his kind would nicely fill in the cracks of the architecture if the society would incorporate compliant subordinates of other racial stock. Thus they also are fit. The negro and brown races (excluding of course the half-Aryan Indians and some of the more hybridized Arabs) would almost certainly fail to adapt to the necessary extent as too mentally enfeebled and defective, governed as they are by the basic instincts and reactive mind. These latter categories would constitute (and even should such a technocratic society fail of realization still would almost certainly constitute) the damned and doomed races whose worthiness of life would be nullified through their being too great a problem, a weak link in the chain of ancestry assuming this society were modeled to incorporate a mixed group instead of a mono-ethnic population.

Given that such a motley assortment would be as thorns in the sides or weevils in the biscuit they would almost certainly be destroyed. Their only redeeming function would be to be relegated to the tasks of beasts of the fields, the so-called ‘dog work’ or perhaps to be spliced with beasts or technological apparatus or used for human experimentation. However undesirable such a fate would be in the minds of the emotionally inclined masses the inexorable logic of nature and its necessity would be the separation of the wheat from the chaff for the achievement of the purposes necessitating a certain kind of fitness, which is both specific and artificial. It being artificial conflicts with nature and fitness thereto would almost inevitably occur bringing about need to adapt to these changes, etc. Given the adaptability of the whites they would – in spite of numbers – almost certainly become victorious so far as their excessive egotism and internal contentiousness could be diminished through conscious adherence to the principles of this hypothetical society. Even if such a super-advanced society did not obtain even in savage barbarity the whites would win out as they have throughout history.


Shelob: ? caricature of women perhaps or female psychology, perhaps also the dark side of the sacred feminine. Regardless of what dimension this character effects (perhaps all) it is an apt characterization of all three which of course are all one in different dimensions. The ancient and eternal presence of this spider – this creature who lives in the darkness and is the bearer of occult knowledge undiminished in its brilliance by the false light of the 5 senses, is receptive not projective; is hidden, concealed in a lair of its making which it controls and to which ingress and egress in restricted by its choice and decision unless penetrated with force – which itself initiates a reaction of she who is possessed of the greater advantage by virtue of her acquaintance with the darkness which they would invade her lair or to bypass it to the exit are unacquainted with through their reliance upon the 5 sense reality they have been conditioned to immerse themselves in. The cunning and artful traps laid for those who are sought only for their life’s blood (vital essence) are further manifestations of her feminine nature turned towards the furtherance of her survival and increase of power ruthlessly and at the expense of her captives. Operating in the instinctive mind oriented towards the acquisition of power upon which she insatiably feeds, all invitees drawn by her animal magnetism find themselves relinquishing their willpower and allowing themselves to be anesthetized by her subtle poison. Hypnotizes thusly they lose their faculty of reason and are subdued as opponents converted into doting self-sacrificers who live merely to serve as energetic batteries conferring the life force upon the insatiable Shelob. Her artifices consist in weaving webs and carving out labyrinthine passageways in the subterranean regions of ‘middle earth’/midgarth/earth/material plane and waiting receptively for more. Such is the modus vivendi of the female and her behavior orients itself around and derives itself from these instinctive drives which are eternal to the extent she is eternal.

No speech is had between her and her captors as her communication is of a more rudimentary nature having no need of refinement as so much in the way of superfluity relative to her goals. Simple enticement and hypnotism from which all else follows as a vampiric process of invagination, the absorption of energy from the mindless subject who has automatically given over his will to his host as the ultimate sacrifice of his being. In order to receive he must give, unless he might stealthily through reason penetrate into her lair and impale her with the glowing ‘sting’ sword that represents his higher consciousness overcoming the baser instinctive drives. If he does not want the presumed object of desire - ie. has overcome desire through reason – he is not spellbound by her hypnotic magnetism as this holds no fascination for him. Thus, though Shelob is eternal she may be overcome given sufficient willpower.


Bodybuilding = narcissistic ?: The founders of this aberration of nature are the inevitable Jews who have yet again created a phenomenon, the basis and motivation of which – though secret – is the defilement of the gentiles and especially their physical culture which was a eugenics technology of the self and a boon to society. This is another instance of normative inversion wherein nature is perverted into anti-nature in a Luciferic manner with the end result of doing harm to those they wish to reduce or eliminate in power and existence. Gazing into the mirror of narcissistic vanity instead of developing real strength and speed towards goals that run against the plans of the cabal, thereby reducing its power and control over the resources of the earth. Thus in self-obsessive egotism the other of society and one’s extended self – race – is neglected and thereby the watchmen on the wall in dereliction of duty pursue their own selfish worship making false idols of their own finite existence in place of playing their natural role as a protector/defender against threats external to the group.

This was the Trojan horse method the Jews used to bring an army into garrison – another appearance to mask the sinister takeover behind that of health and beauty with these formerly natural standards twisted and distorted into perversions of their former selves, where strength becomes apparent strength based upon size and natural proportions become a caricature of the natural frame of the male archetype. The furtherance and spread of this apparent masculinization but in reality e-masculinization through the feminization of the masculine by subordinating the power of the man into a fetish object and vanity mirror – its spread into the realm of the feminine enabled the introduction of masculinization in the realm of the feminine. This in tandem with feminism facilitated the inversion of sexual roles masculinizing the female and androgenizing and ? the sexes so that confusion is introduced leading to the reduction in the formation of normal relations and the decline of the birth rate thus granting more power to the Jews. The traditional role of the female as nurturer is thereby misdirected towards vanity and nurture of the self a deviation from the natural towards the unnatural world, just as the men are distracted from their natural roles as protectors and towards the protection of their ‘image’ or the realization of their idealized self-modeled falsely and materialistically on the archetypes put forth in bodybuilding magazines and professional athletes themselves embodiments of the archetype of vanity.

Bodybuilding functioned as the thin end of the wedge used to strike against the roots of the tree of the white race. It was designed as a cultural weapon to subvert that blossoming culture which was beginning to flower after the long night of Christ-insanity mind poison and the weeds of anti-nature were planted into this Garden of Eden transforming it into a veritable hell on earth. In addition to this the excesses of bodybuilding as a lifestyle are projected on the victim who receives the blame as the scapegoat upon who is placed the sins of the Jewish villains who have created this lifestyle archetype in the first place and imposed it upon these whose destruction they sought, as ere of the many subtle strategies of genocide they celebrate their dark rituals (bottom of page cut off).

Die at the right time: Seneca’s advice – why linger in this world of strife and chaos when the mission is accomplished and no other or better exists? At such a time it is time to say goodbye to life as all that was necessary to do has been done or rendered impossible of attainment. Thus the Dharma/purpose of life is subverted through internal or external factors or both. The difficulty of understanding which time is appropriate at which to make an exit from the stage of life is bound up with the problematic nature of self-understanding which is its basis and solution. If one doesn’t understand himself he can’t understand what purpose he has as a self and when it is fulfilled and whether there exists other purpose or purposes to necessitate his presence in the flesh.

To exceed, as Seneca said, the limits of life, to linger on the earth incarnate is a show of bad manners, an insult to the self and eo ipso to God as his purposes are perverted through the insistence in remaining where one no longer needs to be or is needed to be. This amounts to a transgression of the Divine, an attempt – impossible – to throw a monkey wrench into the divine machinery in hopes of gratifying the lower ego and immersing oneself in deviant projects contrary to his will to providence.


Knowing oneself through reflection and contemplation, from thence and to thence, is knowing and reflecting upon the surroundings that encompass one. Through this means a self-knowledge is attained and the mission allotted oneself in life.

The miser on his deathbed raking over the accounts to quench his insatiable thirst for power, for that one last act or control over others, is the very image of the refusal to answer the tolling knell of Kronos, the croaking of the raven and to offer oneself up to the buzzards in the fields to serve their purposes and thereby the Divine. Life support systems which needlessly augment the vain pleasure pursuit of the foolish; the artificial hearts and surgeries which amplify for another fleeting moment the interminable lust of lecher and debased curs, crawling in the gutters of the red light district to imbibe the putrescent perfume of stale alcohol and excreta, titillating their palates with the liquid poisons and dimities of the flop houses – such means – anti-natural and against the supreme command of nature that only the fit are permitted survival – are another testament to the violation of one’s mission on earth – having violated nature to the point and threshold of death – but being wrenched back through technological contrivance into the promise land of milk and honey – and yet substituting for this same milk and honey that of the fleshpots of Egypt only to be brought again back to the threshold only closer and closer by inches unto death and irretrievable purgatory.

Thus one must learn the self-discipline necessary to transform oneself into a man of iron will to avoid the siren calls of desire which thwart one from the path towards the absolute. The seven deadly sins and their contraries must be emblazoned on one’s conscious mind not carved out in the habitual grooves the wayward tread along their path to perdition.


Doper: Claims made of heightened spirituality, of breaking the mold of the human condition, dissolving the auric envelope which imprisons one in matter and the lower consciousness. All such claims clearly are baseless as the development of the mind isn’t reliant on quick fixes or external stimulants whose coarse matter simply deteriorates the more subtle energies which it also has this effect on the crystallized energy that is the material body. The particles of burning material which are called ‘smoke’ simply embed themselves in the tissues and irritate them being mucogenic as well as carcinogenic through depletion of the tissues and cells of oxygen. Since it is oxygen which clears the tissues and enables the purification of the material vehicle it is this gas which facilitates the development of higher consciousness through elimination of waste material (burning it up) and the improvement of cellular function. The purification of the material vehicle spiritualizes it and develops the more subtle bodies and their correlative faculties as well as strengthening their relationship to the material body making of the latter a more useable vehicle as a springboard to the divine.

The above claims to spirituality by the false claimant dopers are a result more of brain damage and internal pollution creating a mental lethargy mistaken for a broadening of consciousness. Such a diminution of thought power can only bode ill for the aspirant towards godhood; no god but a demon would debase themselves out of auspicious claim to attaining broad mindedness which is merely a cover for their own hedonism and lethargy, their lack of willpower and reliance on external crutches to prop up their weakened constitution further leading it onto a downward spiraling effect into imbecility. Thus the doper is properly spoken of as a ‘dope’ – hence the origin of the name thus lending proof of its causal relationship – that dopers are inevitably dopes though one need not be a dope in order to be a doper, at least initially; however one will become one given sufficient doping. Man is the sum total of his acts and names are given to things which are conveyed by their descriptive meaning content – a doper by any other name with will so weak becomes who they are: a dope.

Drunkard: The claims of the drunkard mirror those of the doper in that alcohol is asserted to be a relaxant which helps to calm the nerves, etc. The reality of course is that consciousness is simply deadened and the nerve tissue destroyed through enervation via the poison that is alcohol which corrodes at a material and ethereal level all cells and tissues of the bodies both coarse and finer varieties (material and etheric bodies, etc.)

The drunkard claims to be merely availing himself of the social lubricant that increases his ready wit and enables him to more appealingly express his otherwise repressive mind and its inhibitions. It is liberal liquor which releases the charming inner personality from the chains of social restriction and prohibition. The reality of course is that far from the charming prince of society the monster of the bottomless barrel is released to wreak havoc upon those of finer sensibilities and greater strength of will. Inhibition is laid aside and what to the drunkard appears to be a gregarious and pleasant personality is revealed in its true light as the (cut off top of page) who lurks within the closet of the shadow self, finally unleashed unto the world of society unfettered of its former restraints.

The charm of the uninhibited is inversely proportionate to the decency of the person which is inversely proportionate to the degree of habitual drunkenness. Thus the claim that not all drunks are evil is a myth as drunkenness itself is an evil and those habituated to this state have not developed a sufficiently strong will to put down the bottle and expiate their sins for the degradation of their person both socially and in every other form (spiritually, physically, etc.). The false association between freedom from inhibition and restraint and the Good is best seen in the case of the drunkard who is inherently criminal as violating the harmony of existence and is thus a transgressor of the kingdom of god/nature both against himself as himself and as a member of society as well as the members of society and society itself – in the former case a self-destroyer as above mentioned, in the second in terms of reputation in the third as a bad influence and in the latter as a stroke against the root of the genetic tree, as in the first and second cases. His only redeeming value is to be upheld as an example of vice and castigated on this basis, to be displayed in the stocks and seen in his true light as a corruptor of youth, etc. Of course counseling and rectification is important also but the deeper seeded the vice the less productive such redemption would be in terms of social economics and resource distribution or even the energetic economy of a spouse or family unit, etc.

As with the doper the subtle bodies are destroyed so the claims bade by many drunkards that the inhabitation of spirits renders them more spiritual are obvious falsehoods given the consequences which inevitably arise. The social cacogenticist understands the malignancy of alcohol in genetic damage and create the appearance of this false association between self-pollution on the one hand and social validation and approbation on the other. Through use of media mind control their chattels (animate tools, ‘goyim’) flock like moths to the flame to partake of the ‘succulent poisons’ the protocols of Zion spoke of – and burn up their life force in a holocaust of slow death, to the profit of their controllers both monetarily and protocol-wise, facilitating the agenda of societal degradation and leveling to the lowest common denominator of Bolshevized slaves.

The societal evils wrought by the drunkard in terms of crime, violence, abuse, unproductivity, dysfunctionality of the family unit, etc. are legion and popping of a cap on a liquor bottle is the opening of Pandora’s box of vice. The streets run with the noxious effluent of the alcoholic whose copious imbibition result in the physiological emission of the pent up ? of poison brewing within his degrading form to flood Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood with the shower of fools’ gold the inebriate creates as an inversion of god-like creative will – instead satanic witless bestiality, a subversion of the will towards addiction and its discontents.

Thugs: In an age of Barbarism wherein the strongest alone survive the might of the strongest vanquishes the weakness of relatively weaker in proportion to their relative desires of strength. Strength across all lines determines the victor and the situation determines the form of strength necessary for victory – arming, subtlety, physical force, all are merely tools in the arsenal of the bellum omnium contra omnes. Things rule in a society in which the civility of manners is overturned by the club of iron, where the quality and quantity of the contestants establishes the conditions of the conflict in the arena of environment – in the case of numerical ?they may be of a low quality and yet be fittest to overcome those qualitatively superior in terms of mind and creative ingenuity but who are ill-suited to brute force; or those of great physical stamina and strength but simply overcome by the number of foes of smaller stature quick to fade in strength. This circumstance is what has plagued the whites throughout history and the noose by which they were hung: by myriads of savages who were impossible as a counterforce to their initial press. Given the advanced technology of today if it were not for the greater cunning and alien mindset apparently improperly understood by white populous and leadership of the Jews these multitudes of colored filth would have been wiped from the earth as so much fecal matter. However the mental pollution of Christinsanity and its later metamorphosis Libtardism has contaminated the healthy instincts of whites and led them to the slaughter. The tyranny of the majority under these conditions of mind control operates – at least until the bare comforts of the whites are reduced sufficiently to elicit a reaction – effectively in suppressing white reaction without the brutality of force but once the hypocrisy of democracy finally reveals its ugliness through the obvious unrepresentative nature of popular opinion and the media’s representations of ‘fact’ are conflictual with the facts known through personal experience, the white populous will then be kept down through the force of revolution against themselves portrayed as ‘Satan’ or ‘bogey’ who is the ultimate evil, and those teeming ignorant multitudes greedy for the resources of whites will descend to their instinctive level of savagery and facilitate the race war planned by the Jews.

All parties to the conflagration will then be reduced to the level of mere things wherein the victory will go to those most adept in warfare which will inevitably be the whites, in spite of whatever advantage their opponents are given through control of the state apparatus and UN troops to suppress dissent against the J.O.G.

The prudent path is the martial at this time in history. One must become war to fight in the war everlasting. Even should – impossibly – the hot war of race not come about a simple reduction of resources will necessitate this mindset of competition and dominance and the avoidance of the counter-thrust of others as a means to continue life which has become (if ever it were not) a war everlasting. Thus the thus life is the life of the future and a refined life of gentile sensibilities is a recipe for extinction. Well-forced swords are required whose temper stronger (bottom of page cut off).

All rules and claims to their being (top of page cut off) and a ruthless game of zero-sum is played. Development of the self as a war machine is clearly indicated – mind, body and spirit. All the training in the world won’t suffice to prepare one for the onslaught of contingency and pervasive enemies who beset one on all sides. Not self-control alone but other controls are necessary developmental stratagems to muster the latent forces necessary for the tactical pandemonium.

Codes of ethics are only intra-specific, holding within groups adhering to these same whereas for others they are inadmissible, irrelevant and self-defeating. The enemy is such by virtue of their violation of ethical codes therefore the codes have no applicability to enemies. For one to demonstrate friendship he must not violate the codes without the correlative punishment, for contrivable transgression he becomes an enemy and all claims to universal brotherhood are ultra vires. All is fair in war and self-censorship and inhibition of action – as well as refraining from actions positive of one’s own survival are a self-destructive suicidal strategy leading towards granting victory to the enemy and concessions of defeat. The situation determines how action shall be carried out – with the overarching strategy of survival governing action, pursuit and forbearance.


The mentality of the thug is oppression. Oppression of the will of the other, its subversion, a mark in the game of warfare whose microcosm in the world of games is chess. One is his own mastermind whose life force is his king, the checkmate of which is death. Thus he must be on guard against even the smallest pawns as they have the power to end the game. In the real world assassination of kings comes through useful pawns of rivals and microbial disease vectors can lay low in the host body. Thus defense is as necessary as offence and the best defense is an appropriate and relevant offence, meaning once specifically targeting anticipated threats prior to occurrence and mobilizing the requisite forces necessary for their subjugation. This is an infinitely tactical manner both in terms of time and circumstances.

There are degrees of enemies and degrees of friends such that one may metamorphose into another under different conditions to the detriment of survival. Thus all are possible enemies and even possible friends – under certain conditions. A knowledge of human nature, motivation and behavior under certain cultural regimes and environmental conditions is imperative in alloying the ever present threat of threat itself. This is not a matter of fear-based paranoia but simply paranoia directed towards unknown trajectories, oriented towards gathering knowledge as yet another tool in the arsenal of the bellum omnium contra omnes.

Today’s thug must be elevated to a higher octave of thuggishness, modelled more along the lines of the mafia than the crips or bloods – but circumstances are the final arbiter of the form of action and the thug of today (bottom of page cut off.)

The liberal dodo: The now extinct species of bird called the dodo has become exemplary of natural selection – and omission or exclusion. It is proverbial as that species which just ‘couldn’t make it’ couldn’t adapt and function in the environment that it found itself in given changes it had imposed from without. Racially in terms of human races, the dodo bird of the human race was the Australian Aborigine once thus long suffering atavism of primitive man was met with the more active and energetic (as well as creative) white man. The Redskin of the Americas is another example of great efficiency in adaptation to an environment absent of the civilization building white man who then rates the less able opponent and finds himself selected by Mother Nature afforded the golden wreath of survival. This gold has somehow, through ignorance or pride, led to the fall of the white man in all territories he has created into thriving civilizations from primitivism. Perhaps, unawares, his gold wreath was substituted for fool’s gold which has now become tarnished in the absence of proper care. The thief and usurper Jew who has achieved this sly legerdemain has donned the golden crown and mounted the podium eager for the applause of the ignorant masses who have been cast into serfdom from their pious state of free-spirited pioneering adventuring over the whole earth and all of the hardships this entails. The softening of a society lacking external threats has cast the white man down a tier in the Olympic hierarchy of racial supremacy over the globe and its resources. His claims to legislate morality and bestow his virtuous culture are now no longer taken seriously – with respect, but instead with disrespectful condescension – as no longer inspiring the fear of brutal consequence for its transgression and failure to adapt. He has become liberalized, a decadent creature lacking the hardships of the early pioneers and colonialists of the past. Now tougher, harder if more stupid and barbarous creatures contend for the right to wear the golden wreath of Nature and would crown themselves victors over the earth, forming united blocks against the white power of the world and precipitating a new dark age of war everlasting. The liberal of today has fallen out of favor with Mother Nature and she callously casts this previously uncontested hero into the ring to give battle to the death that the fittest (not necessarily the brightest or most creative) may maintain their proper place upon the summit of humanity.

The liberal is the dodo bird socialized under the self-imposed and voluntarily adopted regime of decadent anti-natural mores = equality, maximize pleasure, minimize pain. This formula of happiness is milk for babes that weakens and leaves ill-suited to the fight for existence which is always struggle, not compromise, concession and agreements. ‘Declaration of independence’ and treatises with rival powers are under a liberal regime merely hypocrisy when might is on the side of those espousing liberal values as a wolf in sheep’s clothing or a pathetic act of cowardice and infantilism if sincere. Mother Nature tolerates no transgressions (bottom of page cut off).


(Top of page cut off) transgressing and refusing to obey the dictates issued by Nature the reward is the punishment of extinction. Like the dodo, the liberal, accustomed to life under conditions of a lawful white society, has become maladapted to those imposed and created through influx of foreign invaders of more barbarous, cruel and cunning stock. His values were born of a period of ease and lack of challenge along natural lines and thus he has forgotten the necessary conditions of existence, namely that nature’s law is tooth and claw and that to trim one’s nails and file one’s teeth is to render impotent the beast within, which must needs to be strengthened through immersion in combat. Hence the white man, through liberalization, endangers his own existence through converting himself into the tame dodo whose comfortable life left him ill-equipped to survive the capacity of that human hunters who arrived in his territory. Nature would have it be so no weak ill-adapted creatures need survive – no right to life is granted any, no one owes anyone else – only the will to power or striving of the being in evolved itself out of itself against all opposition merits the golden wreath of Gaia who has always favored the warrior.

The Jewish ? to conquer the white society for himself has led him through his adaptive means of cunning to outwit the more powerful Aryan, to develop the mind poison of Christinsanity to soften up and exert a weakening influence upon the white populous thereby more effectively neutralizing their counter-force through non-physical means, the realm in which he is least suited to conquer given congenital diseases and concomitant weakness which plagues his physical body and soul which would otherwise be swiftly conquered by the Aryan. This mind pollution, like all microbes has pleomorphic tendencies in the internal environment of the host body (white society) and thus has metamorphosed into various sects and eventually discharged its Christian trappings (white still being Christian) and become liberalism, the secular universalist humanitarianism that exists today as the soporific of the Aryan will to power. Thus like dodos the Aryans smile happily into the glaring eyes of aggressive foreigners whose more barbarous temperament was forged in the fires of combat as well as in more primitive metal (genes).

If the white race wishes to avoid extinction like the dodo, they must erase the smiling visage of liberal-Christianity from their consciousness and understand/create themselves anew through adherence to the iron logic of necessity implicit in the commands of Nature: ‘all life is struggle, peace is death’; ‘morality is survival, immorality extinction’. Should you wish to survive, you must become fit. The environment determines the form of fitness necessary always governed by the god of the healthy conscious: survive! the biological imperative.


MRC: Genetic roulette reminiscent of Russian roulette – the player is ? to suffer the ill consequences of his actions as a violation of nature does not go unpunished and combining the uncombinable genes of different races as an ‘MRC’ or mixed race couple yields the degenerate product of that union, a being (child) playing host to incompatible souls with conflictual energetic signatures that render their host a deviant of nature a sickly degenerate, a domination that leaves desolate both houses of his lineage being sterile and incapable of continuance in nature without defects manifesting themselves in behavior. The fact that their union leaves its tangible form (the child) bereft of a determinant identity and creates an inner chaos which is this war of dysynchronous energetic signatures/souls that manifest themselves in behavioral chaos – as without so without – further underscores the evils of such a union. Lacking an identity around which to orient oneself creates an instability and retarded development of mind – ripe for the social engineers to upload their blueprint into the hardware of consciousness – the brain. Throughout one’s existence as a product of the MRC, it is a fair presumption that such a one would look upon themselves as an aleatory, ‘floating signifier’ concretized in the flesh, incarnate. Finding a proper path on the basis of this form that one is would be impossible, as well as it being impossible to understand who one is as sprit and matter are one and the ‘one’ who one is the indeterminate unknown quantity that cannot know itself and thus has no self-concept/no self at all. Existing in a world where others exist as determinate ‘others’ with certain generalizable traits and attributes would lead to exclusion from society.

The social planners – of course – have the solution: that it is to make everyone a creature of chaos, embodiment of conflict, an aberration of nature. This is propounded as the solution to the problems besetting the defective – normalization of defectives and abnormalizing of those historically and naturally viewed and understood as normal. Normative inversion for the purpose of creating massive chaos and thereby to augment one’s own power is the underlying purpose of these architects of chaos.

Thus the MRC is compliant in the spread of social disorder and deviance (from nature) and is thus itself a manifestation of anti-natural chaos, luciferian perversion through normative (natural) inversion. The plans of the engineers of the social have established a world situation through which this MRC phenomenon is inevitable given the blending of different kinds which is not entirely a result of proximity so much as proximity is a necessary condition of the taking effect of the mind control (‘education’/’indoctrination’) necessary to invest the natural along anti-natural lines. These new luciferian norms would never have become popular if the mental influence of the social planners had not been exerted from the beginning given the obvious differences that obtain between kinds.

If humanity is a concept and a reality (word and object) encompasses all (bottom of page cut off). The necessary substance to make it a norm around which to base one, ?, and for which to strive or uphold as a lofty purpose or goal. This because the obvious differences render a functional society impossible wherein all kinds are mixed and mingled together in a structurally weak amalgam that will necessarily – given their incompatibility – fall apart as lacking all organic integrity. From a more microcosmic perspective this same fragmentation process occurs within the being that is the offspring of the MRC, the mongrelized byproduct of their evil union, evil because anti-natural. The mongrels myriad conflictual elements are a powder keg of malgenics which necessarily explodes in a chaos of behavior both within (psychologically) and without (in terms of social interaction). Thus such a being is a born criminal, a criminal against nature, a minion of Lucifer who must needs carries out his chaos as a natural manifestation of his inner being.

The selfishness of the MRC clouds their better judgement as it is not mind control alone which creates unions borne of lust and hedonism. From this base motivation the base is borne – an unplanned debauchery conceiving a debauchee of the next generation. In the case of planned parenthoods under this principle of anti-nature the deleterious influence of mind control has taken effect to the extent of clouding the better judgment but the seed of destruction has been sown in the minds of the MRC. Typically lust and/or lack of reason serve as the basis of this diabolic contract which would occur only in the most deviant and defective types in an ethnically-oriented, naturally-based society. This selfishness is the governing principle of motivation for the members of the MRC who fail to adhere to nature’s laws and are derelict in their duty thereto in failing to understand the ill-consequence of their actions which attain tangible form in their bastard offspring and the inevitable criminality (against nature) they represent and perpetrate.

The dysfunctionality of the MRC is an amalgam comprised of incompatible elements manifests in parental abandonment of the mongrel offense, are this itself bespeaks the anti-natural nature of the MRC/mongrel complex as the members (‘parents’) are naturally repulsed and their mongrel as the tangible product of their union being inherently repulsive to all parties no matter how mind-controlled and deviant they may be. The consequences of ignoring nature’s laws are extinction ultimately or self-harm to others via transgression (failed adherence to nature). Divorce rates, spousal abuse, parental abandonment, criminality in the offspring, in general a union forged in the bowels of the abyss brought forth into the light of day represented as gold but really fool’s gold, radiating a false light blinding the naïve and foolish who have no moral compass as born into a society which has inverted the natural order and which never bestowed upon its members (deliberately negligent and misrepresentative) a proper understanding of (bottom of page cut off).

Babylon, mother of harlots: Today’s modern woman in her non-careerist aspect consists of what Crowley encapsulated with the phrase in the title above. Lower-minded hedonists they descend to the level of brutality once they exit their ivory tower button pushing job amidst the cubicles and superficial prestige of officialdom glamour. Returning post haste to their overpriced apartments pompously designated ‘condos’ they don their most alluring raiment to flock as a metamorphosed butterfly to the false light of their dons of iniquity, the parlors and speak-easy’s wherein they traffic their wares to imbibe the energies of others to facilitate their liberal idol worship before the pleasure principle, vampirizing their useful payers (johns) who are their discorded as a husk drained of their vitality – cast off with indifference into the streets as a derelict to wonder in impotence after the petit mort of their alcoholized coupling.

Playing the two-backed beast being the fundamental orientation of the bourgeois bohemian liberal career woman is at this point in history an exercise of power and self-indulgent pleasure which further enables her to genuflect before the mirror of her vanity and invert the roles of the sexes, playing her assigned role wittingly or unwittingly in the luciferian society reveling amidst the chaos where ripple effect is transmuted by and transmutes her consciousness/self. A transceiver of lower othonic forces she disports amidst the neon limelight of the alcohol and urine soaked streets tramping around in the darkness like Beelzebub with her cloven hoof/high heels and devilish red dress. Behold Babylon, mother of harlots, she has left her hypocritical capacity as self-important communist apporatchnick and shown herself in true light.

Gender means little aside from personal preference for Babylon as she metamorphoses just as readily into a dapper young man as into that of a pub-crawling floozy and her partners range the gamut of sexual roles a theatre actor would be jealous of. Truly she is a theatre actor/actress schooled in her viles of appearances – suits and ties imitating the behavior of power men by day and of Alpha-male players by night. Adopting the stereotypes of men and representing them in inverted form is her attempt to accrue power and prestige but is simply a debasement of what redeeming virtue she might otherwise have. Inverting virtue into vice occurs for Babylon in the vacuum created through the weakening of the white male through the tyranny of the J.O.G. and its tyranny. Thus the redemption of woman qua woman is subverted into the casting of her into the hellfire of her basest vices, natural proclivities blown out of proportion to their natural configuration. Thus the protocols are facilitated and the boundless vanity and egotism of Babylon is unleashed as a plague from the Pandora’s box of societal restraint, formerly keeping a lid on the insatiable desire of a creature lacking the self-control and reason to either understand the conseque3nces of her actions or to be able to restrain herself from the lower chthonic vibrations that perpetually manifest from her being and which lead her into temptation. Babylon is a sinner and revels in her sin, expiating her virtue in a satanic inversion of the (bottom of page cut off).

The scarlet woman which Crowley discussed is the vampire who feeds upon the blood of others to engorge itself with their energies. It is the abortion of the natural female proclivity towards the conception of children and their discharge as menstruum – hence the appellation ‘scarlet’. Making the choice to resect nature for anti-nature, becoming a hedonistic exhibitionist in place of a nurturing mother figure and loyal wife, is a gesture of luciferian power the modern woman has been entrained to adopt by the social engineers who construct her identity on the basis of a blueprint through rational planning of highly-trained behaviorists cabalistically imposed upon the scarlet woman (formerly woman) as a means of cursing the gentiles.

The above pertains to the social engineering of the natural woman in an anti-natural society, the below to that of the natural man under the same conditions. The cultural phenomenon of bodybuilding as causal agent of body dysmorphia, a means of castrating and subjugating opposition to those social engineers (Jews) and their protocols of world conquest through shifting the current of masculine energy towards feminine lines from without (against opposition) inwards (towards self-glorification in stereotypical female fashion) transmitting energy towards the impossible realization of anti-natural aesthetic ideals – a deliberate inversion of nature along luciferian lines. From the rugged adventurer of purely outward masculine force – the soldier or sailor or woodsman – towards the spray-on tan and body oil, the flexing and posing in peacock fashion before the mirror of vanity. Feminization of the masculine and masculinization of the feminine for the dismantling of racial strength, a monkey wrench in the gears of racial dynamism and effective function.

Selfishness over otherness in both cases, from within distorting proper self-understanding and proper relations – without towards expressions of abnormal behavior through this process rendered normal and the new norm. Lucifer’s normative inversion through his Jewish agents. In both cases the spotlight of glamour entices the moths towards its false light and leads them to incineration and subsequent rising from the ashes as the programmed monarch butterfly they have been transformed into – a mere appearance of vital substance lacking the strength of their previous moth-like state of greater vitality. The analogy here furthered: tough through unadorned moths, beautiful in their natural grace and more predatory inclinations focusing on providing for the continuance of their kind through distracted by the apparent good, made good in their consciousness through the very radiance of the false light, turning away from their duty to their fellow moths towards this semblance of greater good and thereby becoming the comparatively weaker though apparently more valuable butterfly who is then easily captured, dissected and displayed on the mantelpiece of the Jews’ gallery of bogeys for all different varieties of moths (non-whites) to witness to as the decadent and materialistic object of derision and scorn they have become. From the defense of women as rugged pioneers who care not for life and limb to those whose lives center around the circumference of their limbs the cultural trap set by the Jews takes effect and those natural men of other race poured into (bottom of page cut off).

Analysis of the feminist mystique: The inherent weakness (physically and ?) of women leads them to a role of subordination to their stronger partner, man, who overarches them and towards whom they must look for security, protection and leadership. This fact operates well in states of primitive circumstances wherein external threats press from without internal security and threaten the inherently weaker being who would be prey to those threats. Once society attains a state of greater overall leisure and security the weakening of society develops leading to a general weakening of the male component through lack of external threats to the group. Thus decadence ensues and the naturally submissive female – seeking protection and leadership in the male – begins to harbor delusions of grandeur fueled by the propaganda disseminated by the Jewish mind rapists/media moguls. The nature egotism of women in a culture of decadence knows no bounds and when windows of opportunity are opened through which the tantalizing scent of power wafts they flock to the opening and eagerly lap up the dainties that have been placed there by the Jewish elite through the legislative and cultural process of decadence they have created to subvert the gentile establishment.

Once external threats recur the reset to default mode will also occur; when scarcity and privation occur in tandem with these threats of overt violence by rival competitors for resources the women will cease to play the role of man (and badly) and the man will cease to play the role of women (and badly). Thus the inverted roles will themselves be inverted. Default mode is the natural order and the anti-natural order may exist only in a society where the press of nature has been subjugated through artificial means, technology, etc. The inherent defects (by virtue of being anti-natural) of technology render them a ticking time bomb whose explosion will be reversion to nature if not a diffusion through synchronization with natural processes. So to in the case of the artificially created sex-gender distinctions the time bomb will explode under the inner workings of nature as no anti-natural/luciferian society can exist without destroying itself.

Feminism being the ideology of artificially inflated female egotism (an innate tendency towards self-preservation and genetic selection of the best mates through female self-enslaving of value to increase probability of the excellence of offspring) – it, this ideology, is necessarily doomed to fail as it undermines nature through exceeding the boundaries of natural function and ending up in the realm of impossible possibilities, that of natural inversion/perversion, wherein the female is endowed with male phallicism in her capacity as career woman, as alpha-female and would-be usurper of the alpha male, himself subject to the perversion of anti-natural feminization adopting the role of the female. Once external threats in conjunction with failing internal security (of resources, of comfort – the necessary conditions of leisure and thereby decadence – the open window of anti-naturalism) occurs, the return/reset to default conditions will occur and the feminine mystique will have the veil removed revealing the perverse visage behind and reconfigure itself into the form of the feminine mystique naturalized.

Spy society: conditioning (page cut off) broad in scope and effective in punishment, in stigmatization of ‘criminals’ as criminals is an easy task through binding prospective conscripts (‘spies’) to the state through conditioning them via mind control in education/media propaganda. The spy (former citizen) augments their self-importance by association with the powers that be and believes in their naïve sincerity that they are the state as opposed to being useful idiots discarded when no longer of use. Thus conscription is undergone as a process through appeal to vanity which anyone naïve enough to believe the state is their friend would have in abundance and gravitate towards that which enables the stroking of the ego. Once the conscript is groomed for the role they are then empowered only to the extent usable by the state and not to that which would threaten the power of the state even to the slightest extent. The distribution of these spies amongst the populous in a publically broadcast way though clandestinely without anyone knowing who is a spy and who not such that anyone may be one creates a climate of paranoia and suspicion which in turn leads everyone to spy on everyone else and, given the overarching propaganda which filters into the consciousness of the masses, is as if a witch was turned on in their minds mobilizing them to facilitate the creation of the spy society. At every turn, someone is looking/peering into someone else’s last remaining corner of privacy thereby creating the stress of being a target or object of another’s knowledge – a slave of the master that is the other. This master-slave dialectic serves to create tension in society leading to the inevitable blowup of neurotic and inhibited people who have no longer any ability to keep up the endlessly minute conformism of thought, emotion and action which maintains the order of society. From out of the inevitable instability comes the new order of greater and greater screwing down of the hatches into which the masses are thrown as a giant underground panopticon prison. Soon however the perpetual spying manifests in a spying upon those who have created the problem in the first place when the media map imposed upon the consciousness of the mass mind fails to correspond with the territory that is their daily reality. The underground consciousness bursts forth into the light of day and the populous wakes up. At least this is the utopian dream. The reality is that the simplicity of the masses keeps them trapped within the subterranean regions of the mind and thus as enforcers of tyranny at the lowest level even in spite of the schism between the fantasy of their weltanschauung and the reality of five sense reality. The only way the masses will ever find succor is through those who transcend the mind manipulation through their greater intellect and position in the higher or even within the lowest levels through sabotage, etc. Fueling the climate of paranoia will further increase the pressure of the container which will then blow up in the face of both spies and spy master.


The ‘white Satan’: This caricature created by the Jews is the canker worm in the mental apple of the white race steadily gnawing at the fruit within and excreting a poison throughout – rotting the apple as it were – to extricate this worm before it begins to gnaw to the core the seed of the white race should be the most fundamental goal in political praxis at this time which is itself a cultural praxis/war against the onslaught of destructive propaganda with the ‘white Satan’ refrain being its essence. The counter essence is not merely a negation of the slanderous claim of ‘white Satan’ as the inner nature of whites but neither the alternative/positive thesis of ‘white angels’ or ‘victims’ – or even anything within this good vs. evil dichotomy based as it is in the Jewish psychology of the lie = vilification, slander, sin expiation, collective guilt and shame, etc. Such thought is a byproduct of Christianity the ultimate Jewish psy-op and its metamorphosed form liberalism. The transcendence of this anti-natural psychopathology in the heroic consciousness – which simply recognizes its nature and that through its purposes and functions, its action which has no part in idle dreaming or escapism, in self-obsessive psychological complexes that constitute the pivot around which consciousness revolves (navel gazing, guilty consciousness, etc.).

This heroic consciousness is a self-awareness of the self as a being wholly dynamic and removed from all static tendencies (lethargy, inertia of being) yet within this dynamism is the degree of concentration, mental power necessary to harness this dynamism and utilize and direct it towards whatever project or mission the situation and the individual conceives. The dynamism is one of conscious control (rational control but also super-rational control through holistic mental power – mental qua subtle body whole being awareness and integrity of the sum of its constituent parts in proper attunement). This conscious control is mustered as a power to direct all subordinate forces towards the goal, the degree to which these forces are mobilized is the degree to which the goal is realized. Distractions and the weakness of a chaos of forces leads to fragmentation and the failed attainment of the goal. To become bogged down in psychopathology, indwelling in states of created mental problems is the mark of those who have not attained a heroic consciousness, the defeat of enemies through incubating internal enmity.

The mind control that is the ideology of Christ insanity and Libtardism is the internal enmity inserted into the mental hardware of the white populous by the external enemy, the Jew. The purpose of this is clearly to create chaotic conditions thereby subverting the enemy. By branding the enemy ‘white devil’ or ‘white Satan’ the Jew thereby attains the two-fold goal of destroying enemy power and utilizing the remaining power as a battery to drain into his power supply through the guilty conscious sin-expiation program the white hardware is operating.


Powers and principalities: Powers that be – the prevailing order (top of page cut off) the physical world yet the claim is that the meek and weak shall inherit from these same power’s what they themselves have not attained or created. Perhaps the real meaning is that meekness is resonating harmoniously in thought and action with the sum total whereas powers are simply powers who have managed to attain this status through means not necessarily bound up with this form of resonance – not necessarily and necessarily not as well. Thus powers and principalities might also be weak qua harmonious, ‘peaceful’ as it is called, even whilst they attain power through might. Perhaps might is simply amplified through meekness? Perhaps this meekness is – if honest – merely a harmonious mode of action whereas those who dress in the clothes of sheep to rule over sheep are in reality (in the case of being defacto weak even though wielding strength and power for a vain hour) doomed to be discovered given the meekness and higher awareness of those sheep who have attuned themselves to being whereas the wolves in sheep’s clothing have merely pulled the wool over the eyes of their charges for that vain hour in which they might preserve power – before the awareness of the sheep defects in their midst a disturbance in the aether so to speak, in the harmony of life that will inevitably (given sufficient awareness) expose the wolves and pull aside the woolen garment in which they masquerade as fellow comrades while in reality being commissars.

Meekness and weakness are distinct in relation to being – those who are meek are strong in their humility (their humble state) of recognition of their finitude in relation to the infinite whereas the weak paradoxically are those who in wielding power have become the principalities/oligarchs who rule over their righteous charges (righteous qua attaining the higher in the lower, cultivating the consciousness of Eternity amidst illusion or the transience of becoming).

True strength is unrelated to position which latter is a matter of accident and fortune not attainment – though it may be incidentally and given the proper conditions is a result of strength. Positions are won by strength yet one must be in a position which confers an appropriate degree of strength ab nitro in order to attain that position – maintaining it is a result of adaptation to circumstances in the specific ways necessary or perpetuating to the extent the situation will bear those same conditions that support and maintain power. Force alone means nothing save for taken the form of meekness (in the sense and only in the sense of harmonious actor not physical weakness or a willingness to desist from exertion). Force may be and often is inappropriate in form such as the strongman who would resist a multitude of foes whose combined strength supersedes his own; though his exertions are heroic they are inherently self-defecting. The strongman who uses his reason to subjugate the assailing horde is the victory through use of his ‘meekness’ if such it may be called – which is simply an awareness of causality and his relative strength and weakness and the (bottom of the page cut off).


Sensationalism: Those whose (top of page cut off) whatever means, though restricting themselves to this alone, would be best spoken of as sensationalists. Sensation, the impingement upon consciousness of sensory impressions without much degree or extent of corollary thought (cogitation, ratiocination, etc.) is the pivot upon which hinges this mode of consciousness, one based solely in emotion and the limbic consciousness, the attraction-repulsion trajectory of pain minimization and pleasure maximization. Not able to transcend this base level of consciousness which is little more than a play of forces, a peppering of consciousness with sense and reactive modalities of consciousness as a consequence to be as quickly forgotten once more novel stimuli impinge upon the sounding board of consciousness. Sensationalists seek this stimulation as it is the only way they may feel alive given that they have no mental life and are in fact ‘the dead’ spoken of by the occultists. True life is mental life the life of the senses is merely an opportunity for the cultivation of the higher self and only those strong enough to control themselves vis-à-vis this confrontation with the world of sense may transcend its pull into the miasma of Maya and drown in the sea of appearances.

Those who dwell in the hyperborem regions, the land of eternal ice, may do so only through the radiance of mind which manifests itself through their being, warming them amidst the frozen forms that constitute the furniture of the world, that which exists behind the veil of Maya and is the dwelling place of the smiling goddess wisdom.

The hooting and hollering of the crowd blinds them to the eternal presence and renders them deaf to the voice of the silence, incapable of given voice to its divinity through more cultivated speech. Rather they speak the speech of apes, chained to sense as with a weight of lead. No philosophical gold may be made from the leaden figures that appear so animate in their being, and yet are cadavers having no higher principle to motivate them. The true life is bestowed upon those truly living and they may dwell in relative inertia whilst their active motor principle propels them towards the crystalline forms of the ?.
Bird brains: The liberal is irrational, like a bird he (top of page cut off) garners it through the greater force of sensory excitation – greater than the reasoning faculty which he has neglected to cultivate and which would have elevated him out of the avian/animal kingdom into that of the human. Given that the lack of pleasure in the act of self-discipline would be unendurable to the weak-willed liberal this same must necessarily fail in the exercise of faculties the task of which leads to their development. Thus they do not evolve out of beast consciousness but languish in the enervating heat of their own base pursuits. Reason requires a coldness of mind, a removal from the impassioned nature – when one is engaged the other is disengaged; hence the suits of labor are manifested in the liberal as opposed to the rational man where, they are as ripe and nourishing crystallized light, in the liberal they are mere pits and stones. Thus the liberal pursues the tantalizing illusions of transient pleasure to the expense of the atrophy of those faculties – cultivated only through discipline borne of hardship and pleasurable only in the hand – which serve to gather the fruits of eternity into the basket of his temporal existence – pecking at the seeds he has failed to plant the liberal has proven himself a birdbrain of the lowest degree as these same seeds merely rot in his gizzard whereas the fruits of the rational eagle are digested and their seeds excreted to generate trees of knowledge from which yet more may be gathered. This Tantalus attains a victory in the case of the vulture liberal, the debased carrion fowl of culture and consciousness whose lazy circlings called ‘work’ and the daily grind simply afford him with the rancidifying meat and offal of long dead carcasses. The eagle that is the rational man rends the sweat meals from his foes living being and augments his vital force thereby. As a phoenix he ascends from the state of carnivore to that of inedia – he furnishes himself with his own food which grows perpetually in the Edenic paradise of the mind.

Lack of focus and attention are the death knell of the liberal who lives a death and perishes to revolve in the wheel. The sharp and penetrating focus of the rational man activates the pineal gland and wings him towards the eternal realm through the empowerment of his faculties which are the Bifrost Bridge to Asgard, the stairway to heaven ascending which he escapes the spider’s web of illusion, Maya, the false reality of vain glory and strife which for him exits purely as a testing ground for development of power over himself, integrating his armor and weapons of war for the battle with the apparent black widows and tarantulas which are the figural manifestations of desire and fear with which he must combat to transcend materiality seating himself upon the throne of the civitas Dei, as crowned and conquering child who crowns himself through himself through the conquest of samsaic consciousness.

Mental prisons and critical distance: Lacking (top of page cut off) prison that is the sum total of sensation and reflection that constitutes the fabric of one’s mind through various classical conditioning procedures. The construction of this mental prison blinds one’s critical faculties for when perceiving the world through the kaleidoscope of this mind control process the reality as viewed by those with dissimilar conditioning is an unknown, something alien and perhaps threatening. The kaleidoscope itself is not perceived given that it is the foundation of perception itself, thus no critical distance may be had as further this perceptual apparatus (mind control) is not acknowledged or as such or a matter of awareness. Rather it is reality itself. This is the function of mind control: to supplant the real with the fantastic and to subvert reality through this distortion process for the benefit of the mind manipulators in management of human populations.

To break out of this mental prison requires a critical distance in vivo, in one’s history as an outsider – he must come from outside the prison, perhaps even physically as a country bumpkin entering the gates of the city and encountering its wholly alien nature – if be he strong enough, if not become corrupted in his being under its influence.

To break out one must be able to recognize that not only is there a prison but that he is inside and capable of separating himself from this, i.e. he must recognize that though it exists separately from himself the separation is not a separation of mutually dependent parts save as an amalgam of fool’s gold into which his former lead was transformed from – but that the gold sought must entail the suffering of the transmutative process from lead into real gold. This process requires a development of the self from out of this actor’s persona through an iron hard concentration of willpower and its bringing to bear the detachment from previous dependency on the comforting structure of the mind prison.

Critical distance is the stance of separation and is borne from separation. To have the capacity for criticism one cannot simply be distinct but must have an intuitive grasp sufficiently developed to recognize what is an essential feature of this prison and its influence and what is separable therefrom as merely incidental.

Many mistake critical distance for its conventional understanding, namely that of negations and qualifying other’s statements but critical distance is really about perspective – a separation as aforementioned not a process of negation but of positing oneself vis a vis the other in an understandable topos – vantage point – from which…

Powers & principalities II: (top of page cut off) increase of personal gain and power at the expense (necessarily) of others as the distribution of power is apportioned on the basis of the internal structure of the sum total of all beings and to accrue to oneself more than his fair share necessarily takes from others creating vacuums so to speak in the ? which creates chaos and disharmony leading to specific reactions against the cause of that disharmony. Thus only for a hour can the principalities rule as they are not in attunement with being but only create the appearance of sympathetic resonance whilst creating a jarring cacophony on their instruments of war which they have yet to beat into ploughshares and which will inevitably be wrenched from their grasp through the necessary forceful reaction and turned against themselves. Ploughshares will be forged to furrow the ground for their graves and thus the wolf will have his sheep’s clothing shorn by the blade, his blood gathered in the chalice and used to water the tree of life he would have converted into the tree of death. A blood sacrifice of the blood letter is the only solution to the rivers of blood in which he wades.

Thus the meek will inherit the earth through their Dharma, and the powers and principalities through their karma will suffer specific effects of their actions in a rebound effect against themselves. Weakness is the failure to understand the causal relations between one’s actions and their after effects, strength the opposite. It is also the motive force necessary to make these effects a relativity and its proper harnessing and employment is the reasoning faculty’s task – strength of the primitive combined with that of the sage amounts to true strength, whereas strength of either is not sufficient in the material world when physical tasks are necessary. Of course the sage harbors within himself perhaps a greater will than any savage who would be at best conditioned in brutality and violence which would exhaust itself with the exhaustion of the muscular apparatus whereas that of the sage would continue indefinitely even to the extent of the termination of the physical vehicle. Meekness lies in the sage, weakness in the savage no matter how strong the ?. The sage partakes of eternity the savage of illusion, washed away in the river of becoming and returned to the earth as another carbon copy of his tribe. The sage chooses to be here and departs when his mission is accomplished, taking himself with himself and leaving the cast off garments which are merely the borrowed property he used as a vehicle upon the material plane.

The savage fails to overcome the powerful wolves, princes of the world, and finds himself enslaved through lack of wisdom and right action. The sages – always acting in righteousness – conspire to coordinate their right action towards the destruction of that destroying force which constitutes the principalities of the world. Negation of the negation becomes an affirmation of harmony under the (bottom of page cut off).

White wash: What will it take to initiate the ethnic cleansing required to create a whiter, brighter world? To white wash society and clean away the crud from the white picket fence created by the Aryan race as a protective barrier around their white marble palace? That barrier which has been allowed to fall into ruin through the decadence and effeminacy of material comforts, a failure to test the integrity of those fortifications given the lack of challenges which have been an absence through the established reputation of the white race who again owing to ease amidst affluence have become decadent and thereby tarnished their reputation in the eyes of those once held back from onslaught through the fear induced by their former fury. Now the decaying defenses have enabled the enemy to penetrate within the perimeter and to become further emboldened once they witness the effeminate and cowardly character of those descendants of once vigorous and incontestable ancestors whose might built the marble palaces in which they intoxicate themselves with degenerative poisons.

‘Browning out’ is the decaying process that this situation has amounted to and the white populous has enabled. In order to ‘white wash’ this browned world the harshest of measures are necessary and the greater the chaos the greater the white washing as a reaction – for the comfort and ease of former times will be pulled aside as the ostentatious baubles and golden scales covering once lucid eyes and in the midst of this catastrophe will arise the slumbering giant of Aryan man who will be forced to confront the inevitable disjunctive choice – the road to perdition or that towards paradise, and the form of that choice will be the willingness to fight to the death with survival as the only concern not ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’ or ‘human rights equal for all’, etc. These artificial and anti-natural totems before which decadent Bourgeois liberals with a guilty conscious borne of Christian mind poison prostrate themselves will cease to hold any value save for those of the most spoiled and decadent quality, infected through their undue privilege and life of leisure with a guilt complex and moral imperative for sin expiation as the ‘white devil’ of the realm of Gaia and the ‘indigenous peoples’. Once this privileged few become either less privileged and/or fewer – inevitable – the values of liberty and equality as its means and necessary condition will be wiped away and the law of the strong and the imperative of nature will gain ascendance throwing aside the millstones which hang about the necks of the whites who fail to recognize the beams in the eyes of the other wile carping about the motes in those of their own kind.

The white washing of the world will be borne out of iron and blood and the iron laws of necessity will tear down the false idols of anti-natural decadence the adherents of which will either be the rankest hypocrite serving their natural imperative with whatever degree of success or remain the believers and be washed away with the mud and the blood of the (bottom of page cut off).


The greedy dark hand: (top of page cut off) as a means of tightening the silken rope around his neck to better manage and control him. When the slave is given greater liberty he recognizes in his leisure and the development conferred upon him by his master that his silken rope may be cut through, that in spite of the pleasures of his gifts upon which his every thought depends he has seeded within him the idea that perhaps he too will be able to become master. Thus he rankles with envy and hatred of the white man, steadily gathering together resources with which to succor himself after his planned coup against the master he has learned to hate. He steadily with guile and cunning whittles away thread by thread the silken cord which binds him, sharpening his sacrifice knife in hopes of being able to plunge it into the heart of his master – to kill the king to become the king, for it was ever in his subconscious that he was born a king if not a god. Such is the nature of his greedy mind that no amount of advantage satisfies, no amount of blood is sufficient to quench his thirst for gain. Thus even though the master had a willingness to swap places with the savage slave and give his cloak to the savage the master of yesterday under these conditions would find himself in a grave tomorrow not only defrocked but drained of his blood.

The solution to the greedy dark hand may not come only through winding a silk cord around his wrists and restraining him from his excesses – idle hands doing the devil’s work – neither the iron manacles perhaps would be sufficient but what would be is the ? that even threatens to separate the hand, adroit member of guile and legermain, from the body which animates it. The Damocles sword in a world gone mad through delusional anti-natural values – liberty, equality, etc. – through a war of all against all. When transgression is the norm the law necessitates iron and blood for its maintenance.

Opportunists vying for power against the Aryan race (Jews) have utilized this situation which they have in large part created through their mind control instigating rebellion through exploiting e greed of the savage races to rile them up against their betters – the source of their own existence and the fact of which they are completely ignorant given their lack of reasoning and willful emotionalism which leads them like mad dogs to leap at the master on the tether upon which they are held by his benevolent white hand. These diabolical sneak thieves – Jews – would exploit this situation to forge new manacles and shackle their charges – muds – to gain a victory over the earth and its resources which they in the materialistic greed covet. The hand which wields the rope and the slaves tied together at the end is not the means through which real power is had by rather the hand itself which can (bottom of page cut off).


Win by losing: This is the fundamental tenet of Christ-insanity, its basis and orientation. To allow others to gain a victory (which is considered merely apparent by virtue of the ‘weakness as virtue’ values of Christ-insanity) as a means of ensuring one’s own victory, conferring upon the willing loser the crown of thorns while the apparent (according to this stance) victor wears one of gold. All that glitters is the pixie-dust of spiritual magic sprinkled by the divine Shekinah or Mary Magdalene from upon high over the humble pate of the self-sacrificial who bow before the external authority called god as a means of self-empowerment. Thereby they sacrifice themselves to themselves on the altar of their own ego. They psychology of ‘winning by losing’ entails within its inner recesses that coiled worm-like guile of the Semitic consciousness, one inherently deceptive and underhanded which must avail itself of tricks and traps as a means of defeating enemies and for whom all are enemies who are not themselves lowly and mud bespattered churls, slinking worms who crawl in the excreta of human society and who grow fat upon Caesar through self-starvation – fat with egotistical delight over their cherished virtue which shines the brighter the more tarnished it is made through the slings and arrows of the strong man.

False humility as condition of victory, the words of self-righteousness being a false consciousness. Self-deception as condition of other deception – one believes in his ‘truth’ to the extent that he knows that falsehood is truth – though subconsciously in subterranean depths he knows he is undergoing a process of specious reasoning or rather one of irrational dissociation as a means of deceiving himself about his own obvious falseness. Refusing to know the truth is the first step towards supplanting it with one’s own special brand of truth. Living in denial is the first step towards affirming that which does not have actuality but is a mere product of wishful thinking, a pleasant fantasy, a soporific liquor of the mind that sends one into a state of mental inebriation pleasant for those too weak to confront the harsh realities of life and to confront their shadow-self, the lurking demons in the closet of their self-conscious. A willful (though unacknowledged dulling of the mind is the solution the unfit have to the problems of life: recourse to the bottle or recourse to Jesus – the blood of the lamb or the bourbon of the drunk. Drunk on self-righteousness the victory appears near: ‘The time is nigh’ and the martyr’s prepare themselves through donning sackcloth and plain linen, the whited sepulcher they attend awaiting to swallow them up into the abyss rather than rapture them skyward towards Elysium. The angel’s harp plays its maudlin funeral song as the martyred corpses march to victory, the dead burying the dead.

Scapegoating in theory and practice: The Jews’ attempt to transfer Karma they incur onto the whites is a classic example of a misunderstanding of Karma which is specific in time, place and origin (cause) and cannot be shifted onto the shoulders of others who have had no relation to these acts, were not their causal agent, and therefore have no consequences that are to be meted out to them as ‘fall guy’/scapegoat. Given the specificity of causality to attempt to shift onto others the responsibility/reaction/consequences of one’s own actions is an impossible transference as the effect is bound up with the cause even though others (casual agents themselves) would attempt to discharge what they believe to be their ‘sin’ or ‘guilt’ which is erroneously taken on by them as their own act or omission (failure to act rightly). This simply builds Dharma at best or other forms of karma for those laboring in ignorance or willfully bearing the burden of another’s sins. The previous karmic load can only be a burden shifted about for so long without crushing one under its weight as the process of shifting generates its own karma. Thus the Jew is depicted as a greedy thief running from the wrath of god seeking to escape vengeance in the final judgment as he is the embodiment of karma simply in se and in his existence both biologically/racially as a race-mixed deviant of eugenics and natural law (‘kind after kind’) and behaviorally (a function of his sin of adultery, i.e. race-mixing, adulteration of the seed lines created by ‘God’) through his mendacity and perpetual violence towards the other in all manner of forms (theft, genocide, intrigue, murder, etc.)

Theoretically the Jew subscribes if only in part to the economic model of karma wherein good deeds are balanced against bad deeds to be reckoned up in an accounting that redounds to the proportional gain or loss of the agent. The merchant mentality fails the test of a more aristocratic mentality, namely the specificity of karma which is bound up with the principle of honor and integrity that all acts – great or small – are manifestations of the agent and are his exclusive property the consequences of which are also his and his alone, to reap the reward or bear the cost and no greater goods of an irrelevant kind may offset the evil generated in specie.

Then notion of transference of sin this being explained it remains to discuss that of the ‘sins of the fathers’ which has served as the leg irons welded around the ankles of white supremacy by the Jews through the falsification of history and perpetual smear tactics their media employs to turn people including whites themselves against the Jews greatest enemy – the heterosexual white male.

The acts of some which incur karma are magically transferred to succeeding generations through the principle/law of sympathy or similar – that fathers beget sons in their image and sons taking on their traits/attributes suffer the karma of their forbearers. This may be so but again only specifically and though some members of a group do violence to others all members of that group would only be nominally liable for the discharge of these sins and again only ? and proportionately traced through specific ancestors and distributed in this manner through the collective. Thus the attempts on the part of the Jew to scapegoat whites for their own sins (such as slavery, etc.) fails as not specific and fails doubly as rebounding against themselves and their progeny as the act of transference is itself a karma thus increasing the burden which is falsely borne by – and often to the credit of the white man onto their own ancestors who will inevitably be crushed under its cruel weight. The sins of the fathers are expiated by the blood of the sons and in the case of the Jews the blood will run in the streets.

In practice scapegoating works to generate certain karma or negative or positive consequences for the scapegoat, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy by virtue of thought energy transferred to the person be they an object of ill-will or celebrity. Thus targets are set up to suffer the hostility of the masses and this is the reason for figureheads of state who serve as attractants or magnets of negative or positive thought energy and are made to suffer the slings and arrows or bask in the glory of the gallery which latter is used as a tool of manipulation more easily given that they have been given a steam valve to unleash their pent up rancor or devotion. Establishing this totemic object is a means of detraction of negative or attraction of positive thought energy which can then be siphoned off by those who control their karmic/dharmic puppet.

Playing the role of puppet master however is not without its karma either as the manipulation of another upon who is projected one’s karma is itself karma as a shirking of responsibility, a failure to carry out the necessary act that is bound up with its source and origin, namely oneself as causal agent. Attempting through subtle legerdemain to project upon others one’s own property is to commit a theft upon oneself of that property which is and will always remain his own, thus to doubly commit sin as aforementioned. To the extent that the scapegoat is complicit and that specifically he will have his own karma but this in no way offsets the initial black mark in the ledger of one’s bank account which is not so much an account of good vs. evil as what is good qua harmonious and conversely is not in a general sense of equality but what specifically is one’s due relative to his qualities and attributes. A genius robbed of his patent by the sunning sneak thief who then sets up another innocent party as the fall guy but who nevertheless maintains ownership would not lose the Dharma of his invention only the celebrity he would activate if his name were annexed to the invention. The sneak thief would neither discharge his karma even in spite of scapegoating.


White Satans: This smear label under various guises is the ultimate bludgeon with which to assault the white populous under the current climate of psychopathology called ‘universalism’ deriving itself from the hegemony of Christ-insanity that has served as the plague of whites throughout its history. This label ‘Devil’ or ‘Satan’ and its association with whites – an association of a false nature continued by Jews between the reality of whiteness and the fiction of ‘Satan’ – has served to idealistically, noumenally construct the identity of whites through adding on irrelevant and unrelated structures (‘Satanic’, devilish) which has created structural defects in the otherwise solid foundation of white identity. ‘Guilt’ and ‘shame’ for being a heroic type of being in the realms of mind, body, and spirit have been the plague germs introduced into the otherwise healthy body of the white polity. Such is the psychopathology of ‘universalism’, the egalitarian ‘first will be last’ and vice versa ideology that directs one inward not to build and develop a better being/self but to turn against the self in a suicidal negation of that which is life affirming as an exchange of false coin for real goods, the coin of future promises and glad tidings of a mystical spiritual goodness for the inner power that renders one a being beyond the meek and weak (meek and weak of mind as well as body and spirit). Thus one lives a death as the living dead though they believe their pseudo-spiritual life confers upon them a life greater than life and immortality when they are simply hamstringing and castrating themselves as the ‘sick animal’, the Christian or liberal self-annihilating through other worship and affirming. The voluntary blood-letting of the liberal before vampires gives over their life force to others who then drain them dry of their vitality to augment their own.

Expiation of sin as a ‘white Satan’ in hopes of winning by losing in the manner of Jesus grants one not only a crown of thorns with which to rend one’s flesh but a straightjacket as ‘damned if you do damned if you don’t’. The only solution is to ‘have faith’ in the sense of rely upon external authority outside of yourself as a means of ‘salvation’ (from the material world through weakness and self-abasement). The parallel with the liberal exists in the form of reliance upon the collective (their external authority or ‘god’ reminiscent of Jesus) and expiation of their sin for being a consumer defiling their goddess Gaia. They are the ‘white Satans’ who live in sin (as racist colonialist slavers and imperialists who have sinned against the universal/global collective of black, brown, yellow and red ‘victims’ who are the lambs of Gaia, the ‘indigenous peoples’ who are innocent and untainted with the sin of racism, etc.) The rhetoric and psychopathology of ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’ works through stroking the ego of those who are its adherents. It makes the proselyte feel important to be the cause of things as implying power and to acknowledge one’s ‘sin’ or ‘error’ (bottom of page cut off).


Slander: (top of page cut off) (the slanderer) seeks to surround with moral opprobrium to create an impression upon the minds of those he would conscript as useful idiots of tools of his malevolent intent, using them as agents of his will to defame and ultimately his will to power. Such is the tactic of those who do not necessarily went to get their hands dirty but who seek to bring down enemies/targets through persuading others to treat the target in a negative way which would redocind to their detriment thereby reducing their power and subverting them as an enemy – to castrate the enemy one must make others his enemy and turn them against him should he have no willingness or ability to fight them himself in the case of potential damage to his reputation and concomitant reduction in his power or merely weakness/lesser relative power to the target who would otherwise subjugate the opposition.

Slander is effective in that it is indirect and any who react against it in more overt behavioral forms are those who incur the negative reaction from witnesses, bringing upon themselves a quantity of ill-will and a proportionate quantity of power lost which is the goal of the slanderer who profits to the extent of the rival’s loss.

Insinuation is the subtlety which flies below the radar of overage – everyday somnolence called ‘normal waking consciousness ‘ but is only detected by the paranoid awareness of the hyper-conscious, those whose minds are amplified in their frequency beyond that alcoholized inebriated level of those properly spoken of as ‘they gayim’ or dead who defect merely the superficial appearances and not the underlying mechanisms of these spiders of manipulation who employ standard as the S.O.P., weaving this web of entrapment with invisible adamantine threads of social relations that ensnare the victim and secure him in their matrix for vampirization of their blood by the slanderous spider. Given that slander has I its essence a clinging influence, a lingering presence that accompanies its object wherever the latter goes through becoming bound up with the person’s reputation and tainting their essence, it is as if the slanderer had intermixed a poison in his words which then were projected against the object of slander and the latter inoculated with the disease.

"Spoken/verbal conduct injurious to the reputation of others" – a knife I the back attack strategy through use of proxy cat’s paws to bloody their own hand and leave the slanderer with clean hands. The cat’s paws are those who take the risk of injury as those who carry out negative behavior and acts on the basis of belief pretended or legitimate/real in the other’s (targets) sinful nature. They thus serve as the proxy army of the slanderer though in many cases unwittingly. This in the cases where slander is overt and indirect as opposed to direct. The slanderer escapes notice if the degree of indirectness is sufficiently high and masks his indirection under the cover of friendliness. The friendly enemy is the poisoned toad the gullible princess kisses to her (end of page cut off).

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